Date: 8th August 2017 at 7:46am
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I have always appreciated the way the THFC has been run. There has been frustration surrounding a lack of silverware from certain sections of our fanbase. However, our progress under ENIC is undeniable. We have steadily progressed from being in a pack of nearly teams with Everton, Villa and Newcastle to being genuine title contenders. You only have to look at the fates of Newcastle and Villa to appreciate just how well the club has been run. However, the time to invest is now!

We will face a massive battle to hold onto our best players and the best manager in the world if we fail to demonstrate an ability to match their ambition. If we hold on to what we have, and strengthen then we become world class and win titles/trophies and become Champions League regulars. We move into our new stadium as a genuine world class club.

The odds of assembling a squad as good as ours and finding another manager as good as the one we have now is astronomically high! It just will not happen. If we fail to strike now then we throw away the greatest opportunity we will ever have to turn ourselves into a commercial powerhouse through success. Manchester United don’t have billionaire backers, they have a massive fan base through success.

This is the model we should ultimately be following! They were once in the same position that we are now. A young and brilliant team with a British spine and a young, hungry and brilliant manager. So there is only one option…back the manager and the squad you have now or rue this missed opportunity forever…


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112 Replies to “Dear Mr Levy, The Time Is Now”

  • Agree completely. However you need to send Levy the directions to Specsavers for a hearing test first. He isn’t interested in our opinions.

  • As a business man who has been in the industry long enough he really should know! We had an opportunity similar to this, although not as good, several years ago and we missed it! Now we are on the verge of moving into our new stadium with a better squad and a better manager! History tells us that finance follows success in football. This is very much a case of you need to speculate to accumulate…

  • I have no ideas what this piece is actually saying. What does “back the manager and the squad you have now” mean ?

  • Yup very much the same thoughts in regards to this article. I am becoming frustrated. We are a Gareth Bale away from taking the team to the next level. The next level is Cl contenders.

  • I’m sure they know what they’re doing. Just like I’m sure we don’t know what they’re doing. I’m a bit worried about the latest poll …. if we move heaven and earth where will the new stadium end up?

  • Another start to a campaign where we are totally unprepared. If it weren’t for poch we would be back down the the 6th and 7th struggles, and by there own admissions without poch half our best players would leave or would have left. Our squad is bone bare and we still have no cover or competition for a number of players. Tough first game away followed by a very tough home opener. THFC as a whole have made a complete bollox of this window. Again.

  • spurticus87 – “History tells us that finance follows success in football”, really ? Winning the league didn’t turn Leicester into a bigger club. United have been pretty unsuccessful since Ferguson retired but they still have three times our income. City and Chelsea still rely on rich owners and FFP having no teeth despite what they have won in recent years.

  • Jod, backing the manager and the squad is a very simple term to understand. It simply means believe that they have the capability of achieving great things and invest in a few quality additions to support the squad/manager in achieving the aforementioned success. Winning the league did turn Leicester into a bigger club mate! They may not be a top 4 contender but they are no longer relegation dog fighters and probably won’t be again under decent ownership. I have no doubt that they are benefiting from increased revenue as a direct result of their league success as well. United won two trophies last year and attracted world class players such as Ibra and Pogba. They even beat the league winning team to the acquisition of Lukaku. What exactly is your point?

  • Geoff – Would you say they knew what they were doing when they turned down Suarez when we a striker short of a possible league winning team? Now we are a few quality additions away from a world class squad! If we fail to capitalise on our momentum then we end up in the same situation that we were 5 years ago. Sold our best players, new manager, 10 new players to bed in, 5 will turn out decent, 5 won’t cut the mustard etc. etc. It is a vicious circle…

  • Support the manager? ,he’s rightly as you say a world class manager, who is to say that it’s not Levy, but poch saying. Hey dan, I have a great crop of kids coming up let’s stick with these as back up, if we sell the fringe then we can get some more in if that’s ok with you.? Levy, is doing an excellent job. Others will disagree, and won’t care if the team are bankrupted just to win a trophy … we are progressing well and we will get where we want to be we need time.

  • It’s a non argument. We are in need of 1-2 better squad players and 1-2 top quality who will push us to win something. 5 days away from the opener and if we want to play 4-4-2 we are using our third choice rookie right back. No matter which way you look at it we are weakening the team by chopping and changing roles. The new right back should have been already here and settled. That’s just one of the many issues here.

  • E17 – I don’t think poch wants a batch of new players and nor do we need them but the man is a clever bloke who knows who we need. Academy is great and for the majority I think it’s the best way not just for us but for any club but there comes a time when u need ready made quality, not potential. From what I’ve seen there isn’t anyone in positions we need who can make the step up yet, just as poch said earlier this week. I’m not saying we won’t sign anyone, I just think that once again we are making it unnecessaryily difficult for the start of the season.

  • If ever there was a time for Uncle Joe to create his legacy, it is now. He could put the cash into the club and even if he didn’t, investing £150m now on players and wages would not bankrupt us, we are in superb financial shape. Bringing Bale back, if he wanted to come, would be a no brainer, both commercially and on the pitch.

  • spurticus … They always know what they are doing because they work to a plan in accordance with a budget. That doesn’t mean everything will turn out well. It’s football. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions! Why are so many posters thinking the TW is over? There may be good reason for a moan, but surely not yet.

  • E17 – the manager has already publicly indicated he wants a couple more senior squad players…

  • spurticus87 – Where do we start. “invest in a few quality additions” I love the way these comments are always kept nice and vague. What constitutes a quality addition and how much will that player cost in transfer fees and wages ? You don’t appear to have much of a grasp of finance. In order for Leicester to become a bigger club they would need their income to increase permanently. A one off cash injection when they have an exceptional season doesn’t change anything, the following year they just go back to their normal levels. You also seem to be confused about United. What you said was that finance FOLLOWED success. Which would mean that following last season their income would increase this season after presumably falling throughout the barren period since Ferguson. In fact their income never really fell at all. Which is why they can continue to buy players we can’t afford, because they have three times our income whether or not they are successful. You remind me of when I briefly studied economics. People came up with all these economic models that bore no relation to how real world worked, rather like you and the way football finances really work.

  • This isn’t a moan, more highlighting that this is an opportunity to turn us into a world class club which are on the same playing level as the elites!

  • Jod, please don’t question my intellect or ability to grasp finance. You really aren’t a very pleasant person at times. United’s current financial success is built upon years of success and their growth into the economic powerhouse that they are today is purely built upon their success under Fergie. Their revenue will increase next year on the back of wining two trophies and regaining Champions League football. They reason that they have not reduced their revenue through this transitional faze is because of the success they have had and the commercial fan base they have built up as a result…

  • I here what is being said needing 1st players, take Barkley groin injury wouldn’t of been ready. We have a great 11 .. it’s the back up we need … Janssen will come good, sissoko still has to go … once lamela and rose are back. We need a spare RB. I’m just glad I’m not having to try and get these players or do the negotiations.

  • E-17 I agree. It is our lack of squad depth that prevented us from winning titles/trophies last year. Let’s take the FA cup semi-final (a game we actually deserved to win). Chelsea fielded a weakened team… They had Batshauyi, Willian and Cesc Fabregas haha! For us that would have been Jansen, Winks and Onomah… I am realistic, however, I firmly believe we can consolidate our position if we invest. We have profited for the last several windows despite increased revenue streams and I think now is the time to take a calculated gamble and trust in Poch and the players he wants to recruit.

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