Date: 22nd May 2020 at 8:00am
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Spurs fans, I hope you are safe and well in these difficult times.

Writer: DoncasterHotspur

A few topics to throw out there for discussion as we edge towards a return to football.

Firstly, should we be returning to football at all yet?

A handful of players have expressed concerns about the return to playing. Some such as Troy Deeney have decided not to return to training (he has a five-month-old son with breathing difficulties). In my opinion, football like all aspects of life, should attempt to return as soon as is reasonably possible. Whilst there will never be 100% guarantees of safety I think the time is right to cautiously move back towards playing.

Spurs have just announced a refund for season ticket holders for the remaining games of the season. Supporters have the option to leave a credit on their account or to claim a refund. With the likelihood of games being played behind closed doors for at least some of next season, I wonder what other season ticket holders are thinking of doing. Personally I haven’t missed football as much as I thought I would (I miss playing golf more) and I am thinking of reverting to membership next season and choosing my games. There didn’t seem to be any problems for members getting tickets for games last season.

The finances of football have also come under scrutiny recently. Some people think recent events will lead to a re-set in salaries and transfer fees. in the short term, due to the loss of stadium income and potentially a reduction in TV money, I do believe that footballers will have to take salary cuts and transfer fees will be negotiated downwards. Whether this continues long term is hard to know – the effect on the economy could cause less people to attend football, purchase merchandise and pay for Sky/BT subscriptions.

In this respect Spurs, because of their now substantial match day income, not to mention the extra events (Guns & Roses, Lady Gaga, Joshua v Pulev and NFL matches) that have been cancelled, will have a substantial impact on our finances.

Which brings us to the transfer window.

I am expecting a zero, or even negative, net spend in the next window (whenever that may be). For once, there is no criticism of Levy from me this time. We have had a £100m net spend since the summer. I don’t see how there can be any more money available in the current climate especially as it is unlikely that we will be playing Champions League football next season.

Which brings me to the next topic – Luis Campos. There are plenty of rumours flying around. It seems that he has left Lille but that he has not agreed to join Spurs. From what I have heard about him, he would be ideal for Spurs. He has a great relationship with Mourinho, I guess the big question is can he work with Levy.

When you look at our squad, I think we are incredibly strong going forward. The progress Le Celso as made is sensational. If N’Dombele can make similar strides, then I think we have an incredibly strong midfield/attack.

The weaknesses, as have been pointed out on this site many times, are full back, centre back and defensive midfield. If Sessegnon, Skipp and Tanganga continue to improve, this may help us in those areas. Otherwise, it will be smart dealings in the transfer market that are needed.

Lots to discuss fellow Spurs fans. I will be interested in your views.

Also, how are you coping in lockdown. Listening to music whilst working (The Thrill is Gone by BB King is currently playing) binging on box sets (Gangs of London is especially good and violent) and working on my cross trainer are doing it for me. Looking forward to my first game of golf in ten
weeks at the weekend.

Stay safe and well fellow Spurs fans. COYS

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84 Replies to “Despite no football there’s lots for Spurs fans to still talk about”

  • I know it was only a friendly but losing 2-1 at home to Norwich doesn’t fill you with confidence for the restart does it?

  • TQ2 … Hi mate. Yes it does. It’s a ploy to ensure we are underestimated by our rivals. It’s also only about fitness, not the result. It wasn’t 11 against 11. Just like all pre-season games, it’s meaningless in terms of desired performance. If we lose 0- 4 against United I might have to re-think this! lol

    • Hi Geof, I just hope we took the opportunity to tap up Max Aarons and Tod Cantwell. :- )

  • Geofspurs….0-4 just the thought aarrgh! how can you say it, even in jest lol!

    Spurs 3 Manx 1. COYS 4 ever

  • Something has stuck in my mind and has got my back up….I thought the FA once said we do not allow/advocate/get involved with politics in football, remember the Poppy attitude, so why in the hell are they instructing Prem Lge sides to take the players name off the shirts and replace with “Black Lives Matter”, thus leading to another question “don’t all lives matter?” COYS 4 ever

  • PY …. I agree. Making a statement like this without including ‘all lives’ is a racist comment in itself. All Governments should stop oppressing their people, abuse should stop against all women, violence by anyone should not be tolerated, etc, etc.

  • PY. It was FIFA and not the FA that banned the wearing of poppies. It was as part of their directive against nations or individual players, managers etc., wearing what could be seen as politically biased emblems.
    PL clubs have done and do wear poppies. The FA approved it. However, individuals also have the right to not wear a poppy for whatever personal reasons they may have. I think I’m right in saying that FIFA chose to fine the English FA for allowing the England National team for wearing poppies and therefore going against FIFAS ruling. (?)

    Of course all lives do matter PY. But I think you are missing the point. The protest and campaign is to highlight the inherent racism and inequality against black and ethnic minorities. It is therefore a very clear and specific message that is being made. And personally, I am all for it.

    Power to The People! All people!

    • HT…I do apologies, you are right regards FIFA and the FA.

      I am most certainly not losing the point, I do see what BLM are trying to say, and I believe very poorly, for me its about All Lives Matter, no matter the creed or colour, maybe if BLM started on their own problems first, that is the constantly killing of each other, why only pick on the non-Black gender? That is my opinion and I do honestly believe BLM as it stands is making things worse and people in general more angry, Black and White, to add I also believe that the Far-Right have hijacked the protests as they always seem to do.
      I do hope what I have written is understandable thus not me being deemed a racist, which I am most certainly not, as I do have non-White oppos and have served/played sports with many of that ilk. COYS 4 ever

      • I disagree about the situation being made worse PY. But I won’t argue with your opinion.

        It’s such a complex issue and perhaps it’s best not to go too deep on this, on here.

        I still promise to talk football next. Honest! Damn, but I didn’t…

        Oh well… Up the Spurs!

        As for the injuries/suspensions? At least we have the dynamic duo back (for now, vs United)… Son & Kane… And, they just love to score goals…

        THFC 4-0 MU!

  • Also, it wasn’t the FA or PL officials directing the wearing of BLM and other related slogans on shirts in place of players names. It was requested by a few PL captains on behalf of their clubs and team mates to express their solidarity with the campaign. The FA, PL and also the other leagues then gave their blessings. They have also been given the go ahead to “Take the Knee” if they want to. (Trump take note).

    The players shirts will also have a heart-shaped emblem on them in support of NHS staff.

    But, maybe they should emblazon their shirts with emblems for all workers, everywhere and in every job there is? So as not to offend anyone. LOL!

    I promise that my next post will be about the football, itself…

    But for now all I will say is; “Power to the Spurs!


  • Back to football…. Jose has proved to be astute when it comes to must win games.. cup finals, league and CL.
    Unfortunately we had a very bad run of injuries from Nov. to Feb, coinciding with jose joining and lack of time with the players to get his ideas across, and players shock of poch. leaving, player burn out of physical and mental ability / attitude. So I do expect the players have now had some time to be on board with his tactical shapes, and man management. Our man utd game is a must win, no doubt at all, as a loss will be the end of our CL aspirations.

    It was never intended for Jose to be a long term manager, 3 yrs is his usual time at clubs around Europe. IMO. Levy has gone tor short term stability as we were sinking fast and would be in relegation zone now. Coupled with CL qualification. So as we all hope.. spurs will start wining games now.. COYS

  • Dele suspended, Dier about to be suspended, Tanganga injured, Le Celso injured. Jose has his excuses already. Welcome back to life as a Spurs fan. COYS

  • All we need to do is win our last thirty games of the season …. Oh, hang on a minute!

  • It seems spurs have restarted the injuries list. Tangana stress fracture on his back? could be muscle strain as he can move around light training.. Sonny leg heavy strapping.. Lo Celso?

    Dele is 1 match ban, & fine./ lesson on FA Rule E43.. Dier will be same from FA.

    We are going through an extremely bad time of luck & players well being. Perhaps it started when the new stadium was being constructed / finished,(wasn’t there an old gypsy curse on the old WHL stadium ?) escalated in 2019 to now. So can we get a priest to go around the stadium cleanse with holy water prayers and bless the home dressing room players shirts etc. We have suffered enough already ! COYS

  • Who said comedy is dead, Spurs are back! along with witty posters DH, Geofspurs & b108s lol! COYS 4 ever.

  • This site reminds me of the old days. You know …. when you would write a letter to someone and wait for a few days until you got a reply. Ain’t progress great?

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