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Daniel Levy Is Not A Bad As He Is Perceived – Opinion


It was early in 2001 when ENIC (English National Investment Company) and billionaire Joe Lewis came along and took over at Tottenham Hotspur FC. It was at the same time when fans were introduced to Chairman Daniel Levy.

Can you believe the businessmen mentioned above have been around for nearly 18 years?

Daniel Levy:


  • Very intelligent with a wise head when it comes to spending the pennies.
  • Levy instrumented and instigated raising the finances to build a brand new and state of the art stadium.
  • Recruited one of the best managers around in Mauricio Pochettino.


  • Has a habit of sacking managers as if they were ‘cannon fodder.’
  • Fails to interact with fans.
  • Far too Grinch-like when bidding for new players.
  • Too ambitious about the opening date of the new stadium.
  • Appears to be aloof, stubborn and self-centered.
  • Wants to fill the THFC trophy cabinet without paying for it.
  • Turns a blind eye when considering rival clubs and fails to acknowledge their rise up the pecking order.
  • Thinks the Holy Grail is just over the horizon.

Credit where credits due?

A man of his status knows the path he and Tottenham Hotspur are taking. He and his advisors are no fools and will achieve their aims. The only issue I have is that it’s taken most of this century to get to this point. And this point in time is not exactly brimming with success.

These sort of people in business can and often do turn negatives into positives and so I for one (albeit my patience has, over the years grew thin),  believe he will deliver. It’s just a matter of waiting a little longer.

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