Date: 30th October 2019 at 6:30am
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Whilst few Tottenham Hotspur fans were expecting much from Liverpool in our last clash, there are certainly those who were disappointed with the overall performance – yet some saw positives from how difficult we made it and with a touch more luck, we could’ve taken a hard fought point – Everton this coming Sunday is another opportunity for Spurs to actually get themselves going properly this year.

With four defeats in the last five for manager Marco Silva’s side, this is certainly an opportunity for Mauricio Pochettino to pick up the win and continue our efforts to turn a corner this year as whilst we are only ten games in, if we can find some proper form and consistency, whilst 2019/20 might not be the year we wanted, we can more than salvage it.

Fans will have their own opinions on team selection for this one, there will be those who feel our disappointing first teamers will soon find their groove, there are others who feel it’s time to drop the names and – come what may – put faith in the next generation.

Given what we’ve seen so far, Poch is certainly in the first camp there so I don’t think we’ll see many changes, but there will be a good number of fans who feel coming out of this one without three points would be another massive failure.

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234 Replies to “Can Spurs Get A Silva Lining Or Will Everton Be Another Case Of Wading Through Toffee – Match Thread”

  • Again tremendous discussion ref team selection and when we lose , this player or that player ought to have played . Do we have the necessary players to even stay in the upper half of the league ?

    Poch does not know his best team and I repeat why purchase players who need time to acclimatise to the Premiership ?

    These players ( e.g. Celso and Sess ) were supposed to improve the team weren’t they ?

    Yet we persist with Rose and Aurier expected to perform in a solid back four !!!

    I understand that the back four will hopefully be sold in the January TW . Why wasn’t this done in the Summer ?

    Any team which applies pressure on us will get results and I expect Everton to follow this pattern.

    I just find there is no direction at present in the club even though we have excellent ground and training facilities. It appears that the focus and the direction of the team is sadly lacking .

    I have no confidence that we will get a result at Everton and unless things change will envisage us being dragged into a lower league battle.

    I hope that I am proved wrong .

  • “These players ( e.g. Celso and Sess ) were supposed to improve the team weren’t they ?”

    They arrived with injuries and haven’t been fit. Such is life. I think Falstaff the Fool agrees with this point of view.

    Let’s see how they look when they are fit and in form to play. One hopes the we don’t have to rely on Aurier, who seems to have trouble paying attention to what is unfolding around him.

  • I must say, I just about always agree with the comments made by Total Knobhead. The two of us seem to be of one mind.

  • Frank I alluded to this during the week – I did say we could do with another winger forward as currently we only have Sonny, Moura and Lamela. Sonny spends a lot of time out when the international breaks occur, Moura does not appear to be fully trusted as a 1st team starter (I disagree with this but then again am not the manager – that said he has never truly grasped 90 minutes when given a go but a regular run might change this – won’t know until tried) and Lamela is constantly injured and also suffers from some ill-form possibly due to having to make so many come-backs amongst other things. The yardstick for us has to be Sonny and Moura and the fact that Sonny got 20 goals in all comp’s last season, Moura got 15 and Lamela got only 6. Assists wise I’m not sure but given their position in the team and with a player like HK10 to feed off aswell goals scored is a good yardstick IMHO.

    Earlier in this thread I advocated for us to look at Richarlison from Everton, we were linked with him when at Watford and he has excelled at Everton in his first season there and I would love it if we signed him – I reckon for the £60-70m we supposedly offered for Dybala, etc we could get him and that he would definitely want to come unlike probably Dybala. Fernandes is another option but he does not fit the bill in terms of explosive speed, trickery, etc but has great vision and a good finisher but for that we supposedly have Lo Celso and Dele to accommodate centrally even allowing for Eriksen’s obvious departure.

    I know we bought young Clarke and Sess can also play as a LWF (remember he made his name scoring some 20 goals for Fulham in his 2 year’s in the Championship with them) but I’d still be tempted to get another winger/forward someone who like Sonny can play as a false 9 if needs be so we have more options at centre forward – for me Richy would be that guy.

    Specifically on Lamela – beginning of last season he showed promise with a few early goals, then got injured and that was pretty much that for the rest of the season. This season he’s again started promisingly but again now has got injured so not holding much hope for him again given his track record. I guess we were protecting an asset by giving him a new contract and hoping that he’d stay fit to be a positive on the balance sheet aswell as the squad. He does work his socks off but talent wise I’d prefer Moura – Lamela messes up a lot of attacks and does not score or create anywhere near enough for the position he heralds and that’s in a team like our’s with Sonny and HK10 to create and finish off chances. He’s almost like Winks for me in CM – decent but not upto the standard we need if we’re going to challenge City and Liverpool properly – Winks again does not score or create to be played in an attacking sense and defensively he’s started 9 Prem games yet we concede lots of goals with 1 problem being tracking back properly from midfield (don’t get me started on our full-backs though). For me they’re decent enough squad fillers but not regular 1st team starters.

  • Allan – Sess has been injured since joining and Lo Celso got injured after joining so neither has had a proper chance to get involved yet. Both appear to be quality players so very expectant of them. But I take your point as regards Prem proven and kicking the ground running that’s why I’d advocate signing Richarlison from Everton instead of say Dybala or Fernandes in January as we have Lo Celso and Dele to play centrally, yet we only really have Sonny as a regular nailed on winger/forward to link-up with HK10 up front, we could do with another aka Richy to be similar to City and Liverpool – we’re easier to defend against as everything tends to go through Sonny on the left so the opposition can double up on him and try to mark him out of the game. Don’t get me wrong I’d be ecstatic with Dybala or Fernandes but I can see why Richy might be the better fit for us……!

  • Allan – I would sell Aurier and Rose in an instant especially Aurier – would not be so quick to let Verts and Toby go though – they may have lost a yard of pace but we’re never that quick anyway and like Belgian Spur said a while ago if they’re still capable of producing for Belgium on a regular basis why not us?! 32 and 30 is not that old for CB’s and reading of the game and experience aswell as a solid partnership are all as important or more important than simple pace. Individually paired with Davy and with a couple of decent full-backs on the side not to mention Sissoko or Dier martialling the back 4 from CM and we might well see more clean sheets and better performances from our “trusted” Belgian CB’s. I am in the camp of keeping the Belgian pair for the rest of this season and the next to help bring through a pair of future CB’s for us – Davy should be 1 of them, I think Foyth is too short for CB and should play RB as he is now doing internationally with Argentina and we should be looking for Verts long term successor in the transfer market. Tanganga should probably go out on loan like Tomori and Zouma did for Chelski and then we’ll know what we’ve really got there.

  • 1 problem with Verts and Toby in terms of contract rebels is that for example the Italian’s are likely to come in and offer longer term contracts (I read Inter would give Verts a 3 year contract in the summer at 33), Toby will probably be offered a 3-4 year contract in the summer at 31 perhaps Juve – something we will never do – so it’s probably not just about money it could well be length of contract. The Italian league is not as demanding as the Prem especially if joining one of their top club’s so they may wish to bow out and do a Ronaldo to preserve their careers and get longer contracts – stay at the top much longer. Levy made an exception with Sissoko by giving him a 4 year contract just now at 30 (Sissoko is a specimen so doubt he’ll wain physically in the next 3-4 years so probably fair play there by Levy and learning from previous errors by getting players tied down when reaching 30 instead of letting them dwindle to 31 and 32 and then addressing it from there). Prem is tough so 30+ on long contracts is a massive risk especially in tough position’s like CB so I can see why perhaps Verts and Toby have been allowed to dwindle and we’d hope they’d sign short extension’s – problem is when foreign club’s smell blood and come offering 3-4 year contracts – difficult and not much we can do atleast that’s my perspective on it!

    • There is no reason for a great deal of expectation for a win at Goodison, in fact for us to win there would be classed as a surprise. That, and our away form since January, coupled with regular slip ups at home, is a measure of how far we have fallen, with unfortunately no real sign of a recovery. I still think that unfortunately we will finish in the bottom half this season, failing to qualify for any European football for season 20-21. That will cause some shaking of heads and wringing of hands in the boardroom, and hopefully convince the powers that be that they got it wrong, and things need to change.

  • Geofspurs….totally agree there, but will Everton fall into the same trap and I think they are teeny weeny bit better than Red Star lol!

    Also saying that, will the true Spurs team turn up tomorrow? and grant us very worried fans with a win, to be perfectly honest I am not that confident, but hey a 1-2 win will do. COYS

  • TK / FTF… the clones have landed on VS site…. Will we see the dark side, obi wan. 🙂

    Back to topic.. lots of posts opinions of team selections and players. All that we can do is just speculate and hope poch has the right players selection and tactical shape of 4231 and subs. at 65 mins not 85 mins. Players are switched on and max efforts from 1st min. to last. A win is desperately need, for all of us connected to THFC. COYS

  • We badly need all three points tomorrow mind you Everton and Silva are also up shite creek without a paddle.serge Error please stay in London just give us a break from your brainless football for a couple of months.I don’t agree that Ndombele and Sissoko are the future midfield partnership ,sissoko is not the player I want receiving the ball from our defenders technically he ain’t good enough and I don’t believe he can be trusted to play the defensive roll,for the time been they probably have to play but not a partnership to build on.moura needs to be given a chance and drop Alli .Regarding Richarlison I wouldn’t have him near the club ,he doesn’t no what he’s going to do himself half the time and he’s very selfish.

  • Pauric – you said similar about Zaha in the summer and regarding Richarlison – Sonny is pretty selfish himself but it pays off a lot of the time. I think Richy/Zaha are proven enough in the Prem to warrant a consideration (and would probably want to come – problem is transfer fee for either) – I think we could do with another winger/forward especially as Frank says Lamela is regularly injured not to mention suffers regular ill-form and is too 1 footed – in an ideal world we would replace him with better and still buy another IMHO – City have 4 quality winger/forward’s in their squad aswell as 2 top striker’s – that’s where we need to be aiming. As regards Sissoko and N’Dombele they’re the best that we’ve got at the moment and need to be played together – Winks is pretty technical and where has that got us with him sitting in front of the defence – it only needs to be kept simple there and I think for the time being Sissoko could play the role with N’Dombele pushing forwards.

  • Accept the reasonimg ref Celso and Sess. Howeve I rexpect they would have had a later rather than sooner run in the team even without their injuries. Not the Poch way ?

    Also knowing the situation ref the defence nothing appeared to have been done forseeing the potential effects out of contract players would apparently have on the team especially selling Trippier ( whatever we think of his form last season ).

    Hadn’t we learnt our lesson from players such as Modric ?

    Realise these are not comments ref the match thead . However if a clear thought out consistent policy over team development was in place I am sure we would not be finding ourselves in this position and would be expected to put Everton to the sword ?

    Let’s hope Poch gets the team selection correct !!!

  • Frank, you are right. Our long term policy of spending the minimum possible on the football team whilst no expenses is spared on the stadium (Levy’s ego clearly trumps the demands of the team) was always going to cost us eventually. The powers that be will realise that they got it wrong, unfortunately nothing will change. No way will there be any more than a zero net spend without European football, any case the salaries we pay will dictate that without European football we will not be shopping at any where near the top table.
    There is no reason to expect anything other than a defeat tomorrow(2 points from 11 away games is worse than relegation form). Poch’s reluctance to pick the new boys and Lamela’s injury suggest that once more, the completely undeserving Eriksen and Dele will probably play. Poch’s days are clearly numbered. Tomorrow’s game is set to be another nail in his coffin.

  • Unfortunately DS I fear you are absolutely right. We will never be successful on the pitch under the current ownership. We may have a superb stadium and training ground, but so what, still won nowt.

  • DS if the rumour of Mourinho as a replacement for Pochettino is true, I can’t see us being any better off, if his debacle at Man Utd is anything to go by.

  • Doncaster just what I have been saying but in a different way !!

    Even if we got rid of Poch how would a new manager deal with the want away players ?

    A clear out was required in the Summer but we were left with players producing pathetic away results frightening pointed out by you !

    We were supposed to produce a home fortress at the new ground but how will this be possible with the team we have at present ?

    I would love to be more positive but like most of us am frustrated by the way the club has been run in the last couple of seasons !!

  • P.S. How the club has been run in the last 15 or so years ?

    The team ought to have been put first then training facilities and ground come second / third.

    However the tean has been put 3rd .

    The board were fortunate that we got to the final of the C league

    The board has at last found a manager ( after many attempts ) to produce an improved team performance but has no intention of building on this achievement but to pocket the proceeds from esp. the NFL !!

    Am I being unreasonable ?

  • El jefe,yeah and I stand bye what I said regarding Zaha how many of the top clubs would want him or richarlison answer none,why because there hit and miss type players.Winks is certainly not the answer regarding midfield and I have never suggested he was the answer.sissoko and Ndombele are our best combination at this present time but if we are seriously thinking of challenging for titles that’s not good enough , mind you Enic are not serious about winning or being successful football team.I said in the summer on this site our summer business was pathetic and I also stand bye that,Levy spent the hole summer wrangling over Lo celsio deal and we end up with a loan deal,defensively we are a joke another blindingly obvious problem but what was done nothing .When our manager comes out and says he’s only a coach to the media alarm bells where ringing ,he basically said I have no say in the running of the club ,levy is a control freak

  • Frank – I tend to agree with everything you say BUT Utd have been on a downwards spiral ever since Ferguson left – atleast with Mourinho they won a couple of titles in his first season and finished 2nd to City in his second season – I do not understand why so many think it was an unsuccessful spell?! What has OGS done and what did those who came between Ferguson and Mourinho do – nought! I do not want Poch gone but with OGS likely to get the sack there’s every chance they’ll come for Poch so why not Mourinho to replace him as long as he’s willing to stay the course and help us possibly win titles?! His track record is there for everyone to see – wherever he goes he wins – Utd is now a poisoned chalice and he was well rid quite frankly especially with that snake Pogba stirring shit not to mention Martial, etc doing the same – bloody French lol! I know I might be in a minority here with Mourinho and being half Portuguese I admit I’m biased so there we go lol!

    Utd we’re in worse condition when he took over indeed were in the EL and he led them back to the CL whilst winning the EL in itself so I think his spell was actually relatively successful especially as they were and still are in massive transition. Last season there’s nothing to say he would not have gone on to match or even better what OGS did so I think his career is certainly not tarnished by his spell at Utd, to the contrary I think he did OK there. Utd showing arrogance as usual – they could afford it once but not anymore and it’s been the case for a long time now – Ferguson bowed out at a good time also. Also to get a manager of Mourinho’s pedigree (wonder what he’ll cost in wages actually and if we can afford it?!) there might well have to have been a dip in his performance because if Mourinho was still constantly winning or on an upwards curve could we seriously get near him – if it comes about it could be a massive bonus for him and for us!

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