Date: 13th June 2014 at 7:46am
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The World Cup of 2014 is now upon us. This veritable feast of football will take place in Brazil, the spiritual home of the beautiful game when once again 32 teams from all over the globe will compete for the biggest prize of all. Millions of people around the world will be watching from their sofas, their favourite bars or even from their work break room in anticipation as to who will lift the famous trophy aloft come the 13th July.

Although there are no THFC players in the England squad this year, the club will be represented via some of the other nations on the pitch, but one would think also that our Chairman, our DOF, and maybe even our manager might make the trip to Brazil to cast their eyes over the assembled talent. The hypothetical question is, should they bring their Cheque books with them? Is buying players based on their World Cup exploits inspired or complete folly?

There are many potential pitfalls to this approach, 1) Basing a player’s suitability for a squad place on his performance during a three week tournament is risky. 2) International football is completely different to English Premier league football in style. 3) Most importantly, how would you know if a player who may have had a great tournament could actually maintain that form ‘on a wet and windy Tuesday night at Stoke’. 4) Over hyped players may have their price tags inflated if they have a good tournament.

There are some advantages as well though and if lucky you may be able to find a ‘gem’. THFC does have a history of recruiting players following World Cup appearances. The two most famous who spring to mind are Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa. Both of these players were signed by Spurs after the World Cup of 1978, and went on to be etched into the Folklore of the club. Other players signed include Nico Claesen, Ilie Dumitrescu, George Popescu, and more recently Dider Zokora and Roman Pavyluchenko who was actually signed after the Euros of 2008, but same principle.

Those players represent a mixed bag of success, but I will let you the readers decide as to whether they were worth their fees or not. Should Mr Baldini, bring his cheque book with him to Brazil, is it good idea to sign players in such or way or is it equivalent to doing your scouting via You tube or Match of the Day. Apparently, we need a new left back, will that player be at the World Cup this year? What would people think if we signed Costa Rica’s first choice left back or Australia’s centre forward based on a couple of good games at the World Cup.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the tournament and I look forward to your comments.

Written by Cleveland ARTSPURS