Date: 30th October 2019 at 6:30am
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Whilst few Tottenham Hotspur fans were expecting much from Liverpool in our last clash, there are certainly those who were disappointed with the overall performance – yet some saw positives from how difficult we made it and with a touch more luck, we could’ve taken a hard fought point – Everton this coming Sunday is another opportunity for Spurs to actually get themselves going properly this year.

With four defeats in the last five for manager Marco Silva’s side, this is certainly an opportunity for Mauricio Pochettino to pick up the win and continue our efforts to turn a corner this year as whilst we are only ten games in, if we can find some proper form and consistency, whilst 2019/20 might not be the year we wanted, we can more than salvage it.

Fans will have their own opinions on team selection for this one, there will be those who feel our disappointing first teamers will soon find their groove, there are others who feel it’s time to drop the names and – come what may – put faith in the next generation.

Given what we’ve seen so far, Poch is certainly in the first camp there so I don’t think we’ll see many changes, but there will be a good number of fans who feel coming out of this one without three points would be another massive failure.

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234 Replies to “Can Spurs Get A Silva Lining Or Will Everton Be Another Case Of Wading Through Toffee – Match Thread”

  • Whilst I was disappointed at the way we did not score chances at Liverpool, and defensive mistakes.

    A positive view is that we have improved since the defeat by BM and brighton.. otherwise we would have lost 6-0 or more.. Spurs players need to be fully awake and ready to go from first whistle to last at Everton. In fact back to the 4231 shape and pressing Everton and scoring our chances. In fact same as the Palace and red star games.

    Another defeat will be serious damage to poch in being replaced by Levy in time for a new manager to use January TW. So the players who are not 100% committed to spurs are left out of the team, like the Red Star game. Bring on some young players to replace them. COYS

  • Gaz, Sissoko, Toby, Sanchez, Davies, Dier, Ndombele, Lo Celso, Lucas, Son, Kane.

    Drop the poison, play players that want to be here and go back to basics.

    • Totally agree. Erikson, Aurier and Rose costs us the match. With Ndombele starting and Lamela not injured it could have easily been 3-0 to Spurs v Liverpool, easily. So frustrated with Poch’s choices. WHY can’t he see what us fans are seeing!!!

    • and Lamela- he’s another asset. Can’t believe Lo Celso and Sessegnon STILL not playing properly. This team could make a massive come back. Come on Spurs you have some real class players so go and smash it.

  • Is this another of those “must win games?” I think so even if its for confidence building sake.

    RD….that’s a good line up, incorporating speed/fight/tenacity with quite a bit of skill thrown in, lets see if Poch thinks the same lol! COYS

  • If we lose this game we could be down and more in a relegation fight than fighting for promotion. Even with player contract disputes, with our squad, it is terrible from the manager to the chairman. At least defensively at Liverpool we looked better . It’s a shame aurier has $hit for brains

  • We definitely need to start winning consistently and I agree we play better in a 4-2-3-1 generally, would like to see Lamela given more of a run as he’s been consistently good when given a chance. I’d go with the following:

    Walker-Peters, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Sessegnon
    Sissoko, N’dombélé
    Lamela, Moura, Son

    0-3 to the Spurs. COYS!

  • Parklaneyido, Lamela is only rated 50% to be available on Sunday due to the thigh injury that kept him out of the Liverpool game but agree that his form justifys regular starts at the moment if fit.

    We have a pretty good record against the Toffees so hope this continues. Their defence isn’t the best, Keane isn’t one of the better centre backs in the PL and I have been surprised to see him being picked for England. HK10 and Sonny should do well against them so it will be down to our defence to take care of Richarlison and Bernard who is pretty decent in the same manner as Bernardo Silva.

  • TQ if you rate Bernard similar to B Silva – how highly would you rate Moura then because Bernard starts regularly for Everton but rarely gets on the score sheet (2 goals in all comps last season) whereas Moura last season got 15 goals in all comps in a stop start season – most of them vital aswell, as for B. Silva I think Moura out-scored him aswell, Silva got only 13 goals in all comps in 50 appearances. I wrote a lot last night on the Liverpool thread including about Moura so will leave it there but suffice to say Moura should be playing a lot more regularly in a 3 pronged attack with Sonny and HK10. Lamela has played well this season and also deserves to be in so I would put him in the ACM role until Lo Celso is fully upto speed and then assess it from there but Poch is not being as fair to Moura as he has been to Lamela for example despite his constant injuries and ill form a lot of the time, the same might be said of Dele given his injuries and ill form in the last 18 months or so and how poor Eriksen has been this season.

    • EJ, I just read Bernard is out anyway. What I meant with my comparison is not their scoring ability but the unselfish work they do to pull defences all over the place to create room and scoring chances for others.

      • To address the other point in your post, Moura has generally been disappointing when he has played the full 90 and this is why Poch probably utilises him as a second half sub where he can use his pace against tired defences.

  • Vital game coming up – win and we’re back in the mix for European places, lose and we’ll start sweating by having to look over our shoulders. We need to get back to 4231 with Sissoko and N’Dombele as the double pivot – they are our 2 best CM’s easily IMHO and need to play together regularly to develop a partnership in there. At the back bring in Foyth and Davies and given Everton have pace up front in Richarlison, Walcott, Iwobi and Bernard depending on who plays out of them I’d go with Davy to be able to counter against this – take your pick of Verts and Toby – I’ll go with Verts because was rested against Liverpool and helped keep a clean sheet against Red Star not to mention that with Davy and Verts each plays in his regular position as regards RCB and LCB. Also we need to develop Davy fully so it’s probably a no brainer he should start regularly from now on. Up front Lamela, Moura, Sonny and Kane – Lamela and Moura both deserve to start end of assuming fit of course.

    Gazza, Foyth, Davy, Verts, Davies, Sissoko, N’Dombele, Lamela, Moura, Sonny and Kane.

    Bench: Austin, Verts, Sess, Dier, Winks, Alli, Lo Celso

    • Sissoko and Ndombele are a formidable pair and they gel brilliantly. Gazza shows passion for the shirt and loved the way he came right up to Liverpool’s end to help his team get something from the last corner of the game. I can still see the dream “what if…” and Gazza heading the equaliser. We need to break the curse of loosing away games. England broke the Penalty Shootout curse, so can we! and there will be no stopping this team. Just keep out the deadwood or lawn mowers and you can start to fly
      .Vamos, Poch, escucha a tus fans y haz estos cambios, por favor. Está en tus manos.

  • Anyone else think we should offer the supposed Dybala money of £60-70m on a more realistic target like Richarlison?! He can play anywhere along the frontline – RWF, LWF, STR and is now proven enough in the Prem to justify the outlay and is almost certainly about to have a flourishing career in the game as still only 22 and learning. My only concern is would £60-70m be enough to prise him away given that Mahrez whose not as good went for £60m last year and Maguire a CB went for £80m this summer?! Him, Sonny and HK10 would be a title winning formula IMHO especially with a fully fit Lo Celso setting them up assuming he takes over from Eriksen as supposed to. We’d have Dele, Moura and Lamela waiting in the wings aswell. Think he would be a brilliant signing instead of the more obvious Dybala, Fernandes, even Maddison, etc. I like him especially because like Sonny and even Moura he can play anywhere around the frontline and would negate our need to buy a back-up for HK10 anymore IMHO.

  • TQ – I agree as regards Bernard but think given his talent and position should score much more often – like B.Silva and Moura – I think he’s wasted down to his lack of productivity and given his role should be more greedy and efficient than he is. As regards Moura he has not been given a run of 10-20 games in the 1st team regularly to show what can do – he’s always stop start – mainly being used a supersub – would love to see him used more often from the start and given a proper run – his form should be appraised based on a run of games and not just the odd start here or there – I think it could be very fruitful. Also in terms of balance – someone to match Sonny on the right. It works for Liverpool and City playing 1 central striker with 2 winger forwards so why not us?! Let Moura, Sonny and Kane be our Aguero, Sterling and B.Silva with Lo Celso hopefully taking over from Eriksen and pulling the strings a la De Bruyne for City. Liverpool have the obvious 3 of Mane, Salah and Firmino but then rely on their full-backs to make up for the lack of a proper playmaker. Moura got 19 goals in all comps in his last full season for PSG and 15 goals for us last season without playing a lot of full games and racking up minutes – would love to see what he can do if a trusted 1st team regular like Sonny…..!

  • EJ, I agree that Moura should be given more playing time even as a sub so coming on at around 60 minutes rather than 75 or more. I think the other reason Lamela is picked to start over Moura is that he works hard all over the pitch. I think that we saw the best of Moura when he was playing as an out and out striker as he was when covering HK10’s absence.

  • We are quite predictable at the moment always going down the left with Sonny and it’s easier for team’s to defend against us by doubling up there – if we had more balance with Moura I think it would be much more fruitful. Lamela playing there is not as good as he looks to come inside more often than attack the space and the same goes for Dele and Eriksen, etc playing RWF. We won’t have a full answer until Moura gets a proper run although I agree and the thought is frightening of a rampant Moura coming on against tired legs. If not Moura then I would love it to be Richarlison instead of a Dybala, Fernandes, Maddison who are more ACM’s like Lo Celso, Dele, Eriksen who we already have. Even with Eriksen going we still have Lo Celso, Dele and even Lamela to accommodate there so I would prefer a winger forward brought in who might well be able to step straight into the team. Also creativity wise N’Dombele looks very impressive and we still possibly have Sess to come into the side at LWB so a more productive player in terms of finishing might be more meaningful. Dunno but I think we could do with better balance on the right like with Sonny on the left, if Moura is not the answer then we should look for someone that is – Richarlison springs to mind, but there’s Ziyech and Neres at Ajax and Everton Soares at Gremio who had a brilliant Copa America helping Brazil win it by being top scorer and being quite prolific as a winger for Gremio in Brazil.

  • Great post there TQ – Moura definetly deserves more minutes although I agree he has yet to prove himself as a regular 1st teamer but maybe a proper run might allow for this – won’t know until we try it – like some have said Poch has his favourites like Eriksen and Dele and they are holding Moura back IMHO. Also there’s no way he can displace HK10 at the moment given his amazing run over the years so I guess more time on the bench beckons unless there’s injuries to the likes of Eriksen, Dele, Lamela, etc – BIG SHAME as I think the little guy deserves a proper prolonged run.

  • Dele Alli was terrible. Hasn’t played like he used to for a long long time.

    CE has been an embarrassment on the pitch and the only part of him that I want to see from now on is his backside as the door closes behind him on the way out to Heathrow.

    Hard to believe people are calling for Davies as though he will be some sort of savior. He’s an adequate squad player, and that’s it. Perhaps better than Rose at this point, but that’s down to the decline of Rose rather than the sudden emergence of Davies. We need someone else to play at the LB. As to RB and Aurier, insert crying emoji here. What were they thinking when they bought his contract. Great body, weak mind on the pitch. Having said that, I must admit that the penalty against him vs. Poo was crap by the man with the whistle.

    Gazza making far fewer hold-your-breath moments than Lloris was providing. Time to sell Lloris and find someone like Alison at Poo. Lloris makes the great save and then gives the opposition to easy goal through sheer stupidity. Hasn’t looked so good since the drink-drive night. France winning the WC was not good for Spurs. It’s been all downhill for Lloris since.

    Aurier. The name alone has come to be an indictment.

    Spurs took a dozen steps forward in the Poch years, but in the past 10 months has handed back.the steps forward and sunk into a serious decline in performance and in enthusiasm on the pitch. We need 11 men on the pitch who care at all times.

    The serious pressing high line game that was so successful for us is gone, gone, gone because the players have lost the agenda and the dedication that it requires. Add to that a lost step or two to the pace of more than one of our defenders and the result is ugly.

    If we lose to the Toffees, I tip my hat to their best known supporter, Paul McCartney. But that will be a sign that it’s well past time to do a complete re-build of the on-pitch personnel on the team housed at N17.

    HK may be our best attacking midfielder right now, and if I am right about this, then he’s playing out of position most of the time. There is no other attacking midfielder to feed him the ball when he’s playing as our No. 9, so he needs a HK at No, 10 to feed to ball to the HK at No. 9.

    Train Dele as CE’s replacement and tell him he’s got five matches to sort himself at that position out or he’s going to spend most of his time on his bum on the reserves. He’s really in decline at far too young an age. Just a day or two ago I saw a video of him on the web naked and ready to get a BJ. That’s not necessarily the position I want to see him playing. Get your top-side head into being a football player, lad, leave the lower-head porn to the porn stars. It’s distracting you from what you once looked very good at.

    Our new stadium should not be the home of a relegation fight. It should be the home of CL matches. Let’s not see this turned to a bollox battle.

  • We managed to finish 4th last season aswell as a CL final and have added quality in the summer – we should not be in this position – atleast 3rd was our’s for the taking surely – what is going on?! HK10 is firing aswell 10 goals in all comps for us this season. Poch needs to sort it out ASAP – it’s not good enough. It looks on the face of it as if it all went downhill once we lost Dembele and possibly Dier from CM whilst Trips not being the answer at RB indeed he kept making costly mistakes all last season so his sale should not have affected us very badly as our current season suggests.

    We need to get Sissoko and N’Dombele up and established in there ASAP in the double pivot role of the 4231 formation and if necessary re-address the situation in January if not working which I reckon it will but still if not then do something in January. Winks has been tried many a time and it’s not working out for him at the moment, Dier is nowhere near the fitness required so we need the Frenchies to step up and I reckon they have the talent to do so.

    Foyth needs to come in at RB and own the position again atleast until January when we can re-address the situation if necessary – no more Aurier/KWP. Sess at LB same as Foyth at RB. Add to this Lo Celso in for Eriksen andoverall we might actually see some bloody improvement – add to that Moura being utilised a lot more!

  • TK regarding Dele I don’t think he deserves to be in the team – should be sat on the bench quite frankly and Moura given the vital minutes. Also despite Dele being an ACM I think Lo Celso is ahead of him as the next main creator at the club taking over from Eriksen. I think we already have an able replacement for Eriksen in Lo Celso and just need to get him on the pitch finally and getting vital minutes. I can see Poch using Lo Celso, Dele, Sonny and HK10 as his 1st team regulars but personally I would drop Dele and play Moura instead and give him the opportunity he deserves to shine – it would also bring greater balance to the side with Sonny on the left and Moura on the right. Dele is not creating, he rarely scores now whereas Moura has proved a regular goal getter and deserves his place in the team. Lamela is another who should be ahead of Dele as he has been given minutes this season and proved capable. If we get technical I would say Dele should be behind Lo Celso as the club’s main playmaker taking over from Eriksen and I would look to buy another winger forward because I don’t think Lamela is consistent enough or regularly fit enough and Moura despite my advocating his inclusion has not been trusted by Poch to shine as a regular 1st teamer in part because when given 90 minutes he rarely seizes the opportunity fully but I would argue he needs to be given a regular prolonged run to prove himself.

    For me Richarlison would be an excellent acquisition, Dybala I guess being another option, then Fernandes, Ziyech, Neres, Everton, etc. Personally I fancy Richarlison but doubt it’ll happen – shame he’d form an excellent trio with Sonny and HK10 up front. 2 pacy skilful goal-getters on the wings with HK10 helping Lo Celso pull the strings in the middle – it makes sense but wonder how much Richy would cost?! Before anyone argues that we have enough wingers – is Lamela for example of sufficient quality and consistency – injuries included of say a Sonny, Mane, Salah, Sterling, B. Silva, Sane, Mahrez, etc? Moura on the other hand I think could be on the brink of this elite group if played regularly because he turns up for big games and gets goals including 15 last season in a stop/start season (40 caps for Brazil no less and still only 27). Richy is another who I think should be on that list already guaranteed and we should be after him – he’s proved himself in the Prem and we should go and get him – I doubt Everton have the pulling power to keep him. Failing this, I doubt Dybala will come so I guess it might be Fernandes but he’s more an ACM who can cover on the sides – he’s not explosive like the other’s mentioned and centrally we have Lo Celso and Dele even Lamela can cover there if necessary already but so be it….!

  • Forgot to add Rashford and Martial to the list – there’s not that many in the Prem and the majority of them are in the top 6 already but one that sticks out for me is Richarlison and I think we should do all we can to get him – Eriksen’s replacement is hopefully Lo Celso but Richy would be a really clever signing by Poch and we were linked with him when he was at Watford but he choose to follow Silva to Everton – he can’t surely stay there much longer can he?! He’s now come on leaps and bounds and would be a perfect signing to compliment Sonny and HK10. LOVE IT if we did – what a surprise that would be. Would compliment our wingers and forwards perfectly and then we could concentrate on defensive players. Poignant that we are playing them this weekend – wonder how he’ll do – hopefully has an off day.

  • As TK implies, Kane is a brilliant ‘creative’ player as well as goal scorer. I would like to see him sit behind the front-runner, beit Moura, Son, or even Lamela. He would have more room to look for the passes only he seems able to see and it would not reduce the amount of goals he could score as he can put the ball in the net in so many ways. With two fast players out wide and a decent forward in front of him we would have so many scoring options.

    BTW …. I put an article up yesterday re ‘Questions’ but it slid off the front page. I’d be interested in any thoughts of those who missed it.

  • Geof, ‘Questions’ is a very thoughtful article, it’s a shame the Everton matchday thread has pushed it out as the headline thread before it received the responses it deserved.

    I was interested to read this morning that many of the players agents are questioning the club over extra payments they believe they should be getting for being in the Amazon ‘fly-on-the-wall’ documentary which is following the club for the best part of a year. I wonder if this has anything to do with the reported unrest behind the scenes? It has been claimed that player contracts are so watertight from the clubs perspective that players aren’t entitled to any monetary reward for their part in the documentary and their agents (if not the players themselves) are unhappy about this.

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