Date: 16th July 2017 at 2:15pm
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While nineteen other Premier League clubs busy themselves snapping up the best buys us Tottenham supporter’s test our patience to the hilt wishing Daniel Levy would bring us some good news.

So, while I sit here twiddling my thumbs my remaining 8 fingers are left typing away to bring the best Daniel Levy vids, gifs and anything else I can find. I mean a smile a day keeps the wrinkles away, right?

Daniel Levy does have the authority to say ‘yes’ and sign a cheque doesn’t he?

When Man City ring Daniel Levy for Kyle Walker now Dani Alves has gone to PSG…

Daniel reacts to Poch when he requests a new player.

Daniel Levy when the board tells him he has to sign someone.

When you ring up Spurs for a transfer but Daniel Levy answers.

Me when Daniel Levy finally spends big money (guy doing the chicken dance).

Daniel Levy when we sell Sissoko to China for £35m.

Daniel Levy:
‘I think I found a good player.’
‘Who is he?’
Daniel Levy:
‘A young black fast winger from France called N’Somthing.’

Poch reacts…

Some may think I am ‘anti’ Levy?

Far from it! Having said that he does bring it upon himself the tight fisted so-and-so.



21 Replies to “Daniel Levy’s Funny Side”

  • Levy just tries the patience of Spurs supporters in every window, he is great salesman, pity he ain’t as good at buying. All the top teams, even Chelsea who won the PL are stregthening ready for the coming season, we on the other hand have sold Walker, look like selling Dier, hopefully Sissoko, possibly Summer, but absolutely no sign of any quality incomers, a typical Levy window, sell for top dollar, buy cheap or not at all, we will return our annual TW profit, Joe will be ecstatic, Levy’s bonus assured yet again.

  • We are now the only PL team not to make a signing, I always knew we would win something under Levy, if it is only the wooden spoon, congrats to all concerned.

  • Anybody who thinks that Levy has a funny side, are the types, who to quote an old saying, “would laugh if their arse was on fire”.

  • i love levy as our chairman. club is rich and constant upward trajectory for 15 years thanks to him

  • For all Everton’s purchases they have lost their star goal scorer in Lukaku. Who is going to get them 25 goals. Sigurdson would be useless for us. Most of his goals and assists, about 80% come from set pieces. He wasnt creative for us before and he wouldn’t be now. Hopefully Everton buy him. Barkley is the guy we want to give us that size behind Kane and rotation for Eriksen.

  • That’s the point, isn’t it. Fans screaming for a statement signing when we already have the statements playing for us. What we need are quality rotational support. Hence getting Barkley would be a good buy at £30mm or less. Even Adrien Silva as rotation for Dembele/Wanyama. Our right side is a little thin to begin the season as both Son and Lamela will still be on the way back. We could push Eriksen over there if we get Barkley. And Janssen can probably sub Eriksen late in games. Not ideal maybe but workable. Josh King would be a good buy also at £20mm or less.

  • I agree with Frank. It looks like we’ll be stuck with the same disaster as last season …. you know, that shabby team who play boring football, can’t win games, and have no chance of a top half finish in the league. Life’s a bitch.

  • Not sure how the Barkley saga will play out but I have this feeling that he hasn’t reached his peak yet. But, under the wing of MP, he could. That feeling sits right beside the one I had about Walker never leaving the Lane. I’m working on my feelings!

  • This is the ultimate stage of the season (if we accept it starts with the TW) when all supporters can choose to be optimistic or cynical. Beware …. whichever one we choose will probably stay with us through the season. Gotta love football!

  • Geoff, no way … that team was season was appalling. I can’t take anymore of it …. I don’t understand all the contempt for levy, 3 times I have seen Spurs in the CL … new stadium etc…. bring back scholar mid table mediocre and bankruptcy please.

  • “While nineteen other Premier League clubs busy themselves snapping up the best buys” So clubs like say Bournemouth or Burnley are signing the best players in the world ? Why bother writing this rubbish ?

  • Yes we have a good first 11, but we lack cover for some key players, and we lack selection options or players to put selection pressure on current first team regulars. For players to pick themselves is not ideal, and with the number of games we will play in 4 competitions, and to cover injuries, suspensions and form loss, of course we need to sign quality additions, players will not play every game no matter how good they are.

  • Geofspur of course we have just had a good season, yes we finished 2nd, yes we got a bye into the FA Cup semi final, yes we failed to get out of the groups in either the CL or the EL, but yet again as for every season in the last 16, with the exception of 1 LC in 2008, we failed to win anything. Does this not illustrate that there is still room for improvement, but little will or intent on the part of the hierarchy to bring said improvement about, in fact the reverse as the asset stripping as already started with Walker, and perhaps more to come.

  • Frank …. I understand what you’re saying and agree we need some more depth but the TW is still open and I don’t see much point in worrying yet. Of course that could change in a few weeks. I suppose the only time we can really assess how the TW went is at the end of the season. I reckon the last couple of ‘windows’ must have worked out quite well. But it’s all about continual progress …. within our means.

  • Dele – no, if we bought Barkley for the right money he’d be on a 5 year contract with probably an option of a 2 year extension. That is way more important than a couple of weeks here or there in this window. Said this many times, but I think Barkley would be an amazing signing for us. I think he’d hit the ground running as Koeman has been working on him for a year and Poch would just carry on that process. Would love to see Eriksen, Alli and Barkley wreaking havoc together.

  • First game (pre-season) on Sunday! It seems like last season just ended and here we go again. I can’t believe how quickly its come around. It’s probably because I’ve been busy building the new stadium via real-time cameras. I wonder in which position Mauricio will play Barkley for this one?

  • how the feck anybody can think the last few TWs have worked out well.Levy leaving it so late has resulted in us having an unsettled team .The first 10 games of the season cost us the PL title for the last 2 seasons.ffs i give up.

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