Date: 7th March 2014 at 10:38pm
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Where did parking the bus come from? 20th September 2004: “Mourinho left to moan as Spurs blockade the Bridge”

“Mourinho…… ‘We wanted to play. They didn’t. We wanted to score. They didn’t. Every time they just kicked the ball away. It is frustrating for me, my players, for every Chelsea supporter and for every football supporter. Because people don’t pay to see one team play and the other team falling down, demanding to see the medical department…….. The referee has to protect us against this”. 

Really! Tell that to Bayern Munich, Champions League Final May 2012! However, Mourinho did praise Spurs’ defensive back line of Ledley King, Naybet and Robinson. So what do we have to face Chelski? Kaboul, Walker and Siggs are available but Eriksen, Rose, Capoue, are out and Lamela is a bit like North Sea Oil, £32m you hear a lot about it but you never see it!

Chelsea at the Bridge? They know how to get a decision at home when they need it! You look at the record Chelsea has at home, it is more than just playing football and winning every week they know how to buy a free kick or getting a decision when they need it! Just ask Everton. We know what we face and we know that Mourinho will look to neutralise Adebayor, he will also know how frail we are at the back, how easy we can be knocked off the ball in the midfield and how Lennon and Townsend if blocked from going out wide will try and come in field and therefore narrow the game.

Emmanuel Adebayor (eight goals) and Roberto Soldado (six goals) are our key attack players and if the Chavs shut them down that leaves us with no goal threat and then it`s down to how we can shut out Hazard, Torres and Oscar and André Schürrle.

If Tim wasn`t watching Everton then he needs to see the tapes. Everton would not allow the Chavs to settle, disrupting their rhythm with Leon Osman, James McCarthy and Gareth Barry breaking up play in midfield. When Chelsea got beyond the Everton midfield they met a solid wall of Distin and Jagielka. Everton matched everything the Chavs threw at them. The Chav`s midfield were basically muscled off the ball by Gareth Barry and James McCarthy. If Tim is reading this article, and apparently he does, check this out: Vertonghen Left Back; Kaboul with Daws CB and Walker on the other side, Chadli and Sandro sitting in front of the back four,Dembele sitting in front of them in the pocket behind Adebayor and Lennon and Townsend marking Ivanovic and Azpilicueta and squeezing the space in the wide areas to block them from making the overlaps. Ain`t going to happen though is it!

Let Hazard roam free at your peril. Give Oscar or Willian time on the ball and we will be hammered.

Everything creative from Everton came down the left hand side and that was where Everton had their greatest success. Leighton Baines and Steven Pienaar exchanged quick, incisive passing. We do not have that speed down the left with Fryers, and with Rose injured we might as well get Vertonghen out left and get him supplying Townsend.  

At half time Jose Mourinho brought on Ramires for Oscar to out muscle Everton`s midfield and become more of an attacking shape and then Nemanja Matic came on and so the Chavs slowly but surely gained territory and it was only a couple of fantastic saves by Howard that kept the Toffees in the game. Then off comes Will I Am and on comes Torres, the “I will get you the decision you need boss” specialist.

So Chelsea started to gain the territorial advantage. Lampard and Nemanja began to boss the middle of the park and started to attack the heart of the Everton defence. Hazard and Ivanovic combined, André Schürrle came on as substitute for Eto`o and it was a case of how long could the Everton backline hang on before the multi millionaire Chavs bought their free kick from the Ref.

On paper we are expect to lose this one. They have a superior defensive line up, their midfield is more creative and their strikers have more goals than we will ever have this season, and, above all, their cheque-book gives their owner the right to expect the Premiership Title.
So! are we optimistic or are we realistic? Anyone sitting in the crowd at the Cardiff match will know how, after the Robby goal, we thought we were going to hammer Cardiff then the crowd got more and more twitchy as we realised that that was it and we were going to be hanging on to a 1-0 lead.

As far as I am concerned I would rather we lose 3-2 or 4-3 than get stuffed 4-0 or worse. Park the bus, crowd the midfield if we have too but let`s give it a go! If we score first and then sit back we will be inviting them on to us and that will be fatal. We cannot afford to lose possession in midfield and we have to stay touch tight at the back. Close them down don`t give them time or space and we might have a chance, lose concentration just once and Torres, Oscar or Hazard will find the space and we will be on the wrong side of yet another top 5 demolition. 

Chelsea fans reckon Hazard is the key and will run rings around our defence so Tim had better be on his game, neutralise Hazard crowd Willian and Oscar and we may come out with a result.
Tim, this is not a game for Bentaleb, it`s not a game for Fryers or Naughton either and it`s not a game for Paulinho if he is going to be anonymous, we need some muscle out there and above all, we need to want it more than Chelski and we need to show it!

Written by OyVeh Maria