Date: 29th July 2017 at 8:39am
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Tottenham Hotspur are the only team in the Premier League not to have bought a player so far this summer.

Former England defender Matthew Upson says whilst they will still need to buy before the transfer window closes, they are the perfect example of ‘mixing it with the big boys’ despite not matching them financially.

This clip first appeared on 5 live Sport Friday 28 July, 2017.

Pochettino promises Tottenham fans: ‘Be sure, we will move’ in window`

‘I understand completely — all the people expect that Tottenham will be again fighting for the Premier League,’ Pochettino said at the Nissan Stadium. ‘It’s true that the most important thing for us is the opinion of the fans.

‘Be sure we will move in the market to try to improve the squad. We will arrive in our moment to move, sure. We have a plan. It’s true that it’s so early and we’re calm because our squad is competitive.

‘After the last two seasons, we were the best, if we compare the last two seasons with other teams we were the best. That is why we are calm. We have a very clear idea of what we want and what we need to do to try to achieve our target. Be sure we will move.’

Perhaps managers and supporters from other clubs and perhaps commentators will finally shut the **** up and in doing so turn their attention to their own issues.



19 Replies to “Do Tottenham Need To Spend Big This Transfer Window?”

  • Does anyone really believe that DL and MP don’t know exactly what Spurs need and don’t have the club’s interests as their priority. DL will look after the business and MP will look after the team. Personally I think we are in good hands on both counts.

  • No, and Poch has said there is likely to be arrivals. May be Poch wanted to see how the youngsters fair in pre season games before making final decisions, which makes sense.

    I would rather see Toby contract sorted and also Edwards, but on both cases there is a case to be heard. Toby isn’t getting any younger and he is not in any position to make huge demands. He has two years left and then he will be about 30 or near that, which could mean his performances may drop not be so good, and if thaqt is the case we don’t want another Ade on our books. Then in two years we can extend for a year but his release clause comes in, so do we take the 25m for a 30 year old if someone comes in or does he stay for a year and leaves for free? at that age he is likely to want to either stay because we are winning stuff, in which case a new contract without release clause will be done or he will want to go anyway because either we are not winning or he wants a last day pay cheque. There is no rush because of his age, and unless he gets unhappy over next two seasons and forces a move, we are in the driving seat and I would imagine in two years we will have a younger version hoping to take over.

    As for Edwards, is he being stroppy? If he is and hasn’t the right attitude then he isn’t the right person for our club. Commitment, hardworking, earn your wage is the way we run our club and what has got us to where we are now under Poch. Each player knows what they have signed up for and the youngsters know they have to earn their playing time and money, so it’s up to Edwards, as good as he is, we have seen wrong attitudes spoil players carers, and find they don’t reach their potential.

  • Got one of my wishes, Edwards signs new contract, media lie lie lie, make mischief. Well done Edwards

  • No one wants to spend big, but its a sellers market. You want the player, you pay the money. Its a somewhat loaded question. Paying 54m for Walker might seem ridiculous but they have the money, so its not something they have to think about. Same for Mbappe, he is 18 years old!! However, 78m for Ronaldo even back then was exceptional value for what he brings. We have to accept that we have to pay over the odds for certain players but that is worth it because of what they bring on the pitch, something you can’t put value on. So do we need to spend big, the answer is NO. We don’t need to do anything. The question is do we pay over the odds for the right player?

  • Toby Alderwiereld is head and shoulders the best CB in the PL, and ranks with Ledley King and possibly Mike England as the best of Spurs CBs. It is therefore imperative that the club tries to ensure he stays for as long as possible, surely it makes sense to come to a contract agreement with him.

  • Why does everybody assume that action in the transfer market necessarily means “spending big”. If you scout properly and early, before the auctions start, you can get bargains. We got Ali, Liverpool got Coutinho, Leicester got Marez and Kane, all examples among many of relatively cheap buys who have blossomed. You can of course get expensive buys horribly wrong as we have on several occasions with Rebrov, Postiga, Bent, Bentley, Soldado, and Sissoko, all coming readily to mind amongst others. So let’s admit we do have squad needs, but let’s get our recruitment right.

  • vicspur, I do not agree that we should ever pay over the odds for any player. Players have their worth. Lots of things go in to that worth. Objectively Walker is not worth 50M. But, being English counts for more value as does the fact that he is going to a direct competitor. Sigurdsson is not worth 50M except to Swansea as he is their best player, 2 years running. Dier is not worth 40M, but to go to a competitor, I would suggest that the number is somewhere over 60M.

    Point is, value is very subjective. There is always a number for players. For Everton, the value for Barkley (English and going to a competitor) is 50M. If he were under contract until 2021, I don’t doubt that Spurs would agree and would pay it if he was the player that Pochettino needed to take us forward. I suspect we value a player like Barkley (English and coming to us, a competitor, but almost free in 11 months) as being worth 25M. I could see us paying 30M, but no more. If you pay above the odds on transfer, that will slide in to salary. That is when it gets out of control.

    I do believe we need to buy two or three big players. We may or may not have to spend big on them. We just need to make certain that we get in the players that will push the balance of the squad to continue to improve. Barkley (if we cannot get Vukovic) , Pereira and Foyth would make me very happy. Iheanacho would also be very nice. Sancho too. There are some players who can help push us to the next level. We need to go out and get them. That need adds value but does not mean you go beyond your valuation.

    One area I think we need to change is we need to start paying and budgeting on next year’s expected numbers instead of basing it on last year’s numbers. The latter is very safe and stable. I don’t think we need to do that any longer. The biggest signing that we need are more contract extensions. Alderweirald, Dele, Dier, Kane, Lloris et al all need to be going out on the pitch every day with one focus, making Spurs better. By the same token, Pochettino and his staff need to be looked after too.

  • Frank, that all depends on the player. I think we should be doing what we can to get Sessegnan right now by buying him and loaning him straight back for the year to Fulham. We get the player in a year. Hopefully for Fulham, the player and the funds they get for him help to earn promotion. We could and should do that. With other players though, the going in early only works if what you are offering is the best deal that they want. We don’t pay the top salary. If Barkley is sitting there and all top 6 teams will pay 25M for him at the end of August, what do you think the decider will be? If the issue is best deal, he will go where the money is best (as his agent, family and friends will advise). If what he wants though is Spurs, because of relationships (Kane, Pochettino), development, vision, then he will be coming. Foyth seems to be saying that. He and family want Spurs notwithstanding the agreement between Estudiantes and PSG. If he is one Pochettino wants, Levy needs to go and get him.

  • We knew we be in Cl we knew we fin 2nd what was the scouts doing, what was the plan and targets, we knew utd city and Chelsea wud spend big. Hope it don’t back fire on us, and not to use Wembley as an excuse.

  • Wembley is not an excuse that will fly. This is a known commodity. Scouts are doing their jobs, no doubt. Deals still to be made. A few will still be sold, others will be loaned out and players will be bought. Our staters for Newcastle and bench players basically write themselves on the game sheet. Just need new additions settled and going before the cup and CL games start. Quick start is imperative. Familiarity should help with that.

  • Peterbalb, my friend, you say we should not pay over the odds for a player, then you say we need 3 big players. You say Barkley is worth 50m and if Poch wanted, Levy would pay it, but with a year on his contract he is only worth 25m? You have contradicted yourself in that answer and your answer to Frank when you say, If he is the one Pochettino wants then Levy should go get him. Except Levy won’t go 100% to get him. How are you going to sign big players without paying big money in this market? Think about it this way, when Levy sells a player, he asks for over the top money and will hold out to get the best deal for Spurs, yet when he bids for players he bids embarrasingly low. He is a chairman, he knows that the other chairman wants top dollar for their player. He is happy to take the money but not happy to pay it hence we can’t compete with other teams for players. Yes, he is trying to sell high and buy cheap, but he is not running Mr Byrite any more. He is running Spurs and we are a financially stable club, very well run, with Bahamas Joe sitting in his paradise hideaway counting his billions. I am not for one minute suggesting we go crazy, but all the progress will be for nothing if we can’t progress from here. The time is now, we need to add to the squad for next season, not for 2 or 3 years time. We did it with the Bale money, but we brought in players who arguably no one else challenged for but we have also played the transfer market very well with Verts, Toby, Eriksen, Dele, Wanyama, Dier all have been superb, but we need a couple of players now to push us to the next level. They are available, and I don’t mean spending 50m on any player. Kovacic is a prime example, if a deal for him can be done for £30m, we should be moving at lightning speed to get it done, except Levy will bid low, and drag it on and on. This is an example of paying the money for the right player. Yes, value is subjective, but its a sellers market and if we don’t bite, someone else will, so yes, for the right player we should pay over the odds, but not be held to ransom the way Levy does to others. And if you ever think that Levy will pay 50m for a player, then you better share some of those drugs with me.

  • Some years ago, I went to see a car advertised on Auto Trader, it was a BMW 3 series touring. It was advertised for £2100, was in decent condition and ideal for what I wanted it for. When I saw the car, I spent about 30 mins looking at every inch, finding every fault I could, talking the guy down until he must have been sick of my voice. I offered him an insulting £1300, I kept pointing to things on the car, this wrong, that wrong, this needs fixing etc etc, he came down to £1500. I walked away, when at £1500 it would have been a good deal. Why, because I knew I didn’t really need the car and I wasn’t in any rush and in my mind I had decided that £1300 was the price I wanted to pay. I have since realised that this is how Levy conducts his transfers. If I was the owner of that car, I would have told me to eff off instead of wasting nearly an hour of his afternoon. I imagine that football chairmen feel the same about Levy. Levy does not do transfers because he has to, he does it because he wants to. If he does not feel like it, he wont, as he has demonstrated many times. Ask yourself why do Spurs transfers drag on for so long??

  • As to my point about Levy not buying anyone because he does not have to. We now have a coach who works exactly how Levy wants, build the academy, produce world class talent, then sell on for massive profit whilst still keeping the team on the edge of success. That edge of success is what keeps us, the fans coming back and believing. Its called hope. This is a cycle that he has demonstrated over the period he has been chairman. so why should it change? What is alarming is that our players are talking in the press about how we don’t need to spend money, how good our team spirit is, how too many faces arriving create problems. How is this being allowed to happen. Who is telling the players to say this stuff and if no one is, why are they not being told to shut up pronto and concentrate on the football. Are these players already conditioning us to the fact the we will tokenly attempt and then fail to sign anyone before the window closes? Am I the only one to find this very disturbing? I know it seems I am on an anti Levy tirade here, I am not against the man at all, but the things I am saying are there for all to see.

  • Cheers Dele, thats what happens when you posting after midnight lol. My point was that in my mind £1300 was all I was going to pay. I readily accept that £1500 would still have been a good deal for me, but I just didn’t want to do it. So maybe I lost out on a good car for £200, which I could have paid for as I went to see it listed at £2100. Watch what happens with Berkley. Levy will decide that he is only willing to pay £12m tops , 15m with add ons tops for a player 1 season away from a free. This will drag on until deadline day. Levy will not go a penny more that his own valuation. Then someone else will offer Everton a bit more and we will lose him. I can see it happening. Please prove me wrong Danny boy.

  • Vicspur you are as safe as houses, our Danny will stay true to form and not prove you wrong, we will to come up just short, and miss out on good players, as we do in every window. Yes we are a decent side, playing good stuff, and just missing out on honours, but with a bit more adventure and taking the occasional risk, and dare I say actually meeting the valuation on a much needed player now and again, rather than missing out and watching him blossom elsewhere, we could taste success. All this for the sake of one man’s personal ego trip, and Bahamas Joe’s bank balance.

  • vicspur, I don’t think I ever said Barkley was worth 50M. I said that’s what they want. Expiring contract, English player, 25-30M is, I believe, what I have said numerous times and is what I said above. Just because Everton wants that much does not mean we pay it. I did say we should, if Poch wants him, go in for Fouyth as clearly he and his family want Spurs, notwithstanding the deal Estudiantes has with PSG. I don’t see where I am contradicting myself. There are player valuations, which we do not ignore, and there is a salary structure, which we live by. That’s the way it is. And has been for the last decade so I accept it is so. Big players do not have to cost big money. Dele, Eriksen, Vertonghen, Alderweirald, Davies, Trippier, Wanyama, Dembele, Kane, Loris, Son, Rose – where is the big money signing? All big players IMO. We don’t, shouldn’t and won’t pay above the odds on transfer fee or on salary. If, and it’s a big if, a deal could be done for Kovacic (which is what I meant when I said Vukovic), it will have to wait until August 31, when RM decide he is surplus and when there are no options where there is a better salary offered. WE are nowhere near that any more than we are to Barkley. I’m pretty sure Kovacic is selected over Barkley in any scenario where cost and salary are the same. Much better talent, IMO.

  • vicspur, and we do not know why (or if indeed they do) drag on. Levy is notoriously firm in his positions. But he is consistent. You walked away from a deal because it was more than you were prepared to pay, something you decided in advance. He does no different. Responsible and appropriate. Estudiantes wants a certain fee paid over a specific period of time. We have our expectations. A deal is in place with PSG. Forth wants to come to Spurs. Don’t know Poch’s opinion, though, if, as is reported, the family want him to come to Spurs, I believe Poch is interested. There is still a plan, and a price we are prepared to pay. It will resolve one way or the other. The only way one succeeds in negotiations is if you are prepared to walk away. Barkley iOS not yet fit after surgery. There’s still lots of time.

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