Date: 5th January 2020 at 4:49pm
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Tottenham Hotspur

Riverside Stadium

FA Cup Third Round

5/01/2020 2:01 pm

Attendance: 26693

Referee: Attwell

Middlesbrough Tottenham Hotspur
Fletcher (50) Lucas Moura (61)
Mejias Gazzaniga
Howson Dier
Fry Alderweireld
McNair Vertonghen
Spence Aurier
Clayton Eriksen
Winks 56
Coulson 67 Alli
Roberts 69 Sessegnon 56
Tavernier Lucas Moura
Fletcher 76 Son Heung-Min


Gestede 69 Sanchez
Nmecha 76 Lamela
Johnson 67 Vorm
Wood Lo Celso 56
Wing Skipp
Liddle Tanganga
Brynn Parrott

Game Statistics

6 Goal attempts 14
4 On Target 4
4 Corners 14
7 Fouls 11
1 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
29 % 71

With a break in the Premier League fixture list, Tottenham Hotspur made the trip to the Riverside Stadium earlier today to face Middlesbrough in our FA Cup third round clash.

Having lost the last game, travelling fans would’ve been demanding a reaction from manager Jose Mourinho’s side and, well, they didn’t really get one.

Despite dominating 70% of the ball and creating the far greater chances overall, we managed only four on target which matched them. After a goalless first half, it was the hosts who took the lead through Ashley Fletcher in minute 50 and we needed a Lucas Moura effort 11 minutes later to restore and at least ensure we remain in the hat for the fourth round draw.

We’ll have to see if we can do any better at the second time of asking when the replay is arranged, but having effectively gone with a full strength squad, few will be happy after that.

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28 Replies to “Deja Vu For Spurs As We Need An FA Cupping Replay – Match Stats”

  • Another shocking aimless performance. Lots of possession but most of it pointless.
    Liverpool next week. If Liverpool pick the team they have today it would be more than enough to beat us, we are that poor. All you need is a bit of energy and we simply can’t cope.

  • Only last May we were in the CL final match and apart from an atrocious penalty to start the match, we were the superior team through out most of that match. Now under José Mourinho we are an embarrassment on the pitch vs. Middlesbrough for God’s sake.

    This season is an embarrassment being led by one jerk of a manager. I’d as soon crawl under a rock as watch right now. Makes a grown man cry to bring back Tim Sherwood as to keep José A Desgraça. Let the Little Moor go away, far, far away. As far away as possible.

  • And here’s the problem with pretending all games are equal and you don’t need to prioritise. We are struggling, out of form and missing Kane. So we need yet another game like a hole in the head. Win or lose it will just take a little more out of the tank. We got to the end of last season with the players running on empty, you could see it in the champions league final. Now it looks like the same thing is happening again.

  • We are just a poor side who have relied on their talisman striker to regularly extract them from the sticky stuff in recent seasons. He is now injured, exposing the severe limitations of the rest of the squad. When compared to Leicester or Liverpool we are miles away in every way, except of course for Levy Palace.

  • January 5, 2020 at 7:08 pm
    I have to say that with “friends” like you who needs enemies? Even when the lads get a deserved draw without Kane against an on form Championship team on their own patch, commanding over 70% of the play, which could easily have resulted in a win but for a super save it’s still a disaster with the search for scapegoats continuing which is now becoming rather boring. If I remember correctly some of you were predicting a defeat.

    Spurs looked a good attacking side after the changes were made. Yes, Alli, Eriksen and Dier were poor and Sessignon is not the answer to our left back problem. But these weakness can be dealt with when Sissoko and N’Dombele return and maybe by replacing an off form Alli and Eriksen with a fitter Lamela and Lo Celso. Also buying a class central defender would help.

    So it’s not all gloom and doom, at least as far as I’m concerned

  • Yet another dreadful performance against lower weak opposition. At times we seem clueless. Lots of tippy tappy around the box that comes to nothing. We are carrying several passengers. Dier…abysmal. Aurier…shocking. Sessegnon looks nervous and timid. Deli waltzing and swanning around looking bemused. Lo Celso..lightweight,under 11 schoolboy. Jose looking angry but pretty clueless. Just over a year ago, we were a superb exciting side. Now we are boring and predictable. So glad I did not go down the pub today. Can’t stand the hoots of derision. We currently are a shambles.

  • Stan…..we started the match with a team full of current international players against a championship side that have only just put together a couple of decent results after a very poor first half of the season.

    We had 71% possession with 14 corners and 14 attempts on goal but only 4 on target, by comparison ‘Boro had just 29% possession with just 4 corners and only 6 attempts on goal but equalled our tally of 4 on target.

    We had an open goal opportunity to win the match but Aurier demonstrated the usual poor shooting technique that has become our trademark and hit row Z from 6 yards.

    If you think that is a decent result then you must be very easily pleased.

    • TQ2, top teams failing to win against lesser teams is what happens in Cup football. Given our recent run we could well have lost this one. We didn’t, nor was our performance as terrible as some have been making out here as the stats indicate. And it’s typical that you have picked out Aurier’s miss but have ignored his perfect cross that led to our equaliser. As it happens his crossing generally has improved in recent games.

      PS Having just watched MOTD it is clear that Middlesborough’s goal would have been offside had VAR been in operation.

  • Will we do any business in this window to sort the obvious weeknesses in our squad, or will we soldier on to mid table obscurity by the end of the season with no European qualification for next season. I think we all know the answer.

  • Not the worst Tottenham game I’ve seen(that was last week). I have to admit I’m with Stan here we did OK today in a cup game against an inform team.At home. ExTottenham players as management up to prove a point. Who were up for the game. I thought our worst performer overall was Verts he looked like he had a dose of flu or something slow to get up when he was on the deck and it looked like he was running with divers boots on. Wentworth’s comments on Deli are bang on tho and we were again arseing about around the centre circle a la Winks going no where. But in 2nd half we got a bit about us and were unlucky on a couple of occasions.

  • Not having HK10 showed we are able to cope with sonny and lucas, as we did last season. Lo Celso and Lamela did well and they should start in replay, Dele & Erksen on the bench. Aurier is so annoying, not real consistency game to game, yet he puts in good crosses which we score from. Jose has to do some serious defending coaching, and try HK10 striker coaching to calming down his rushed approach of row z efforts, also sissoko covers for him when upfield… but not always.

    Jose must go with a tactical shape of 4321 is much better than 424, and we have to use the 4321 as this is well ingrained with the players. TW…. Sell 2 players buy 2 players, give the youngsters a chance… look at Liverpool / Chelsea for example. Now the acid test on sat. Liverpool at WHL, a draw would be a result to be proud of.. a win unbelievable… but based on current form doubtful. Anyway as a long time spurs supporter who has seen many games won when expected to lose…example of City, Ajax in CL we could be surprised, and get the 3 points result 🙂 COYS

  • Hurrah! a bit of positivity for a change, good on yah!

    My main moan about yesterdays game is that, when in possession we took to long/to slow in everything we did, though we did keep the ball well, eg…when our CB’s had the ball, they look up and no movement thus a sideways pass, though when the subs were made, Lamela and Lo-Celso on, we did look a whole lot better with some quicker forward passing.

    |Ah well! time will tell how far JM can take this ageing Poch team. COYS

  • PY……most of the players who took to the field yesterday are between 23 and 27, there is only Toby at 30 and Verts at 32 that could be regarded as ‘ageing’ surely? I don’t think we can really use age as an excuse for our current issues.

  • Reading comments on this site is beginning to remind me a lot of Arsenal. For years after they stopped making top four their fans acted as if they had some sort of divine right to be there and it was only the total incompetence of their management that was stopping them. Even now I’m not sure they’ve all adjusted to the real world. Now our fans are sounding pretty much the same. Lots of demands to buy players, but never who they are. Lots of demands to spend money, but no explanation of where it comes from. Complaints about the manager, but not who should be managing us. It all boils down to the real world being a lot harder than the fantasy football world they yearn for.

  • TQ2S….I know, you are correct in what you say, but it seems to me the “ageing” as I put it is down to me about the young n’s not prepared to learn new ways, that is JM’s ways, I could be wrong, they do at times play some pretty “keep the ball” football, but do not seem to have any “get up n go” in them, that’s all, time will tell I suppose. COYS

  • one of the most disturbing aspects of Spurs is our complete lack of young players fighting for a first team place. Oliver Skipp is ok but nothing special. Winks has reached his peak and is to tippy tappy sideways. KWP not good enough. Parrot …maybe but needs a chance to show at top level. Look at Liverpool blooding youngsters ..even a 16 year old. Where are our? We have the facilities but not the players. Very worrying.

  • Jod, out of interest what do you see as the solution to our current poor form. Do you believe Jose is the right manager for us and do you think we need any investment in the squad (I accept that we do not have a fortune to spend but there must be some money available).

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