Date: 10th November 2017 at 12:48pm
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Danny Wins Big

It had to be asked, and once again the Vital members stepped up and voted heavily.

After a suggestion by one of our posters; the question was asked;

Should we forgive Danny now?

Yep, it’s all forgotten 54%
No, doing it when he did is unforgivable 30%
Who cares? 7%
Nothing to forgive. 9%


I`ve no idea if our polls represent the more generally widely held views of Spurs fans, but if it does reflect general sentiment then recent comments from Danny Rose about the psychological difficulties he`s had to face dealing with the post injury trauma and his efforts to recover appear to have had some bearing on current thinking.

What I do know, is that an awful lot of posters took the trouble to vote.


The more cynical among you may well believe that his recent mutterings are contrived and intended to elicit sympathy, empathy, forgiveness (you choose which best fits your thinking) and even some who think it was a cleverly constructed general apology for his previous outburst; although I don`t.

The Experience.

If you have ever had to fight your way back to fitness after injury you`ll know how difficult and even how depressing it can be at times, personal recovery targets slip and doubts set in; How it must be for an athlete and player whose career and income depends on it, I`m not fully qualified to judge, but simple instinct and having gone through that trauma four times in my younger days means I believe every word he said as a genuine expression of his experience and the difficulties he faced. It can be a real lonely business getting fit again after a major injury.

Still a Smash and Grab?

Does it make me think that he`s less likely to grab the money and run if he can? Well no it doesn`t, the only way that can happen is if (and he hasn`t) he just as publicly commits to staying for the long-term and fighting for his place.

It`s crystal clear to me that he and Poch have (had?) a very close relationship, which makes all this so difficult to understand his previous ill-advised actions. But assuming the relationship is on the way to repair, all I know is that a fit Danny Rose is still the best Left back in the business in the Premier league.

Holding onto him in January might well be the final act in this drama, at least I hope so.


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  • Of course it is all over, and so it should be. Players are entitled to both have, and express, an opinion regarding how they see their future, and their as yet unfulfilled aspirations. Having said that much of what he said and was criticised for was absolutely true, and perhaps needed saying, following Walkers departure, if only to clear the air. It will be interesting to see how the club reacts to his concerns, and the Toby Alderwiereld contract negotiations going forward, will we bite off our nose to spite our face.

  • Sorry I am going to be mean here. the article states how hard it is to deal with injury. Sorry I lost EVERYTHING when I got ill. My business, income, home, health, social life, sport life, family, friends, and more. I cannot even sit up for more than 10mins and been housebound 6 years and very ill one couldn’t imagine. I may not have been a professional athlete but I used to play football, table tennis, run and ice skate and I built up my own business and everything went in a flash with no liklihood of getting any of it back. So I know adveristy, I know huge loss, and how it affects you emotionally, psychologically. Try losing everything and being close to death and being in my situation and not once did I feel I wanted to behave the way he did. In fact when things are tough you appreciate the little things in life. Just seeing the rain drops on my window is my life and I am greatful of seeing them.

  • part 2.

    My body had withdrawal feeling from the feeling you get from pushing yourself physically, when your heart beats, that adrenal rush, that feeling you have gave everything in your sport and even though your knackered afterwards it feel good, bloody good, and in a flash my body had to adjust, and the withdrawal was not easy, physically or mentally.

    What Rose did imo and I am not saying I am right, but it seem to me it was jealousy because Walker got what he wanted and he wanted the same. Not some pyshoclogical mess up feeling from being injured. Lets not forget, he gave a interview earlier than the big one where he was spouting of about players not being happy seeing us as a ‘nearly’ club, that interview was on the edge, and I was suprised he wasn’t spoken to about that first interview, may be he was, we don’t know but regardless he did another one and gave his all to the media and it didn’t seem like any psychilogical mess up person who was struggling with his injury, it appeared to me as ‘his head was turned and he wanted MORE he wanted what Walker had’, and he thought of noone other than himself.

    So it doesn’t wash with me, now he is talking about his state of mind, sympathy vote I think. Lets also not forget, he hardly seen the psychologist, a couple of times, may be a little more, that doesn’t sound like a messed up person. Lets not forget Lamela has gone through worse, longer lay off and there seems to be a uncertainty about his hips, has he blasted the club, ran to the media – No.

    Having said all of this, I don’t see him as a bad person. I see him as a human and humans behave in these ways at time, we can’t help it but I feel it’s best to be honest and have integrity and not hide. I would be happier if he came out and simply said ‘I messed up, I was feeling greedy, I was disrespectful, I wasn’t thinking of anyone but myself’ because I seriously think that is the truth, but obviously I cannot be sure.

    Many people in life don’t think about others, and are greedy, never content, always wanting more, and forgetting those who have helped them get to where they are, not just in football, but in many different areas of their life. In a nutshell people are often selfish and ‘users’, they forget those who helped them in their life. of course not everyone, but I am afraid it’s the state of humanity on the whole and it stinks. For me Rose is just one of those people in that moment, but it doesn’t mean he is bad, just ‘unconscious, unaware’ and unconscious in this context means ‘me myself and I’.

    Even now he is measured with his interviews and I don’t believe for one he wants to stay, nothing has changed. As for his relationship with Poch, well Poch is a decent conscious person from what appears to me and because of that he is ilkely to forgive and unlikely to hold grudges, but whether he keeps him is a different matter. he will be professional and do what is right for the club and that decision will have been made already.

    If Poch feels it’s best to hold him to his contract for the benefit of the club, he will do, but if he feels we can cash in like we did with walker and move on and that would be better for the club, then that is what will happen.

    from a footballing perspective there is no doubt he is one of the best LB around in the Pl and possibly Europe, so yes the club will benefit from keeping him, but if he doesn’t want to be here, then eventually you have to let them go, and we don’t know whether we will miss him because frankly we don’t know who else is out there that could come in and do a job.

    I never heard of Aurier and yes Rose I have to google most players because I haven’t the knowledge of who is out there, not even the knowledge of players playing in the top teams becauee quite frankly I am only really interested in Tottenham players. The club I love.

    I suppose if he goesw summer would be better, can’t see him going in January, Poch doesn’t do things in January, and rather he go abroad if he goes, but just not sure that will happen!

  • Personally I will go with what happens. No player is bigger than club and we have to learn to accept players will leave, change is always happening anyway.

  • It’s funny to me, that those who tend to sympathise with Danny’s publicly outspoken thoughts and in turn blame Levy for Rose’s rant, don’t seem to mind that he did it so openly and back him all the way because of it and because of their beef with our owners and chairman. But, what if you disliked what a club employee’s certain thoughts are (player, manager, whoever), and was being so publically explicit with and because you DISAGREE with him or her? Whilst believing that their words are deemed to be detrimental and ungrateful to the club you support? Would you still back them up? Would you still be okay with it, even if you don’t agree with them?

    Personally I believe it’s something that should be kept in house and behind closed doors. Wether I agree with them or not. It’s called being a professional. And it is dignified and fair.

    I can however forgive Danny and did so immediately after his initial apology. But what if I didn’t rate him as a player? I’m not so sure that I’d be so readily lenient on him.

  • I get the feeling that Mr.Rose may have been reading VS during his idle hours and had somehow been swayed by the Levy dislikers on here whilst neglecting to see just how privileged he actually is, in the grand scheme of things. Or, even within just the game of football itself.

  • HT – Even posters like myself, who mostly agree with the content of Rose’s original rant, still easily accept/admit that what he did was unprofessional. All I’m saying is let’s not make it worse than it was. Showing up late for team meetings in unprofessional. Showing up over weight in preseason is unprofessional. Getting drunk before/after games is unprofessional. All of those things are condemned, and usually punished. So was Rose’s rant. He was punished. All of those things are usually also quickly forgotten. What more is there to do? As for talented players being allowed more leniency, its probably unfair, but it’s also widespread. Many companies treat employees differently based on the value of these employees’ contributions. The top sales guy can usually get away with arriving a bit later in the office, whereas the under performing one will be on a shorter leash. Is it fair? No. But it’s a reality, and if that little bit of leniency is what makes good employees stay, I can live with it.

  • It’sME – that’s some story of adversity; for what it’s worth you have my sympathies, but beyond that it’s great to have you posting here and still being engaged with Supporting Spurs. I like your writing style, how about getting some of your thoughts on paper and get an article or three published here?

  • It’sME, if you had actually read ALL of what D R said you will have seen that he did mention that part of his problem was JEALOUSY, as well as depression.
    Quite a potent combination, especially when you throw in injuries a few other things and you don’t have a date to work towards, or it just keeps getting set further and further away before even you reach it.
    Your situation was different, you saw it go in a flash knowing there was no come back, so you were able to deal with it differently because even though it was probably *****ty, you aw a future of sorts, he didn’t. Sorry if it seems harsh, but you were the one who started the comparisons.
    I have a an idea as to where his head was when he said those things as I have had pretty severe depression. I taught myself to work out the whys and wherefores and now don’t get it any more.

  • chrishove123. Also, tell me about it. …….. One cannot compare an-others plight by simply saying someone else’s, or your own is much worse. That’s not how it works. One man can lose his everyday job and be genuinely suicidal because of it, even though they are quite capable of finding another. A woman can lose her leg whilst witnessing half of her good comrades in arms lose their lives being blown to bits in a bloody battle of war. And yet, somehow deal with it and perhaps even go on to become a gold medal winning Olympic athlete. People starve and can find a smile. People can feed on the very best of caviar and lobster and yet can find no good reason to enjoy it. Depression has no prejudice, bias or scale of 1 to 10 in how it can get to you.

  • Getting a bit heavy here guys.I shall remain my usual shallow self & say welcome back Danny you’ve always given 100% on the field & that’s what impresses me about you. We are all human & I wish I could take back some of the silly things I’ve said in my life.

  • We can never match Man Utd ,Man City or Chelsea payments They can sign all the mercenaries they want, If Rose is happy to sign a £65000 week contract why moan later!. Does he now want the same as Walker or perhaps less to match Davies who is just as good! The more you get the better you play – don’t think so. But it seems at least for now or until his next injury he is happy!

  • As far as Danny is concerned … it’s over, finished, ended. Everyone has kissed and made up. What will be will be …. but it will be whatever Poch and Danny decide they want it to be. In the meantime Danny remains an integral part of the THFC squad … which means he deserves to enjoy the full backing of supporters until that changes. Just my opinion of course.

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