Date: 30th October 2019 at 6:30am
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Whilst few Tottenham Hotspur fans were expecting much from Liverpool in our last clash, there are certainly those who were disappointed with the overall performance – yet some saw positives from how difficult we made it and with a touch more luck, we could’ve taken a hard fought point – Everton this coming Sunday is another opportunity for Spurs to actually get themselves going properly this year.

With four defeats in the last five for manager Marco Silva’s side, this is certainly an opportunity for Mauricio Pochettino to pick up the win and continue our efforts to turn a corner this year as whilst we are only ten games in, if we can find some proper form and consistency, whilst 2019/20 might not be the year we wanted, we can more than salvage it.

Fans will have their own opinions on team selection for this one, there will be those who feel our disappointing first teamers will soon find their groove, there are others who feel it’s time to drop the names and – come what may – put faith in the next generation.

Given what we’ve seen so far, Poch is certainly in the first camp there so I don’t think we’ll see many changes, but there will be a good number of fans who feel coming out of this one without three points would be another massive failure.

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234 Replies to “Can Spurs Get A Silva Lining Or Will Everton Be Another Case Of Wading Through Toffee – Match Thread”

  • BS – I didn’t see any improvement. In fact I found Sunday’s game the most depressing as a Spurs fan for a long time. The was literally nothing positive from that game. It was a dire performance a million miles from the football we once played under Poch. We don’t press any more, there is no intensity in our play, we run far less and we create almost nothing. Poch appears clueless as to how to change it. Picking the same players who have constantly let us down in the last few months is madness.
    24 points from the last 23 premier league games and 3 points from 11 away games. This is relegation form.

  • Doncaster – a lot of the things you list have sadly been present for a few games now – the Everton game wasn’t the first time this season that we failed to do some basic things right. The lack of intensity, pressing etc are not new.

    However, in the midst of that rough stretch, we did see a good Alli goal against Everton, something which hadn’t happened in awhile.

    Throwing everything from that game away is “throwing away the baby with the bath water”, as they say.

  • I stand by what I said a few games ago and got slated for, I think unless there is a marked improvement in our results (and there is no real signs of it) we will by January or thereabouts be sliding into the relegation shake up, we will then be hoping, as bad as we are, that there are 3 teams worse than us. We will in all probability survive, due to the state of others, but that will not alter the fact that this may well turn out to be a disastrous season. It has been precipitated by several seasons of dexterity in the transfer market, and salary restraint due to the concentration on vanity building projects. This current situation is the end result of a gradual regression in the quality of the squad, and the approaching decline of several key players as well as their wish to longer be at Spurs. We have sold “the family silver” in the form of top players of the Bale, Modric, VDV ilk as well as Walker, and Tripppier without signing adequate replacements or up skilling the squad in general. In addition to this, we are predictable, easy to play against, lack pace and guile, in short the rest of the PL have twigged Pochettino’s system, and game plans, and have realised that they can frustrate them, as well as our players becoming perhaps disgruntled, and not fully buying in any more. I no longer expect us to get positive results against the top teams, but these days we seem unable to beat the teams at the bottom of the league, and this must not continue. If changes in management and playing personnel are seen as inevitable, then they should be actioned ASAP.

  • Yes Frank. It is also worrying that we have no real future stars being bloodied. Winks no where near good enough. KWP will never be strong enough. Skipp ..neat and pretty but weak. Parrott looks good but again, I don’t think he has anything out of the ordinary. We have fantastic training facilities and a wonderful ground but an ageing team with wantaway stars and no stars fighting for a Prem place unlike most of our top rivals. Is it Poch? Is it Levy? Is it ENIC? Something drastically needs to be done. Our form and style of play has been awful. We used to dominate possession. Now we fight to get a draw at best.

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