Date: 10th December 2017 at 6:09pm
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Well Shawcross made a fool of me, whilst I plumped for a 3-1 win beforehand, I actually thought they would fight like a Northern Drug Dealers Pit bull to stop us humiliating them again. (Congratulations to the two posters that accurately predicted a 5-1 rout).

Clearly, they didn’t.

I have to admit on a freezing cold afternoon at Wembley for the first few numbing minutes until Shawcross duly obliged I was concerned at what again seemed to me and my fellow stiffs was another slow start.

Shawcross defrosted their defence for us and we proceeded to blow them away. That said, may I suggest to Poch that for our next game against Brighton you make them all drink some hot-toddies before kick-off and get them to run their engines for 30 mins beforehand as these slow starts are looking increasing like an embedded trait, and it isn’t endearing or desirable.

Son was particularly effective and once again warmed the cockles of my heart with an all action display, Kane was sharper, Eriksen looked happy to be back after an absence of one game and Delli stopped deliberately giving the ball away – what more could you ask for?

Winks my favourite player, was once again my favourite player. Dembele doubters such as me showed that he might have something left in his badly battered body after all. Was there a glimpse of him threatening to get his form back? I hope so, a fit and well Dembele would be a like a new signing.

I could also say the defence did well, but in fairness they really weren’t called upon to do too much and that is what I am putting Lloris’s howler down to; his arse must have been as numb as mine after 85 mins of doing almost absolutely nothing and his mind must have followed as he decided that he needed to finally touch the ball, only to miss horribly so that he could gift Shawcross a compensatory goal.

On this occasion Lloris gets a free pass as I think he didn’t realise that his feet had frozen together before attempting his leap.

A nod to Lamela, he’s trying and I suspect it won’t belong before he starts making a difference too.

For the Must-Have-A-Stat-Fix readers among you we had 71% possession, 20 shot and they had 29% and 4. If anything Harry should have bagged 4, but he also gets a pass as you could see that he is just tweaking his fitness nicely now. And of course let us not forget (as if you would!) that we made 635 passes of which 88% were successful, by contrast Stoke made a grand total of 228 attempts and only 65% were successful.

Hughes boast before the game that this was a ‘different set’ of players and the past was history, must now look at himself and wonder why we keep whacking them and why we would love to play them every single week. – which was of course our Xmas Carol we song loud and clear for him to cringe over.

Same again against Brighton please gentlemen, although I suspect they will put up more of a fight …


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  • Just watched City/Utd and although City had all the luck for both their goals, their energy levels make them look like they are on drugs. I thought Poch’s training regime was supposed to produce the same results but we are nowhere near matching their speed of play and pass and move ethic. Forget about Brighton unless we use it to up our tempo both physically and mentally, we are in for a hammering at City next week-end. Much as I enjoyed the win yesterday, there really wasn’t anything to beat and players like Alli and Dier will be pasted unless they wake up and switch on. I hope Dembele continues to improve against Brighton otherwise our CM’s look extremely fragile against the pace and power of City. By the way, if you think Alli stopped giving the ball away the cold must have affected your vision.

  • It’s quite possible that City will now continue to run away with the PL right up until May. But I wouldn’t bank on them keeping up their energy levels for the full duration. Whereas good ol’ THFC have already proven that they can. If any club right now has a chance or the wherewithal to beat City (even on their current form) then my money is on Spurs. And I say that with an honest objectivity that goes side by side with my obvious bias. Let’s just wait and see, eh?

  • Didn’t we recently stop City in their tracks after they made an unbeaten start in the PL. It would be nice if we did it again. Why not. We won’t be expected to win …. so we’ve got nothing to lose and can play with a degree of freedom. The lads might enjoy that.

  • Hopefully so, not a bad weekend for us in the end, with Arsenal, Liverpool and Man Utd all dropping 2 points, and Chelsea getting beat. Now we need to go on a run, without any more daft results

  • palmover, vis-a-vis your hammering of Poch for conceding the title last week, well now Mourinho, like Conte, has now conceded the title with United only 11 points behind City. It seems like Poch is in good company.

  • Having watched our 2 games against Real. I’m fully confident that we can beat City. But then that’s so easy for me to say. Not so easy for the lads to do. But, if Everton can get a draw at the Etihad, then of course, we can do just as well, if not better. But a draw would still be a very good away result.

    First up, Brighton and Hove Albion. And any old win will do

    If the Spurs team are sensible, then imo, they shouldn’t over exert themselves at Wembley. As, they’ll need plenty of gas in reserve for the weekend.

  • HT, I thought Wenger said Arsenal would keep on fighting until it was mathematically impossible. But then he says that every year to save face from the Arsenal fans.

  • Here we go.

    After losing to United Wenger said:

    “At the moment we have different worries than the title. After such disappointment, you have to think about winning the next game.”

    “We are too far from the title at the moment to speak about the title. It’s not realistic. Let’s try to win our next game and over a longer distance see if we can come back.”

  • I missed that quote HT. It must have been after our game against them that he said they would keep fighting. As if!

  • Man.u’s tactic playing the counter attack worked on a few occasions, however, they were snuffed out by the speed of Walker who under pep plays every game (What is the trophy less one doing to the spurs FB that they have to be rotated? is that an efficient use of squad?) Selling Walker to a direct rival was a stupid decision. Spurs have the players to beat city and must fancy there chances playing against a back 4 consisting of Delph and oatemendi.

  • Eriksen’s return to form after he was rested shouldn’t really be a surprise. Giving players recovery time has been something Poch hasn’t done too well up to now. The squad is getting stronger and he needs to use it. When we talk about City’s speed we need to be clear what we are talking about. When Guardiola managed Barcelona he didn’t have a real flyer in the squad. What moved quickly was the ball, instant passing and instant control, over and over again until the opposition were dizzy. We could actually move the ball quicker ourselves but Poch doesn’t seem to want to do that. The limiting factor is how well the players can actually control the ball, Winks has instant control but some of the others ?

  • And so it continues. Whatever the thread, whatever the subject, palmover copies and pastes his Walker comment. And I see you’re already setting Poch up to fail this week. Two of your heroes, Conte and Mourinho, have already been well beaten by City, yet you expect us to do better, away from home, with two of our three key defenders missing.

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