Date: 19th November 2018 at 7:30am
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Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Moussa Sissoko has been in good form for the club in recent matches and plenty of fans haven’t been slow in pointing out he was silencing his many critics with his efforts.

With the tendency of the British press to build people up before tearing them down, that’s certainly a facet that has passed to the common person when it comes to social media, and Sissoko gave those who were waiting for their chance again every bullet they needed as he returned to the pitch for France on Friday evening.

Facing off against the Dutch, France lost the Nations League game 2-0 and the 29-year-old unfortunately played a massive part in the unexpected victory as he conceded the penalty that allowed Anthony Martial to make it a two-goal game deep into stoppage-time and end all hopes of them getting back on level terms.

The result ended the World Champions’ 15-game unbeaten run and Germany saw themselves relegated in the process, so I guess some will applaud agent Sissoko for his Machiavellian success.

There’s no getting away from the fact it was a mistake you don’t expect a player of that experience to commit, but I also can’t get away from the fact much of the criticism from the more clear Spurs fans seems like saved up point scoring.


6 Replies to ““Comedy Gold Everytime” – International Return Doesn’t Go Well For This Spurs Man”

  • It was unfortunate, that’s all… He was just trying to shield the ball and the Dutch player (who wasn’t in possession), quickly dived in for the loose ball, from Sissoko’s half-blind side, to then collide with Moussa… Nothing comical there. Just split-second bad timing and bad luck.

    I still love ya, Moussa! And I ain’t French so I couldn’t even give a damn, anyway. HAHA!

  • Don’t know, HT, I laughed quite a bit when I watched that penalty. Thought it really was quite laugh producing. Keystone Kop penalty. Franky, I don’t remember a penalty quite like this one. And laugh I did. Then I read your comment and wondered for a moment if I was daft for laughing. Concluded: not daft, it made for a laugh.

  • Of course, I wouln’t have laughed if he’d been wearing our kit when I got called for a penalty like that. But, he wasn’t in our kit, so I laughed a good laugh. We well deserved laugh.

  • Maybe Lloris should cut the clowns cock off, pickle it in some Napoleon Brandy and send it gift wrapped to his unhygienic mistress back home!

    Then again Hugo probably wouldn’t want to use an alcoholic beverage in such a wasteful way. Preferring to share it with Moussa and their team mates in a pre-match toast to poor defending, the French Way! Ha bloody Ha Ha Ha!

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