Date: 26th June 2014 at 8:19am
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Just as we don’t appear to have much patience when it comes to managers we seem to have a similar attitude when it comes to players.

One thing that the club have improved a lot in the past ten years is the development of young players, admittedly from a very low base. Its something Sherwood deserves some credit for and I keep asking myself why, if Levy had no intention of keeping him as manager, he was prepared to put the academy at risk just to fill the manager’s shoes for half a season.

One point Sherwood made about player development was that even with the loan system there comes a point where you have to play these prospects, or there is no point in developing them in the first place. But its the close season and once again its all about transfers, about bringing in players. This would be fine if we were City and could buy anyone we liked, but we aren’t.

Like any club trying to punch above our weight we need to make the most of whatever we already have and spend money to fill the gaps. There are at least two players at the club for whom next season is to my mind crunch time, we play them regularly and develop them or we waste them.

The first is Nabil Bentalab, three years younger than Christian Eriksen and already representing Algeria in the World Cup – yet Spurs fans seem to completely under rate him. Maybe its because, in Sherwood’s words, ‘he has a bit of everything’ rather than being a clearly defined type of player. But a player who can control a ball, hold off an opponent and pass accurately and also defend is valuable to any team.

His game still needs work, his tackling particularly, but if he can play like this at 19 imagine what he could be like at 22. Harry Kane is a year older, so theoretically less room for improvement. But quality strikers are the rarest and most expensive players in football and at the end of last season Kane showed he could score goals in the Premier league.

The problem is a manager, especially with our hire and fire culture, focuses on short term results, if that means we don’t develop the talent we should its the club’s problem not his. He doesn’t worry about the long term because for him there probably is no long term. Which is why I will worry until I see exactly how Pochettino is going to operate. F

or me a club like ours can’t succeed unless we turn the prospects we are now developing into the finished product, we can’t buy a successful squad we have to build it. That takes a long term view, unfortunately we have a short term culture.

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