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Can Spurs Tuchel Chelsea & Continue In The Cup – Match Thread

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Here’s wishing all Tottenham Hotspur fans a Very Happy New Year and a fortune filled 2022 – especially VS’ers (as you are the ones reading this!)

Having taken a late three points from Watford on New Year’s Day as Davinson Sanchez hit in injury time, Antonio Conte has a change of pace this midweek as our attention again diverts to our EFL Cup run.

Wednesday evening’s fixture sees us travel up to Stamford Bridge to take on Thomas Tuchel’s high flying Chelsea side and although we are nine points behind them in the table (we have two games in hand) there seems to be trouble brewing if £95million Romelu Lukaku’s recent barbs are anything to go off.

But we don’t need to concern ourselves with that, of more importance is our own performance on the day and as things stand we will again be without Steven Bergwijn, Cristian Romero and Ryan Sessegnon but whether or not that list grows over the next few days remains to be seen.

Whilst we’re still in touch with the upper end of the table, I can’t be alone in hoping for a proper Cup run this year and if we can boot Chelsea out odds move in our favour.

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  • Hot Tottingham says:


    Up the Spurs!

  • 123spurs says:

    Semi final I think HT

  • 123spurs says:

    More like a pre season for Chelsea though

  • 123spurs says:

    Our final 3rd wouldn’t cause the women’s a problem

  • TK says:

    A great moral victory. We had two shots on goal. And one of ours scored a goal! Only one of their’s scored a goal. lol.

    an embarrassing match.

  • wentworth says:

    Why did we have TWO goalkeepers on the bench?
    Why was Doherty picked at left half? Probably the worst player in our club. Totally clueless.
    Why did we not have a shot on goal in the first half.
    Why do we have such poor substitutes?
    When are we going to sign some decent players and rid the benchwarmers?
    Tonight’s match left many unanswered questions.

  • TK says:

    Let’s at least win the transfer window.

  • Spurfect One says:

    Pierre Emile Hoijbjerg is absolute a$$. I never got the signing in the first place even though we were clearly lacking a DM in the squad. His passing is shocking, the only thing he is good at is ball recovery against the smaller teams when they’re in a low block.

  • Allan says:

    Why are you guys so upset when we knew what a poor side Conte inherited . What chance does the bloke have with people such as Emerson ( who I have criticised several times ) .
    Chelsea have a very good settled side . We have a settled side but is very poor .
    I have stated also many times that the transfer policy of Levy has been very poor as witnessed by tonights performance .
    Unless Levy is persuaded to part with some dosh ( please don’t Jod ask where the money is to come from ) then Conte will be out of the door . Levy is the root cause of the footballing malaise of the club . Sell players for a realistic price and then buy players suited to Conte’s ideals .

  • TK says:


    I wasn’t serious when I wrote Conte Out!

    He’ll leave on his own before he allows Levy to hurt his reputation.

  • Niall D says:

    Poor result 2nd best tonite, disinterested? not good enough,? Unlucky? Or the other team were just better on the night.
    I see on other reports many were calling for Tananga’s head on a plate.
    The honeymoon with Hoj appears to be over.
    Truth is, we aren’t going to win every game, beating Chelsea at home is difficult, and indeed their goals had a bit of luck and capitulation on our part.
    I don’t know what the answer is re Spurs except to rewind to 2015, put off the new stadium and invest in players.
    Other wise it’s just, suck up results like this, accept that we do need about 6 players in and out, but will only get 2 or 3 movers this month.
    I truly thought we’d make a better fist of things tonite, but as I said just before the weekend that these Chelsea games are the true test of where we are and need to be.

  • PompeyYid says:

    Last night was simple for me….rabbits in headlights.

    I think Spurs thought ah well this is as far as we go!

    So! Why oh why did we not get in their faces? go down fighting/battling show the fans we are proud to wear the shirt.

    Instead we let it unfold like a “Training game” giving them so much space n time, it was unforgivable.

    Oh well its only half time lol! COYSS

  • wentworth says:

    Let’s hope Levy realises we are light years behind the top teams. Time to invest in a few top players and rid the mediocre, benchwarmers which were shown last night.
    We have made some awful signings in the last two years.
    Still puzzled why we had two goalkeepers as subs. As I have said, its a disgrace we have no youngsters worthy of a place. What is happening at our academy? What are our scouts doing? When we see some young players being given a chance?
    Will the game against Morecombe be the one? Surely they cannot be any worse than Doherty, Tanganga, Emerson, Lo Celso ,Winks etc. We now know they should not be part of Spurs future. Conte knows. Is Levy listening? Massive clearout needed.

  • TK says:

    Other than Son Heung Min, I’m not sure who I’d keep from this team. There are several players I be okay with keeping, but the only one I’d really be upset to see leave is Son Heung Min.

    I’m ready to see Kane’s contract sold if we can get enough in return. He really seems to have quit on us for quite a stretch. He seems to be putting is some effort again, but he’s not the same HK10 we loved, and I doubt he ever will be again.

    Beyond Son, I’m not sure I’d be upset at reading that any of them had been moved on.

    Beautiful stadium, but we need a team to play in it.

    I wonder who are the players that we’d tolerate keeping? Who would you be most upset to see moved out? Other than Son?

    • wentworth says:

      TK yep. Just Son. I would be devastated if he left. I think Romero and Skipp are worth keeping. But no one else really.
      Very sad state or affairs.
      Worse squad for years.

  • TK says:

    And what the hell was Conte thinking coming to Spurs now? Is he seeing something that I’m not seeing? If so, what is it? Am I really too much of a knobhead to see what attracted Conte to sign with us? From whence his optimism? He can’t put on the kit and play. Who does he think can?

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