Date: 22nd May 2020 at 8:00am
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Spurs fans, I hope you are safe and well in these difficult times.

Writer: DoncasterHotspur

A few topics to throw out there for discussion as we edge towards a return to football.

Firstly, should we be returning to football at all yet?

A handful of players have expressed concerns about the return to playing. Some such as Troy Deeney have decided not to return to training (he has a five-month-old son with breathing difficulties). In my opinion, football like all aspects of life, should attempt to return as soon as is reasonably possible. Whilst there will never be 100% guarantees of safety I think the time is right to cautiously move back towards playing.

Spurs have just announced a refund for season ticket holders for the remaining games of the season. Supporters have the option to leave a credit on their account or to claim a refund. With the likelihood of games being played behind closed doors for at least some of next season, I wonder what other season ticket holders are thinking of doing. Personally I haven’t missed football as much as I thought I would (I miss playing golf more) and I am thinking of reverting to membership next season and choosing my games. There didn’t seem to be any problems for members getting tickets for games last season.

The finances of football have also come under scrutiny recently. Some people think recent events will lead to a re-set in salaries and transfer fees. in the short term, due to the loss of stadium income and potentially a reduction in TV money, I do believe that footballers will have to take salary cuts and transfer fees will be negotiated downwards. Whether this continues long term is hard to know – the effect on the economy could cause less people to attend football, purchase merchandise and pay for Sky/BT subscriptions.

In this respect Spurs, because of their now substantial match day income, not to mention the extra events (Guns & Roses, Lady Gaga, Joshua v Pulev and NFL matches) that have been cancelled, will have a substantial impact on our finances.

Which brings us to the transfer window.

I am expecting a zero, or even negative, net spend in the next window (whenever that may be). For once, there is no criticism of Levy from me this time. We have had a £100m net spend since the summer. I don’t see how there can be any more money available in the current climate especially as it is unlikely that we will be playing Champions League football next season.

Which brings me to the next topic – Luis Campos. There are plenty of rumours flying around. It seems that he has left Lille but that he has not agreed to join Spurs. From what I have heard about him, he would be ideal for Spurs. He has a great relationship with Mourinho, I guess the big question is can he work with Levy.

When you look at our squad, I think we are incredibly strong going forward. The progress Le Celso as made is sensational. If N’Dombele can make similar strides, then I think we have an incredibly strong midfield/attack.

The weaknesses, as have been pointed out on this site many times, are full back, centre back and defensive midfield. If Sessegnon, Skipp and Tanganga continue to improve, this may help us in those areas. Otherwise, it will be smart dealings in the transfer market that are needed.

Lots to discuss fellow Spurs fans. I will be interested in your views.

Also, how are you coping in lockdown. Listening to music whilst working (The Thrill is Gone by BB King is currently playing) binging on box sets (Gangs of London is especially good and violent) and working on my cross trainer are doing it for me. Looking forward to my first game of golf in ten
weeks at the weekend.

Stay safe and well fellow Spurs fans. COYS

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84 Replies to “Despite no football there’s lots for Spurs fans to still talk about”

  • Well heres my offering my worst 11.regular players
    Gomes, Scales, Aurier, Chriches, vega,Tarrabt,Falque, Holtby, Nkodou, mido, Rebrov.
    Just my thoughts I’m sure there are others.

  • Gomes, Calum Davenport, Atuba, Vega,Tramezzani , Mabizela,Paulinho Blondel,Acimovic,Rasiak, Jansen,

  • Yep 123 there were a couple there that could’ve been in my 11, Paulinho slipped out of my mind TBH and should’ve been there I almost put Jansen in but I always thought he put a shift in but couldn’t score I just thought Mido didn’t try too hard.

  • Poch to return?? This wont happen until 2022 after jose has won us a trophy next season at lest. Meantime poch has enough cash from his payoff, and can do punditry work as well. As any managmrnt job will be a 3 yr or 5 yr deal. I cant see him going to West Ham, Arsenal, Chelsea… maybe Watford or Palace on 3 yr contract to coincide with Jose leaving spurs. That would tie in with poch staying in Hadley Wood area of N London.

  • Well done lads with those 2 worst Spurs teams, to be honest I had forget about some of them lol!

    Never the less a good try by you both. COYS

  • Back to the Future!

    With the season restarting, I am going to be very positive about our Spurs.

    We now have a fully fit and well rested squad, (I think). We have some great players and a squad that looks very strong to me. Especially with the likes of Sissoko, Kane and Son and all, up and running and raring to go.

    I think we will beat Man U in our first game back and that we will go on to finish the season very well and as CL qualifiers.

    Why not?!

    Come On You Spurs!

  • I noticed today… Spurs are 8th richest club in Europe. The head of european football leagues clubs (total 960 across all leagues) has said Spurs business model is the one to follow for clubs post Covid-19. Levy’s wages ratio to income of 38% is sustainable, and still competitive in PL.

    The new stadium will produce revenue in addition to football, as seen in bookings for boxing, rock groups USA football etc. also naming rights which added into THFC / ENIC accounts will give us financial ability to rival sugar daddy PL owners!.

    All those posters who have over the years said Levy out / ENIC out are now quiet…. maybe they have been realising that the long t erm plans Levy mentioned at start of the enfield training ground build, and new WHL Stadium planning is happening. Yes we should have won the PL Title in 2016 /2017 and CL Cup 2019… BUT WE WERE THERE in the final… on the day, Players (and poch team selection)let us down not really Levy’s fault. Yet players still got their CL Medals, they deserved for their effort made. Jurgen Klopp LOST CL Final with B Dortmund, Poch will get his chance again

    Frank & others may say I’m a Levy apologist… Just look at how far we have progressed over 7 years. Now all spurs fans are Gutted we did not win CL !! If I appear to be an apologist…. then I don’t care.. I have been a spurs fan 50 years and counting 🙂 The future is white…. COYS

  • I think the same as you block 108 but there will always be those who want success by any means, even if it includes the possibility of dubious moneybags owners (as in the Toons case) who will no doubt employ every means possible to get around FFP rules and chuck in endless amounts of dosh to buy success at any price.

  • b108…just read your post, very good and as a 60+ years a fan I am with you there, so have joined your gang! and thus I am also, an accused by some, a Levy apologist lol!

    YES! the future is bright and Lilly white. COYS 4 ever

  • Good Post B 108. This mention of Spurs business model was mentioned as best in the Premier league on Talk Sport some months ago. I don’t really mention Levy I just look at where we were 10 to 20 years ago. No comparison.

  • Thanks for your comments. Perhaps some younger posters can now see how spurs are progressing now, and that the pain and anguish all genuine fans have had to suffer in not wining a trophy since 2008, and nasty banter from rival clubs fans (gooners chaves spammers etc.) will soon be at an end. As a guide look what the players have recently said about Jose…. they are backing him as a trophy wining manager, giving young players a chance (tanganga) Tells players when they mess up playing the right way (n’demble) , then friendly again…and a person they like ! COYS

  • Any views guys, on the season restarting?

    I’m starting to look forward to it, now it’s happening…

    It’ll seem most odd at first. (No crowd, strange atmosphere, etc). But now I can’t wait to see Hugo tipping one over the bar and Harry banging some in from all angles! And everything else in-between…

    Up the Spurs!

  • HT…hows it hanging mate, all good I hope.

    Yes I am also looking forward to the games being played in “Ghost” stadiums, having watched some of the Germs games without fans, I find it odd and very hard to concentrate on the game itself, but hey ho I suppose we will just have to put up with it for now, mind it might be different watching the mighty Spurs beating everyone they play. COYS 4 ever

  • HT – I hope you and your family are well. To be honest, I am not yet excited about football returning. Games in empty stadiums will IMO diminish the thrill of the game considerably. I’m sure when the fixtures/TV schedule is announced, I will change my mind. Interesting first game back, Utd will have Pogba and Rashford back to fitness, we will have Kane, Son Bergwjin and Sisokko back. It should be an interesting game, one we must win if we hope to qualify for next seasons Champions League (City’s ban will be overturned).
    I wonder when fans will be allowed back into the grounds and how the owners will implement it in terms of season tickets. Will they allow fans a one season holiday if they are no comfortable going to stadiums next season, or will they be placed at the back of the waiting list. Interesting times COYS.
    PompeyYid – I’m currently listening to Buddy Guy whilst working – wonderful stuff. COYS

  • DH…that’s good your listening to Buddy Guy, I must admit I am impressed with his sounds/blues, I recommend a cd or album for us older geysers lol! called “the Blues is Alive and Well” featuring guest wise Jeff Beck, Kieth Richards, Mick Jagger and James Bay, well worth the listen.

    As for the games behind closed doors I am with you there, esp after watching some of the Germs games.

    That is a good query regards season tickets, I suppose we will just have to wait and see the outcome. COYS 4 ever

  • PS DH…am also in a 100% agreement with you there regards MC’s ban being overturned, esp as money talks. COYS 4 ever

  • With the football returning I’m only glad that they didn’t go to neutral venues as most of our “difficult” games are now homers Man u, Leicester, Arsenal even a resurgent Everton. Some teams around us still have interest in European competitions and FA Cup which may take some of their attention and affect the team selection. Hopefully we can take advantage of this. As for empty stadiums I’m just glad to see it back. At least its a start. COYS.

  • Is there a problem with the site or was my article so bad that no one has commented for six days.
    I wonder what spurs fans make of the £175m loan from the Bank of England. It seems a lot of money but when you think about it, there is a loss of match day income (maybe for several games next season as well), a reduction in the Sky money, a loss of sponsorship, hospitality and merchandise income and the probable loss of Champions League income next season. At the moment there is almost no reduction in costs – player salaries have not yet been reduced. I presume that at some point the players will be asked to take a pay cut but will we be forced to sell players. The loan needs to be paid back by April 2021 although there are conditions whereby the loan repayment can be deferred for another year. I wonder if Levy will use this loan to repay the £112m loan on the stadium that hasn’t been deferred for 15 years. The Bank of England loan is at a far lower rate.
    Maybe the Bank of England loan is for Jose’s pay off (wishful thinking) COYS

  • Hi DH….nothing wrong with your article my friend. It’s difficult to have a sensible discussion when your post doesn’t appear for anything up to 2 hours, it is all too disjointed. 🙁

    I think the opportunity of loan at 0.5% was too good not to take advantage of!

    Hope everyone is keeping well.

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