Date: 9th October 2012 at 1:41pm
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One thing I haven’t seen discussed about the Villa game is Bale’s obvious, not to say embarassing, dive.

Trying to argue diving is only wrong when the other teams do it is a bit too hypocritical for me, as far as I’m concerned he should have been punished. This isn’t the first time Bale has hit the deck without being touched and ultimately I think it will cost the club. You only have to look at Suarez’s situation – his reputation for diving is such that the referees main concern is not being conned.

Consequently he is most unlikely to ever get a legitimate penalty and this has already cost Liverpool this season. It seems to me Bale is going down the same road, there will come a point where referees stop giving him penalties almost regardless of the foul because of his reputation as a diver. AVB needs to take him to one side and make it clear going down when you haven’t been touch! ed is just not acceptable.

Written by jod