Date: 2nd November 2017 at 11:38am
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Dele Delivers.

Dele dumbfounds Detractors.

He should have had a hat-trick, last night he showed what he is capable of; he applied himself. He wanted it, he played his heart out and all of the siren calls to drop him to the bench has now been silenced – at least until he has another small dip, although my bet is he won`t now, he is buzzing.

I also have to mention the wonderful and fast maturing Winks, there are still some who think he isn`t good enough and never will be, last night he dominated, he held the ball, he jinked, he moved and every pass was a positive one, he made their midfield chase shadows. He kept the ball at will. I continue to believe he will be our greatest how grown midfielder in the modern era. It wouldn`t surprise me if he is in future on of the first name son the England team sheet, and he is yet to play one full season.

Almost too difficult to get my thoughts in line about last night performance as it was so magnificent, so comprehensive, so utterly conclusive that I and a small group of friends who attended ended up in the West End celebrating hard into the wee hours.

First, I`ll hold my hands up..

In the forum on the match thread just before I was leaving (and my confidence was and always is at it is weakest), I said this: “I don’t want to be negative, but I think we are going to be up against a different *better* RM tonight – I really don’t think they are playing too well, but first time at Wembley and after the first leg, they have a point to prove.

Hope I’m wrong, but suspect we will do well to scrape a draw; they just have so much talent at their disposal if their heads are right then we are really going to have our hands full and IF Poch plays Llorente and Harry together again, they’ll be ready for us this time.’

Yep, that’s what I said…(all red faced now)..

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Before I could even digest what I wrote I was properly put in my place for thinking such thoughts by ‘Tarrico the Yid`, who said this:

“They can’t improve that defence though. They are so open at the back I think we will exploit them.”

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He was of course absolutely spot on.

They really couldn`t cope with us, I`ll game plan was perfection itelf and the weaknesses that Tarrico had spotted were mercilessly exploited. Even Trippier who I`ve been less than effusive about on occasion never put a foot wrong, he was outstanding.

(For the Poch detrators, if you can’t see his qualities now, you never will).

One great side show last night was a friend who comes from Barcelona who as you might have guessed has a burning hatred for Real Madrid, as we started dominating he jumped up and down, as we scored he went berserk and as we won, he was incomprehensible and cried, yes cried with joy.

We were laughing our heads off at him all night,our mood was jubilant, until of course he ruined it and said “we will have to get him before the Madridiots – we don’t care what he costs, we need to get him before Coutinho ” – (it`s clear there is a whole new level of hatred now exists between the clubs supporters after recent political events in Spain).

In amongst all this I had a Friend called Robbie who was stupidly away with his family on a half term break, who`d normally he`d be with us;

I Texted him as we went 1-0 up :

“I hope you`re watching this?’

Robbie: “Sports bar couldn`t get a f******* signal, listening on 5 live back at the Villa, gutted! I will kill her [his wife] for making me be away tonight!”

Then we went 2:0 up.

The texts continued:

Robbie: “OMG!” Did you record the game?

Me: ‘yes, when you back?

Robbie “land 10 p.m. Heathrow Saturday night”

Me: “OK we can watch it again Sunday.”

Meanwhile 3-0.

Robbie: “no no no no , have to watch it as soon as I get back, I`ve just threatened to divorce the Mrs for making me miss this game, I won`t sleep until I watch it !!”

After the game we ended up in the West End and celebrated until we couldn`t anymore.

As I said, sorry this is such a short incoherent report, but I`m hoping your evening was just as great and memorable; we are a Champions league side and a few short steps away from greatness, and this is as much as you will get from me today, my bed, a box of paracetamol and gallon of water awaits.

Sweet dreams all.


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  • Every so often you get one of these games where you almost float out of the stadium and then relive the match with complete strangers as you wait for the train, not really caring about how long the journey takes. Actually I don’t think Dele was on top form overall last night – I’ve certainly seen him play better. The fact he can score two without being at his best tells you just how good he is. Trippier was something of an unsung hero, he was outstanding. Even without scoring Kane terrified Madrid’s defenders. The performance highlighted the importance of qualifying for the champions league every year. We got it wrong last season and we learnt from our mistakes. But in order to profit from that you have to come back the next year.

  • Dele has been a bit off this season. I still think he has worked hard and put a lot of effort into most of his performances. I just think his confidence and sharpness has been a wee bit astray.

    To follow on from jod saying he wasn’t even at his best last night but still scored 2… (I agree). Even when not being at his best overall, he has now managed to score 7 goals for Tottenham in just 13 app’s this season. Which is close to his impressive average of last season.

  • jod …. I agree. He doesn’t seem to get much mention from the game but I thought Davies was pretty outstanding, too. Our squad has several like-for-like back-up players now.

  • Dele is the youngest player in spurs team has been since he made his debut as a young 19 year old that’s why he is a star delivers goals at a rate even seasoned pros can’t match. Gets lots of stick for his attitude, however, he wasn’t brought up in perfect environment and to get out of that start to life and still make it in football is a testament to his will to succeed.

  • You know what tickled me most last night, it was Ronaldo doing is step overs and Trippier just kept his eye on the ball rather than the jig as if to say, carry on buddy, but you ain’t fooling me with that. And Ronaldo ended up passing it backwards! I know the guy is a great footballer, but not half puts on a face when things don’t go his way.

  • Well said Palmover. And as was pointed out last night a few times in the commentary, it is just 5 years since the lad made his debut at MK Dons, to get to where he is now. A lad that even just over a couple of seasons ago was deemed to expensive for Liverpool to take a gamble on by forking out the mere £5m for him that Levy and Spurs thankfully did.

  • palmover – Not quite, Davison Sanchez is actually two months younger. Winks is only a two months older and to have three 21 year olds playing like that against Real Madrid is incredible. The attitude question is probably highlighted because of the comparison with Harry Kane who has as close to the perfect attitude as we are ever likely to see.

  • I think Dele has been below his best form since the start of this season but, as HT points out, he has not stopped scoring goals. Now he’s had a few league games and is back on track in the CL, I imagine his confidence will be boosted and he’ll be off and running again. If MP brings everyone back to earth I think Palace are in for a torrid game on Sunday.

  • Anyone else read the alliteration at the start of the article in Captain Turbots voice from Paw Patrol or is that show driving me to actual insanity haha

  • But yes, this wasn’t just the Dele Alli show. Let’s just look at who was playing last night AND who wasn’t (at least at the start). Halfway through the first half our mustn’t lose ‘top’ defender Toby goes off and Dier manfully steps back into his place whilst the young Davinson Sanchez slips over from the centre on to the right of the 3 man defence. There’s Sanchez himself, and Winks, looking totally cool, unfazed and in control whilst being the two current youngest guys in the team. Against Ronaldo and all, no less! No Wanyama or Dembele (until late on), both deemed undroppable last season. No Son. No Rose. No Lamela, blah blah. (Sorry to remind you Palmover, but no Walker either). How does it work? How does it all come together? I think Pochettino is probably the man with all the answers.

  • Foyth won’t start. I don’t think he will be first team ready this season. Dier will step in given that we need to accommodate for our wealth of midfield options by giving Dembele and Sissoko much deserved and much needed first team action. How strong is our squad!!!!!

  • …and if Zaha fancies himself as a Spurs player next season and if we do actually want him to be one, he had better not punish his future team mates by having a blinder yet again for the poor poor Palace.

  • And…. If Poch is ever to return to Spain in the near future and it is for Real, can we please have Zidane in exchange.

  • spurticus, I recognise the age and experience issue with Foyth, but we don’t have THAT much depth in midfield. If Dier drops back, we only really have Dembele (needs to be nursed) and Wanyama (being nursed!). Aurier is a width/WB… not sure who else you had in mind…. unless my brain is still in a ‘buzz’ mode from last night.

  • If Rose is fit, we could just as easily play a back 3 of Vertonghen, Sanchez and Ben Davies (who plays there for Wales). There is no need to throw Foyth in the deep end. Dier is an obvious choice but we have contingency plans too. I have never shied away from being an Eric Dier fan on VS and in real life, and his versatility makes him such an asset for me. Shearer singled him out against Man U, which I thought was unfair because he played a good game overall (and I’m not sure he’s ever going to win a foot race with Martial anyways). After watching extended highlights, I thought he looked very good last night. Every player will make mistakes (even Toby, so assured most of the time, was guilty against WHU), but it seems that Dier’s are somehow blown out of proportion. Another personal favourite of mine, SuperJan, has also been in very impressive form for the last 18 months. In Belgium he has always been rated higher than Toby and this season he is certainly showing why (and that’s not to say that Toby is performing poorly). As HT has said, all the Alli critics simply need to look at his output, not just last night but since the beginning of the season, to conclude that even in so-so form, he has produced important goals. If he is finding form (like the last weeks suggest), our competitors better watch out.

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