Date: 6th April 2017 at 2:03pm
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My nerves are still jangling from Wednesday night’s encounter at the Liberty Stadium, and to be honest I’m not too sure just how much more I can take without putting a pencil up my nose and saying, ‘wibble’.

Our usual Vital Spurs Match Preview will be up and running in due course – in the meantime…

The game at the Lane on Saturday is being shown, for those of us who are unable to attend, live within the UK on Sky Sports 1.

Where in the world will you be watching?

Weather forecast

Woollies or shorts and flip-flops?

The weather widget automatically updates itself.


Don’t panic!

To avoid further heart palpitations I just hope we can get this game done and dusted well before injury time, and not go down the same route as we did against Swansea City.

Does Janssen deserve a start?

Will Harry have recovered from injury in time?



24 Replies to “Countdown To Spurs v Watford”

  • Tino why is it that each time I go below “where in the world will you be watching from” i see network error occured and nothings there???…yes vj should start as theres no purpose in sissoko who offers nothing…coys

  • 62rovinella – I have the same issue when I visit VS on my mobile phone. I have a feeling our respective devices are having trouble decoding the code. When I use my PC all systems are go and all works fine and dandy. Does anyone else have similar issues and if you do, what device do you use?

  • Tino I normally see the globe on my iPad but this morning there is no globe. Absolutely Janssen must start. As I said in the Swansea review, he holds the ball well and works tirelessly. He is beginning to gel with the players around him and should begin to produce the goals we so hope for, given a run form the start. Only 2 days rest and 3rd game in 8 days would normally be a problem but it’s the same for Watford so that should negate tiredness as an aspect of the game. I go back to quality of player, mentality and confidence, all of which we have the edge in. I fully expect a win at home. 3-0 for our Spurs!

  • And where is Geofspurs. I don’t like it when our older members just go missing without advising if they are on vacation. Geof I’m praying that all is well with you and you are just on vacation in some internet-unavailable zone. Stay good friend.

  • Would love to get a report on Rose’s availability. Will he be due back this weekend. That would be a massive boost.

  • Ok tino but as jvd said I normally see the globe when it just started …then it went error mode…. Oh well
    ..hope it sorts itself out… Coys

  • Gents – i’ve not embedded the globe this time hence the reason why you can’t see it. The part where some can’t access is the global streams widget. As for Geoff….where are you?

  • Getting on a bloody airplane this evening and won’t be on ground until after tomorrow’s match. Damn. Will only discover the result when I check my phone upon landing in Pernambuco. COYS. three more points.

  • Falstaff today is Thursday buddy! You have over 40 hours before the match Saturday morning!!! Relax you will see the game. Unless of course you’re taking about 3 flights 3/4 way around the world! But pernambuco is in Brazil, right?

  • I am definitely thinking of starting Nkoudou on the left in a 3421, instead of Davies. I think the back 3 of Dier, Alders and Verts, plus Walker, Wanayama and Dembele in front of them really allows us the luxuary of having a more attacking player (also faster, trickier) than Davies. With Son, Davies on bench we have some ability to change as we go along.

  • jvd, unless Poch refines that formation with N’Koudou, I suspect Poch will go with the tried and tested, despite it not being perfect. What concerns me is that Davis is having a good run of games thanks to Rose but is not making the most of it. May be he’ll start whipping the crosses in on Saturday. I’d be happy to see Son and Jannsen combo again…. hopefully Sissoko given a weekend off!

  • Sorry guys … Internet issues! All fixed now. As for the game: A confident prediction of Spurs 3 – 0 Watford.

  • jvd …. Thanks for your concern, mate. It’s all good. What a season! Your NK comment could be an interesting experiment.

  • Tino …. I submitted an article but it was not accepted because it had over 4000 characters. I thought that was weird because I wrote it and I?m only one character! I emailed it to you for help as I don?t really want to alter the content. Did you get it? Cheers.

  • Guyver, I also the read the bit about Watford’s injury crisis and that most of their defence is out! Well, more of a reason to start both Jannsen and Son, I do think we will enjoy majority of possession. Another chance to demolish the buses and keep our home record going.

    Hey Geof, welcome back! Hopefully your return will add to the post count. Mr Jobbery ON! is still missing though. Hope you managed to watch the game/highlights. COYS!

  • Critical …. Cheers mate. Yes, I’ve seen all the action except the Swansea game. Should get to see that in the next day or so. Pity we’re running out of games …. lucky for Chelsea!

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