Date: 22nd May 2020 at 8:00am
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Spurs fans, I hope you are safe and well in these difficult times.

Writer: DoncasterHotspur

A few topics to throw out there for discussion as we edge towards a return to football.

Firstly, should we be returning to football at all yet?

A handful of players have expressed concerns about the return to playing. Some such as Troy Deeney have decided not to return to training (he has a five-month-old son with breathing difficulties). In my opinion, football like all aspects of life, should attempt to return as soon as is reasonably possible. Whilst there will never be 100% guarantees of safety I think the time is right to cautiously move back towards playing.

Spurs have just announced a refund for season ticket holders for the remaining games of the season. Supporters have the option to leave a credit on their account or to claim a refund. With the likelihood of games being played behind closed doors for at least some of next season, I wonder what other season ticket holders are thinking of doing. Personally I haven’t missed football as much as I thought I would (I miss playing golf more) and I am thinking of reverting to membership next season and choosing my games. There didn’t seem to be any problems for members getting tickets for games last season.

The finances of football have also come under scrutiny recently. Some people think recent events will lead to a re-set in salaries and transfer fees. in the short term, due to the loss of stadium income and potentially a reduction in TV money, I do believe that footballers will have to take salary cuts and transfer fees will be negotiated downwards. Whether this continues long term is hard to know – the effect on the economy could cause less people to attend football, purchase merchandise and pay for Sky/BT subscriptions.

In this respect Spurs, because of their now substantial match day income, not to mention the extra events (Guns & Roses, Lady Gaga, Joshua v Pulev and NFL matches) that have been cancelled, will have a substantial impact on our finances.

Which brings us to the transfer window.

I am expecting a zero, or even negative, net spend in the next window (whenever that may be). For once, there is no criticism of Levy from me this time. We have had a £100m net spend since the summer. I don’t see how there can be any more money available in the current climate especially as it is unlikely that we will be playing Champions League football next season.

Which brings me to the next topic – Luis Campos. There are plenty of rumours flying around. It seems that he has left Lille but that he has not agreed to join Spurs. From what I have heard about him, he would be ideal for Spurs. He has a great relationship with Mourinho, I guess the big question is can he work with Levy.

When you look at our squad, I think we are incredibly strong going forward. The progress Le Celso as made is sensational. If N’Dombele can make similar strides, then I think we have an incredibly strong midfield/attack.

The weaknesses, as have been pointed out on this site many times, are full back, centre back and defensive midfield. If Sessegnon, Skipp and Tanganga continue to improve, this may help us in those areas. Otherwise, it will be smart dealings in the transfer market that are needed.

Lots to discuss fellow Spurs fans. I will be interested in your views.

Also, how are you coping in lockdown. Listening to music whilst working (The Thrill is Gone by BB King is currently playing) binging on box sets (Gangs of London is especially good and violent) and working on my cross trainer are doing it for me. Looking forward to my first game of golf in ten
weeks at the weekend.

Stay safe and well fellow Spurs fans. COYS

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84 Replies to “Despite no football there’s lots for Spurs fans to still talk about”

  • Hey HD I was beginning to think everybody had gone into hiding lol!

    There is nought wrong with you article as TQ said.

    The loan I think was/is a must, running costs etc, and where cash is involved Levy isn’t an idiot.

    Oh yes I just bought “Dion’s” new CD “Blues with Friends” very good well worth it.

    Keep safe my friend, and all you others the same. COYS 4 ever

  • DH good article. Don’t notice many of the regulars adding Frank, Alan etc hope they’re all OK.Its hopefully the calm b4 the storm when the PL kicks off again. PY I’ll have to get a listen to the new Dion album thx for the heads up.

  • PompeyYid and Dion. I’ve not heard Dion before. I will check it out.
    Where is everyone- HT, Frank, Jod , BelgiumSpurwhere are you. I’m sure you all have lots to say.
    Less than a week until our first match thread for three months. Hard to believe football is nearly back.

  • With ref. to 175m loan… Levy as we know is sharp business man as PY says an interest rate of 0.5% pa is to good to miss, as saves thousands in interest. He will use for working capital, wages etc. and reschedule some debt, pay off part. I expect Joe Lewis / board / levy combining to repay the BOE loan next year, as surely this must be secured on assets / guarantees of THFC / ENIC.

    As I am a senior season ticket holder… my refund of this season closed doors home games is 26% of ticket cost prepaid. So using this as a guide Levy must have factored the refunds to fans into the 175m loan usage

  • Hi all… Hope you are all at the best you can possibly be… Safe, healthy and at the very least, half-sane…

    Unfortunately, VS has been dying a slow, drawn out death. And this is due to its powers to be
    unwillingness to sort out its ongoing “page 2” problem. (Amongst other things such as invasive, excessive and truly annoying ads and links)! ……………..

    My last post, from several days ago, saw me being positive about the season restarting and my looking forward to watching Spurs again and seeing a better showing than before this C19 madness.

    That post appeared 24 hours + after I had submitted it! So why bother to post anything, anymore?

    Also, there isn’t even an article on here that relates to the players return to training and now, the season restarting. Let alone any real interest for it, on this thread.

    Maybe we will see a short burst of half-hearted activity on page 1 of the Spurs vs MU match day thread. (If there is one). But only to be stopped in its tracks when page 2 is then reached… Que Sera!

    THFC 4-0 Man U!

    Down with VS!

    Up the Spurs!

  • b108s…you are probably right there, like we said Levy is a business man and he isn’t going to lumber us with any more debt that is unreasonable.

    DH…if you do like the Blues, then go ahead and check out Dion, he is very good, by the way Dion is the same Dion who sang the Wanderer in the 60’s, oh yes! and it was ND who put me on to him, big thanks mate. COYS 4 ever

  • DH a good into to Dion is” Son of Skip James” album. Its good listenable blues mostly acoustic. I heard him for the first time on Uncle Bob Harris coming back from a gig. PY still hvnt got round to listening to the new album.

  • What is the FA doing?… Dele Ali 50k fine.. suspended 1 match… go on awareness course?

    This is OTT…. Also 5 months after the (Feb. 2020) incident dele did on Corona Virus. Yes Covid-19 is very serious and not to be joked about. However they have waited too long now for disciplinary action…and should have given him a warning or suspended sentence for any further incidents.

  • Will concur with you there ND on your recco of “Son of Skip James” to DH, an excellent album. COYS 4 ever

  • Hi HT re the invasive ads I was that soldier. On the recommend of some posters here (I think TQ and B 108) I browse thru add blocker now it is a good deal better. Still the same page, 2 issues tho. I listened to Toby today on Talk Sport re lock down training he seemed very upbeat about Tottenham’s chances for the rest of the campaign. Will be good to see how the “new team” gels next week as many will have had little or no time playing together one way or another. On the positive side we may see some of Jose’s tactics come to fruition.

  • Hi Guys. HT …. my sentiments entirely re your post. The fact that the ‘page two’ issue has not been addressed after many months is unbelievable and is destroying an excellent site. But some things never change ….. Spurs 3 – 0 United. If we had played United on the original date I think we would have been thrashed but we now have a fully fit squad to chose from. I’m assuming our players are as fit as all of the other premier League players, given the circumstances.

    I have not thought about football for months and I think it will take a while to recover my enthusiasm and put things back into perspective. Giving United a flogging will surely help!

    Hope everyone is good. The good times are coming.

  • Hi Niall D and Geofspurs.

    Niall, I do have an ad-blocker installed and have done for a few years now. I was thinking about it perhaps being a big put-off for other posters or potential posters.

    The owner of this site recently put up a request on the forum of VS, in which he asked posters not to use an ad-blocker because it’s the advertising that helps pay for this sites continued existence. I fully understand this but the irony is that because it is so annoying and invasive, it can and does drive folks away. And also, so many of the articles that are now put up only really serve as links to other sites. This of course is also to make money. But there needs to be a balance. I switched off my ad-blocker recently and it was a nightmare trying to read articles and posts on here. And that was on my large home, monitor screen. On a phone it’s far worse.

    But aside from all of that, this page 2 nonsense is frustrating as hell. And I can see no good reason for it to continue. I regularly visit many, many other commercial sights and more, when browsing on my computer and I have never known such a technical problem to last beyond a day or two before being fixed. Why so? And there is always an apology to read and an assurance that the problem is being dealt with. It always is… After all, if it’s not quickly fixed, customers will not hang around for long, will they?

    Anyway, rant over.

    Geof, good to see you around. I too hadn’t really missed the football as much as I expected to. But now I know it’s back, I am quite excited. But that may not last long if the team continues as it left off. After all, they were very poor, all season… But, we will see…

    Up the Spurs!

    AND… Please VS, sort it out!

    • I’ve been pestering Danny for the best part of 6 months but I’m now completely fed up with banging my head against the brick wall that is the page 2 issue, can’t be arsed anymore. 🙁

  • DW.. the site got too messy with all these ads. making it irritating to post anything.. Niall has posted his experiences recently.

    Geoff.. welcome back… I have been advised Perth area of OZ is now fully open again after lockdown?

    Now that Jose has had some time with the players and his tactical systems / plays been understood a bit better, injured players back…. an improved performance is expected when we play Man Utd. and others.

  • Pompey Yid, Niall D, I checked out a few clips from Dion’s latest album (only released a few weeks ago). It certainly has some quality stuff and some excellent guests.
    Only one week until Spurs return to action. Let me be the first to say this – Jose out!! Ha ha. COYS

  • A big hello to you 2 geysers, HT and Geofspurs, glad your both keeping well, as all the other posters I have been chatting to are.

    On the story/gripe about adds, I must admit I have never had any grief, ad-blocker installed, a yank one, do not know if that makes a difference, esp as am a dynosaur where all this tech is concerned.

    Keep up the “rants” though, they are very welcome lol! to me it means fit and healthy and raring to go.

    Am seeing a 3-1 win over MU, everything crossed for the start. COYS 4 ever

  • At least we have not had to suffer through another transfer window … we’re buying so-and-so, we’re selling so-and-so, Kane is leaving, Bale is arriving, MP is coming back, Lewis is selling up, Son is unhappy, Jose wants to manage a non-league club, etc, etc. Hang on a minute, it’s all true!

  • B108 …. WA has closed the inter-state borders but opened most areas within WA. The North of the state still has some restrictions, mostly to protect the more isolated Aboriginal communities. I think everything will open up fairly soon. WA has had the advantage of being one of the most remote places on the planet and that has helped big-time. I hope things are improving in your area.

  • Personally, I think we should keep all the ads. If the season resumes the way it ended the ads will be the most interesting thing on the site. It will then be a case of …. gotta love the ads!!!

  • Hi folks I can see us beating ManU we owe them several takings for dodgy results they got over us in the past few years. 3-1Spurs.PY here’s a local guy plays, a bit over here He’s my gig m8s cousin. Look up Ronnie Greer Blues Constellation “Going Down to Clarksdale” it’s a live album. Some guys I know play on it.

  • The friendly game v Norwich yesterday. It seems there was 4 x 30 min periods, 15 min halftime. Lamela scored then players rotated. The last 10 mins we had a number of young players, and Norwich scored2. So effectively we won the 90 mins game and some extra time. Jose is experimenting to see who is fit and can play

    Also his tactical game plans / instructions are carried out by the players, which will be necessary in PL games. So this is his pre season assessment. Therefore a defeat to Norwch is nothing to panic about… yet. COYS

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