Date: 9th January 2018 at 8:07am
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If the rumours are correct, Georges Kevin-N`koudou will join Burnley today in a season long loan.

Based on the assumption that the player either isn`t deemed good enough or ready for Spurs, it seems a sensible move and one that either gives the boy (hopefully) minutes to build up his confidence and game or proves once and for all that he isn`t right for us and we move him on.

A domestic move seems sensible if we retain hope that he can become a valuable Spurs player. Much in the way I believed that we should have pushed Vincent Janssen into joining Brighton over leaving for Turkish delights, this preps him for the rigours of our domestic game and though never a definitive indication of quality, success at a club like Burnley with a great dressing room and team ethic, cannot do too much harm. Surely….

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  • We sign a static centre forward ,whose main asset is heading the ball. N’koudou is the only winger at S purs who was signed to supply crosses to the aforementioned centre-forward. To cut the wage bill Levy does his usual lend them out trick in January.If we have a joined up recruitment policy at Spurs I am unable to see it [or N’koudou for that matter].

  • Greavesaboveall – You obviously have a much higher opinion of N’koudou than I do, or maybe just like twisting things to have a go at Levy. Right now he’s just not good enough, maybe he never will be. Still I have a high opinion of Sean Dyche and if he wants N’koudou on loan then maybe there is a decent player in there somewhere. If so let’s hope Dyche can bring him out.

  • I’d much rather such players are loaned out to a PL club than abroad. He gets game time against teams that he would normally play whilst at Spurs….but at least PLAY!. So, that’s Poch’s early business concluded then!

  • If this is true, and even if it’s not, what is the point of holding on to a player for a season and a half if he’s hardly ever being played. Just sell him.

  • Jod,are you saying Dyche is a better coach than Poch? I happen to like wingers but Poch doesn’t. He sold Townsend & Lennon. Then our fastest wing-back Walker. He bought N’jie ,hardly played him then swapped him for N’koudou,who he has hardly played. You say you don’t rate him-I’ve never seen him! Do you have a flat overlooking the training ground? The TV pundits all say that we lack width & our counter-attacks are painfully slow because we have no pace on the flanks. I’m not merely having a go at Levy ,Jod [although I do enjoy that] I just think we have a major problem at Spurs with lack of pace & width, & it’s not just me saying it.

  • Players only get to play regularly when they are on loan if they are picked to play and, this doesn’t always necessarily happen. When Kane went to Norwich he barely played. In the same season he end up mostly on the bench with the Foxes. When Pritchard was recently loaned to WBA, he played just twice before being sold on to Norwich. In fact he spent most of his Tottenham career playing elsewhere.

  • I suppose it’s a win-win situation. Right now GKN doesn’t seem to have much of a future at Spurs and his value is limited. We’d struggle to recoup what we paid for GKN at present time. If he goes to Burnley and doesn’t play (because he can’t crack the 11), I don’t think it’s going to hurt his value any further. It’ll just solidify the idea that he isn’t good enough and he’ll be sold in the summer. If he does play, but badly, it’s the same conclusion really, and he’ll be sold for what we can get. However, if he does play and play well, it will either rebuild some value ahead of a more lucrative move in the summer, or give him a future at Spurs. We really have very little to lose and everything to win. Personally, I don’t think he’s ever going to come back to Spurs, but I hope that GKN can make a name for himself and establish himself as a PL player, for his sake. Probably not at top 6 level, but he may yet make a name for himself at a mid table club.

  • Greavesaboveall – Certainly tactically I rate Dyche ahead of Poch, both are great motivators. I actually think Dyche is currently the most under rated manager in the premier league and would be managing a bigger team if not for the prejudice against English managers. The question with Poch and wingers is why would he buy them if he never intended to play them ? It seems much more likely they just aren’t living up to his expectations.

  • N’koudou seemed to try too hard when given a few minutes on the pitch. He must now be completely demoralised with training knowing you have no chance of playing. I think only judging a player during training can be misleading. Some players say that Dembele is a beast and the best at the training ground. but he is rarely the best in a real match. Also it appears that after a break between games on return our team performance is worse – due to over confidence, match practice, bad habits picked up at training against mates or what ? Josh Onomah might be an example who probably does ok training but lacks the Dele Alli attitude and work rate in a real match!

  • Dembele has many times been the best Spurs player on the pitch. Maybe not this season but certainly in the past two seasons. ….. Surely it has to be in training that a player needs to be assessed as to whether or not to play him more regularly if and when he does get to play in a competitive match,he doesn’t then impress.

  • Jod, I agree with all you say here except that Spurs are more enjoyable to watch. Dyche could be another Moyes,very good at setting up average players to defend well & stifle the opposition but can they produce flowing ,exciting football with talented players? Moyes failed dismally at Utd & I feel Dyche would be similar. My other point,does it make sense to weaken our squad every year after Xmas? We seem to miss our goals every year because Harry,Eriksen & Dele run out of puff by the end of the season.Against the weaker sides we should be rotating more & that’s where N’koudou would be useful.Yes,No?

  • It’s not just about an individuals raw talent and/or ability to train hard anyway. It’s also a lot about how they can follow tactical instructions and work within the unit. Or fit in with their team mates. In this respect it’s a misnomer to be calling players like N’Koudou wingers as such. If he can’t adapt to the team tactics and be more flexible and willing to learn a new coaches methods, then it will not always work out for them. And, it really isn’t such a simple task to know this in advance of them joining. It could also be down to various other personal reasons. Or a combination of many things. Not being able to settle in a new country or adapt to a new and very different culture, language, league etc.

  • I don’t want to dismiss Sean Dyche’s achievements, he’s doing very well. But as GAA said, Tony Pulis, Alan Pardew and other PL managers of the sort have all done well at various points, but never done quite enough to be trusted with big jobs. Allardyce, Hodgson and Moyes were, and failed miserably. Another name of a young manager who looks decent, but there is no way of knowing how he’d do at a bigger club: Eddie Howe.

  • Greavesaboveall – Its the old story, a manager has to make the best of what he’s got. Since Dyche has always had to work on a shoestring he’s never had the option to play “flowing, exciting” football. But nevertheless you know he couldn’t do it, how ? The truth is you have no way of knowing, you’re just giving vent to your prejudices. Even Moyes at United wasn’t as bad as you make out. He inherited a poor team and was given little money to spend. Once he was fired Van Gaal was given money and did just as badly. Mourinho has spent another fortune and done better but is still whining that he needs to spend a lot more.

  • Greavesaboveall, We thrashed the Foxes and Hull 6-1 and 7-1 respectively in our final 2 PL matches last season. With Harry pipping Lukaku on the last day to win the GB.

  • jod – Eddie Howe and Mark Hughes play flowing, exciting football with the players they have, and on a budget. Their footballing philosophy is much more positive and doesn’t solely rely on being hard to beat. That’s the difference.

  • I meant that in respect of both yours and jods comments. We improved in the 2nd half of last season and we didn’t run out of steam. We reached an FA cup semi final and finished 2nd in the PL. Earlier in that season many VS posters were saying much the same as they have done this season. That we’ll be lucky to reach the top 4.

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