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OK, so I’ve just done an article on Vital Villa about claims from Sky Sports News that Aston Villa have turned down a £25million bid from Spurs for Jack Grealish.

Spurs Fail. He’s Staying.

I did the slightly tongue in cheek article earlier in this transfer window warning you all off Jack:

Thought It Only Fair To Warn You The Trouble Jack Grealish Is Vital Spurs!

To be fair, in the position Aston Villa are in, we need this signal of intent, we need to keep our young players, especially a player of his calibre.  For Spurs though?  You are in a different league (literally) when it comes to squads and although I know some of you were keen on the signing, he would have most likely only have been a bit part player for you, wouldn’t he?  Whereas for Villa, he’s central to our chances of promotion.

I actually think in the Premiership, where he isn’t kicked to death every five minutes, he’d be a real star and would have pushed his way into contention for you guys, however, I got the feeling not many would have seen this as a wow signing at Tottenham?

And so I thought I would come and ask you fine folks of Vital Spurs your opinion.

Obviously the window isn’t over until tomorrow, but do you think Spurs will return with another bid and just as importantly, do you actually care if they do?

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91 Replies to “Do Spurs Fans Care About Failed Bid For Championship Star?”

  • I’m not sure if they care or not. It depends on whether Spurs have any other irons in the fire, and if they’ve got time to pull them out! Maybe Villa care about it a bit more.

    • Yeah, think that was the point I was making, I have seen some Spurs fans keen to have him but a lot seem ambivilant or view the move as another squad player. For us, he’s ‘one of our own’ (cliche I know) and should be central to the re-build. Still, every player has a price.

  • I honestly couldn’t see the point of our pursuit of Grealish after they had an injection of money into the club because as soon as the money went in EVERYONE was told by Bruce etc. that Grealish would be going NOWHERE, the only reason they were gong to sell was because they were so strapped for cash. As soon as they had the cash there was no need to sell him or anyone else
    Personally I think Levy’s ego got the better of him this time as he wanted to prove he could pull off the impossible.
    I’d far rather we’d have gone for Bale as soon as the window opened, especially as he said he was willing to take a massive cut in pay to come here.
    But there we are, looks like we’ll just have to grin and bear it once again and support Poch, ENIC and Levy in what they have done, even if it means we have no new signings, at least we have tied down a few players to new deals as well as promoted some youngsters who are (I hope) potential world beaters.

  • been a while since ive been on Vital – i see the format has changed… Remember the Deadline Day articles that where wrote by a certain gentleman who took the huff and left ……. still miss that ITK guy ……
    what was he called again …………… feckin coopsie…….. there ye goo

  • I’m not sure if I care or not but, as I’ve said before, if he is a ‘standout’ player in the Championship and a target for opponents, he would probably be even better in the PL with a slightly better level of talent around him and where opponents won’t be able to focus so much on him. I actually hope that we try to get him. Then again, it would be good for Villa if they can hang on to him. We’ll soon know.

  • Not at all, I was always hoping he would stay at Villa, or play football somewhere other than Spurs this season

  • I thought Villa looked pretty good against Hull. If Grealish stayed with them and helped get them back to the PL I think he’d feel very satisfied and enjoy it more. Villa have a great history and I would love to see them back in the PL.

  • Adding Grealish is more about having 25 players in CL and EPL based on homegrown status requirements. A problem that Spurs can even at this point solve by using players from our Academy. Edwards and Griffits have attitude issues which will affect them if not addressed, but Onamah Amos Skipp Geogiou are all capable of performing the same back up rotation role Grealish would have. Our new signings will be Moura N’koudou Aurier who have had the benefit of preseason this time around and in the case of the PSG pair they can actually potentially hold down first team roles if their form picks up.
    More upset about Kovacic going to Chelsea and failure to sign Gomes but with Dembele Winks Wanyama and Dier not too concerned about that either. COYS

  • Grealish to spurs its a model …not mad about the idea but he may change my mind..spurs will never change their ways as long as levy is their total dick and a hungry pox…

  • This is an age old Levy tactic. Who the player is not important, it has become our standard avoiding doing anything tactic. He sits on his hands all through the window, then makes a derisory offer miles below the selling clubs valuation at the tail end of the window, when it is inevitably rejected, he can make his ” we did our best , but couldn’t quite get it over the line” speech. It is old hat we have seen it all before. Levy’s whole TW strategy no longer surprises anybody, it is so predictable, we play silly buggers whilst rivals strengthen. Time he stepped aside and left player recruitment to somebody who has half a clue what they are doing. Oh I forgot we had one in Mitchell but that arrangement soon went tits up, I wonder why.


  • If Dier counted as English for European club football and not just internationals we probably wouldn’t even have looked at Grealish. Its a simple numbers game, we are short of English players for our European squad. This idea he’s some sort of superman who’d breeze into the first team is just ridiculous., but some fans will always assume anyone who doesn’t play for us is better than those who do no matter how stupid it is.

  • All we have achieved is to upset a very promising young pro by making an offer that had no chance of success and leaving him on limbo. Are we about to do the same to Sessingon, Fulham are hardly likely to accept an offer on deadline day. Levy is left with egg on his face yet again. Perhaps MP will soon realise the folly of listening to and trusting Levy, before putting pen to paper. His statements about being brave, taking a risk, and doing business early, strongly suggest he believed or had been told deals would be done, he will learn from his legion of predesessors that you trust Levy at your peril, their reward was they all ended up on the dole, despite being victims of the same situation, lack of financial backing in the transfer market, and being hoodwinked by lies.

  • Frank – Do you ever engage your brain before commenting ? Fulham are not going to accept any offer for Sessegnon no matter when its made or how much. Ryan signed a new contract last season and the only way he would ever have been sold was if Fulham didn’t get promoted. Why exactly would Grealish be upset with us when its Villa that refused to sell him ?

  • Before you dive in Jod I said we had upset Grealish, it is because we have circled around him for the duration of the window, lodging what we knew was an unacceptable bid now, although it would probably have been acceptable before the change of ownership, that the player is now upset about his loss of opportunity and “once on a life time opportunity”. Regarding the situation with Sessegnon, it has been widely reported today that he has become a late target since the collapse of any deal for Grealish.

  • I would be happy with Grealish as would the majority of Spurs fans. However, I would be absolutely furious, along with the majority of Spurs fans, if that is all the business we conducted…Especially seeing as there is uncertainty surrounding Dembele and Vertonghen. We are desperately in need of a box to box midfielder of a midfielder who can control the game and support for Kane.

  • Joe, you are an arrogant individual the way you can’t avoid insulting or trying to demean people before your invariably pro Levy comments. Talking about engaging brains etc. I am surprised that a self appointed intellectual as you appear to be, can fail to see through Levy and his treatment of Spurs supporters, and a long list of managers, and his and Lewis’s total disregard for the on the pitch issues, and their failure to take the club to the next level ( one LC in 18 years) preferring to concentrate on the furtherance of their property empire and the capital value of their business and expecting Spurs fans to make a large contribution towards the cost whilst being fed lies and half truths, but that’s the way Levy works and always has done on behalf of Lewis.

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