Date: 22nd May 2020 at 8:00am
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Spurs fans, I hope you are safe and well in these difficult times.

Writer: DoncasterHotspur

A few topics to throw out there for discussion as we edge towards a return to football.

Firstly, should we be returning to football at all yet?

A handful of players have expressed concerns about the return to playing. Some such as Troy Deeney have decided not to return to training (he has a five-month-old son with breathing difficulties). In my opinion, football like all aspects of life, should attempt to return as soon as is reasonably possible. Whilst there will never be 100% guarantees of safety I think the time is right to cautiously move back towards playing.

Spurs have just announced a refund for season ticket holders for the remaining games of the season. Supporters have the option to leave a credit on their account or to claim a refund. With the likelihood of games being played behind closed doors for at least some of next season, I wonder what other season ticket holders are thinking of doing. Personally I haven’t missed football as much as I thought I would (I miss playing golf more) and I am thinking of reverting to membership next season and choosing my games. There didn’t seem to be any problems for members getting tickets for games last season.

The finances of football have also come under scrutiny recently. Some people think recent events will lead to a re-set in salaries and transfer fees. in the short term, due to the loss of stadium income and potentially a reduction in TV money, I do believe that footballers will have to take salary cuts and transfer fees will be negotiated downwards. Whether this continues long term is hard to know – the effect on the economy could cause less people to attend football, purchase merchandise and pay for Sky/BT subscriptions.

In this respect Spurs, because of their now substantial match day income, not to mention the extra events (Guns & Roses, Lady Gaga, Joshua v Pulev and NFL matches) that have been cancelled, will have a substantial impact on our finances.

Which brings us to the transfer window.

I am expecting a zero, or even negative, net spend in the next window (whenever that may be). For once, there is no criticism of Levy from me this time. We have had a £100m net spend since the summer. I don’t see how there can be any more money available in the current climate especially as it is unlikely that we will be playing Champions League football next season.

Which brings me to the next topic – Luis Campos. There are plenty of rumours flying around. It seems that he has left Lille but that he has not agreed to join Spurs. From what I have heard about him, he would be ideal for Spurs. He has a great relationship with Mourinho, I guess the big question is can he work with Levy.

When you look at our squad, I think we are incredibly strong going forward. The progress Le Celso as made is sensational. If N’Dombele can make similar strides, then I think we have an incredibly strong midfield/attack.

The weaknesses, as have been pointed out on this site many times, are full back, centre back and defensive midfield. If Sessegnon, Skipp and Tanganga continue to improve, this may help us in those areas. Otherwise, it will be smart dealings in the transfer market that are needed.

Lots to discuss fellow Spurs fans. I will be interested in your views.

Also, how are you coping in lockdown. Listening to music whilst working (The Thrill is Gone by BB King is currently playing) binging on box sets (Gangs of London is especially good and violent) and working on my cross trainer are doing it for me. Looking forward to my first game of golf in ten
weeks at the weekend.

Stay safe and well fellow Spurs fans. COYS

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84 Replies to “Despite no football there’s lots for Spurs fans to still talk about”

  • DW… first thing we need on VS is this page 2 problem sorted out !

    Now football. I think we need to get back playing asap, as this has a community benefit of getting some semblance of normality. Yes it will be some months before fans are allowed back, and rightly so, as I am a senior season ticket holder..(still cant believe it) my & others, health safety is paramount.

    L Campos will be a good addition to spurs, and he has form of finding good quality players, and knows Jose’s work methods.

    As to players we need, funding for this will have to be from sales and cash input ENIC / Board Directors, in accordance of FFP Regs. COYS

  • B108s….mind regards FFP regs we could be as rich as MC, so not give a ? to rules, they will get away with what they have been accused off, in fear of bankrupting the chief bodies, thus as we are not rich enough we will have to go by the regs.

    Campos will be a good addition, especially if he can get out Mr Levy to keep his nose out lol! COYS 4 ever

  • DH….thanks for the article, should have thanked you in my 1st post, age you see lol! COYS 4 ever

  • Good article with a variety of talking points to stimulate conversation, that is until we get to page 2! 🙂

    Thanks for taking the trouble DH.

    I agree with much of what you say, I really can’t see us (or many others) doing much business in the next transfer whenever that might be due to the cost of coronavirus. The recruitment of Campos probably reflects the club’s desire to search out young players with potential that can be bought at sensible prices.

    I’m afraid I don’t have much optimism with regards to Skipp, Tanganga, and especially Sessegnon, I think the clamour to buy him was all about his debut season in the championship but I believe he has gone backwards since, we should have taken note of his failure to reproduce the same form in his debut seson in the PL with Fulham. I hope I’m proven wrong but I don’t believe any of the three are of the standard we are going to need if we want to end the trophy drought.

    Stay safe people.

  • The only certainty about league standings is that Liverpool would have won the PL if the season had progressed without interruption. So imo they should be declared Champions and no promotions or relegations made. Relief for some and disappointment for others sure, but no other solution is valid as the conditions now are too different to pre-lockdown. Maybe have a mini competition preseason to determine CL qualfication among the leading contenders otherwise as you were.

  • I know most vital folk are far to busy to waste time watching football these days, but some might enjoy watching an old match:

    Not a bad match and not a bad team from my point of view. If you don’t enjoy it, you can blame me for suggesting it. After all, I’m a knobhead of some note.

    • ouch “too busy to waste time.” i need to hire a proof reader. damned knobhead.

  • Yes, I know it’s a Leicester match and this is a Spurs site, so maybe I’m mad to suggest it, but it is a pretty decent display of footie. Anyway, hate the old TK if you’d like, but I’ll stick my neck out on this one. Try it, what have you got to lose? as the non-footballer Donald J. likes to say.

  • Thank you DH for a good article. And one that looks forward and not backwards…

    Personally, I haven’t a clue about just what to expect from football and Spurs in the near future… I can’t see a flurry of transfer activity this summer. (Where’s the money coming from?) And I’d rather this season was just null and void, anyway…

    But, in a way, it was good to see the players back in training this week and doing what they do best. Kicking footballs about!

    Even so, it now looks inevitable that the season will restart and at least we will have all our long term injured back and hopefully fighting fit and ready for some action.

    But, football without its supporters in attendance, seems wrong to me. A spectator sport without real live spectators is dull… No atmosphere means no real joy for me. It’s like a top band playing songs to an empty arena. Soulless! I’d rather watch myself, self isolate. Haha!

    Anyway I hope you’re all as well as can be.

    By the way, when we do eventually kick off again, I see that Poch is now free to look for his next club. What about Spurs MP? Jose ain’t liked by many and he couldn’t get us winning either! Better the devil you know, I say…….. Only joking….

    Come On You Spuuurs! (Eventually).

  • Talking of transfers…..

    I hear that Captain Tom is available on a free! (Or should I say SIR TOM)?

    I reckon he has more life in his 100 year old legs that the young Ndombele has so far shown for us…

    Sorry Tanguy! (Nice haircut by he way)………

    Up the Spurs!

  • Of course it was Aurier and not Ndombele that showed off his new locks… But they’ve all had a trim haven’t they? Just like all the politicians and TV folk… They must all share the same hairdresser/barber. You know, the one that’s proven fully immune!

    Strange observations, I know……. I’m bored!

    • I know haircuts are against the social distancing rules HT but I can understand why they do it.

      I’m getting pretty desperate myself, shopping is difficult enough what with the queueing and trying to maintain 2 metres from other shoppers in the aisles, it’s not helped when people keep mistaking you for Jason Momoa and follow you around the store asking for an autograph! 🙂

  • I had the same thought myself HT, the new Saudi owners of the Toon would surely be keen to employ one of the highest profile and most successful managers in world football so we could offer them Jose in return for a very big compensation package and then invite Poch back! 🙂

  • Hi TQ2.

    I don’t have that problem myself. I’ve been cutting my own hair for about 5 or 6 years now. My job is as good as my barber used to do. And I don’t have to wait ages for my turn anymore whilst listening to the same old chitter chatter about holidays, parking fines and er, football… Well, it was nearly always about Chelsea. Can’t really call that proper football, can you? Haha!

  • Hi HT.

    I have to admit, I’m seriously considering buying some electric hair clippers so I can do as you do, I don’t think I can go another 6 weeks + until the barbers re-open, even then there will be a massive demand so could still take sometime before getting a slot!

    The barbers shop I normally use was owned by a gooner supporter when I first started going there so conversations were quite passionate at times! He sold the business a few years ago now and the current owner is English but of Turkish origin and doesn’t really have an affinity to any PL side but is a big England supporter.

  • Welcome to hair cutters anonymous lol. DH good item here not so sure we are OK going forward look at the amount of chances we used to create, between 10 and 20 per game in previous seasons. Before lock down I would argue we were at single figures on attempts on goal if we are OK we’re just OK not good. Re the last post I’m now waiting for PY’s worst
    Stay safe folks COYS.

  • That is a great line-up TQ., A steely and solid defence, untold flair and strength in the midfield and plenty of great goals to come, up front!… Some great hairdo’s too!

  • I can’t pick an all time 11…. It makes my brain hurt!

    But I’ll make along list of some of the Spurs players that have done it for me… I won’t include Greaves or Mackay or any others that I haven’t seen (or remember seeing) in the flesh or when when they were at their peak for Spurs.

    Jennings, Lloris, Thorsvedt, Clemence, Knowles, Hughton, England, King, Perryman, Mullery, Kinnear, Mabbutt, Hazard, Naylor, Neighbour, Mullery, Hoddle, Waddle, Crooks, Archibald, Ardiles, Ginola, Roberts, Falco, Clive Allen, Paul Allen.(Any Allen you like!) Gilzean, Peters, Chivers, Coates, Barmby, Sheringham, Klinsmann, Samways, Gazza, Dawson, Rose, Berbatov, Defoe, Lennon, Ekotto, Modric, Bale, Parker, Dembele, Eriksen, Son, Toby, Jan, Dele and a good few more….. Last but not least “Our Harry Kane”! Oh, and Sissoko too… Soldaldo?

    It’s just a list! LOL

  • Some great ‘No 10’s’ as I think of them in there HT….Gilzean, Peters, Sheringham and Dele, all intelligent players who are/were thought of as being ahead of their time in their time!

  • Great to see so many faces back on the site. Welcome back HT and TQ2. I have to agree with HT. No one really knows what football will be like in the near future. There will certainly not be much money to throw around and I believe many more clubs will be forced to ask their players to take pay cuts. It will be interesting to see how that goes down at Spurs.
    When the football was first halted, I was adamant that the season should be voided with no titles awarded and no relaxation. Harsh as that sounds, there are far more important things than football (football like all sport was never supposed to be so important). Now that the rest of Europe is starting to come back, we should follow suit and get back to playing as soon as it is safe to do so. However, as HT has said football without fans is massively diminished and in all honesty I am not particularly excited about it’s return. I don’t think I will renew my season ticket – I will revert to being a member and choose my games.Somehow, I don’t think it will be that difficult to get tickets.
    Interesting interview with Poch yesterday. He said he loves living in London and that he is still friendly with Levy.. Add that to his interview On BT Sports the other week when he stated his desire to return. Only one thing to conclude. Poch is coming back. Jose out. Ha ha – only joking, much as I don’t like Jose I accept that he is our manager going forward and he will lead us to the title next season. COYS

  • Afternoon all,

    Niall D…what do you mean your waiting for my worst Spurs 11, lol! well I have tried and am still trying, as I said prior it is more difficult than you think because there are so bloody many of them lol! even when I named my best 11, I didn’t mention Gazza, Hoddle or the great Blanchflower, some will say how can you not mention them, and thats just 3, there are so many more, maybe we should name a best ever 26 man squad.

    HT….Bring back Poch lol! why not? I am with you regards jokingly Jose out, he is our esteemed manager/coach now so lets just see how he gets on, now he has had an enforced, all be it partly, close season to work out his tactics with the squad he inherited, suppose we will just have to wait and see. COYS 4 ever

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