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Game 4: Watford v Spurs.

Three games into the season and Spurs have 9 points and a handy goal difference. The 3 points won at United (remember that?) means that we are ahead of the game against the other ‘top five’ clubs. To stay ahead of the game it’s important to keep our winning streak going and take care of business at Watford. A win for either team would put some daylight between them and the losers. A draw would see both clubs on 10 points …. good for Watford but not for us.

The fact that Spurs did not make use of the recent Transfer Window has been discussed at length on VS. But the reality is that, compared to last season, we now have a squad which includes Lamela, Toby, Winks, Rose, and Moura (who has now reached full fitness and has had time to adapt his game to the way his manager wants him to play). Wanyama is also somewhere in the background and we all know how useful he can be when he’s at his best. And Son, of course, will be returning shortly when, hopefully, he has avoided the possibility of a less than enjoyable period in the South Korean military! The inclusion of these players into the squad simply has to make our squad stronger throughout the current season despite a lack of players joining from elsewhere.

So, on Sunday, we head off to Watford who, like us, remain undefeated after three games. Watford’s three wins came against Brighton at home, Burnley away, and Palace at home …. all of which are quite solid results. After such a fine start to their season Watford are sure to be full of confidence and up for a tough contest against Spurs. But Spurs are certainly not short of confidence and will consider this to be a very winnable match.

Whether we will set up with three at the back or a backline of four is Pochettino’s decision to make. So far his decisions have been both sound and successful. Pochettino does not lack any confidence either and winning by three goals to nil away at Jose’s United would have been more than mildly satisfying for him.

With a game against Liverpool following our trip to Watford it will be interesting to see if the manager starts to rotate the squad in preparation for a long and demanding season. If Lamela is fit, will he be given some playing time? Will Winks be given an earlier start as he works toward being a fully operative member of the squad. Will Sanchez have a part to play? Again, it all depends on how Pochettino wants to set the team up and what he thinks about rotation.

With only three games played of this season’s journey, supporters have already been given one game that they will never forget …. and I’m not talking about Newcastle or Fulham! The signs are good, but there’s a long way to go.

Personally I can’t see Spurs losing this one. In the first three (away?) games the Spurs attack has scored 8 goals and the Spurs defence has conceded 2 goals. This suggests that the team is fairly well balanced and performing well. Given this I will have to go with another 0-3 score-line. Gotta love football!


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  • Geof..I agree with your article (thanks for consistently writing them !) Watford will be dangerous at Vicarage Road, spurs have the quality squad that can withstand them. Troy Deeny seems to be playing a bit deeper now so got to watch him. My worry is their pitch is smaller than spurs players are used to now, so overhit passes will be seen.. However my prediction is Watford 0 Spurs 2 (or more..) COYS

  • Firstly, I would like to apologise for my negativity throughout the window. Although I am still disappointed in the outcome, I was under the pretence that we would be selling Dembele, Toby and Rose. Had we sold any of these players, I would continue to be justifiably upset with the board. However, I am absolutely delighted we have kept these players. With these players, our squad is good enough to compete for trophies and on the highest level. I am delighted that Moura has found his gas again because he looked top class without it at times last season. With it, he is a frightening prospect. He has added an extra dimension to the team. We now have the pace in Son and Moura to play counter attacking football against the games very best teams. Well done to all involved for keeping the team together. Levy and co. have earned a reprieve and an apology from myself.

  • lewis …. there’s no need to apologise for expressing your opinions as a supporter, mate! Spurs supporters have many conflicting views about the club but they are all valid.

  • Lewis – in reality, we all have to separate the football season from the nonsense around the transfer window, the unsigned contracts for our best players and the stadium delay. I’m so happy about the 9 points and as an infrequent watcher of games live was lucky enough to be part of the 3000 away fans on Monday evening. For now, I’m loving the start to the season and can’t wait for the Watford game. It would be a great feeling going into the international break with 12 points knowing that the very next game is Liverpool at Wembley.

    None of this means I don’t want Levy to stop hiding behind his large mahogany desk in his luxurious office and answer the huge questions around the contracts. It only stops for me when I see Poch’s arm around players like Eriksen, Dele, Toby, Hugo etc after they’ve signed bumper new deals. The stadium delay is what it is and the transfer window is in the past. It’s the ticking time bomb around the contracts that bugs me most. It has massive implications on the next 2-3 years for this great side.

  • Lamela has to step up and play well enough to put pressure on Dele/CE for a starting position. Winks, wan, dem and dier are all fighting for a start and son, moura are competing for a start. For me competition for a place is important. Botch should keep two up front and play the same team if possible. Spurs to win 3-1. Coys

  • Cheers Geof, I appreciate that. I am genuinely excited about the season. We now have the ability to play a wide range of different formations and adapt our tactics to the opposition. I don’t think there is a Spurs fan on the planet who is not delighted to see Toby back in the team. I really hope that we keep winning and this persuades Toby and Eriksen to sign new contracts.

  • Morning Geof (or evening as the case might be for you!). Thanks for another serving.

    I can’t make up mind whether i’d have liked us to be playing Saturday midday to sit atop the table. Seeing Pool, City and Chelski play Saturday, imo, their results may just play on our minds when facing Watford on Sunday. I think the way we have started, the mentality issue is being tested earlier this time round and so far we’ve passed the requisite exam. Long may it continue. Here’s hoping for another confident win. No complacency, improved start and rustiness eradicated on the training ground. Kane already ahead on his last season’s tally!, Moura pushing him for the GB,…. can’t wait. I was conservative predicting 2-1 v United….so back to Geof’s mantra: 3-0 Spurs! COYS!

  • I wholeheartedly agree with how competitive with each other the squad is, a brilliant season coming up.

    As a fan in his 59th year a Yid I have always seen Spurs as a secretive club, ie keeping everything in house until its absolutely important to release news, so we just do not know whats going on, thus fan frustration which in turn leads to the moaning and whinging regards Lewis, Levy & Poch, again this leads to the media guesswork/fables writing being seen as correct, as we all know majority of it is utter bullcrap! a vicious circle indeed.

    Just my thoughts.

    Geofspurs….another very good article…Watford 1 Spurs 4. COYS

  • PY …. I have to agree with your thoughts!

    Critical …. Then again, it would be nice if Leicester nicked something from Pool. Then the lads would know that beating Watford would probably put us on top of the heap. That should add to their motivation.

  • Jose’s a born winner! United woz robbed! Spurs got lucky!

    Sorry, wrong thread…

    It seems a funny ol’ thing to say this but, it ain’t half a funny ol’ game (of two halves) init? But, I think that Watford may give us more of a problem than United did… Am I drunk?!

    So, it’s a lucky win or draw or loss for me, this time around… Sorry!

  • I expect us to dominate Watford. They have started well, but haven’t played anyone good yet. I know there’s the old adage about not being complacent, not counting chickens, etc… but realistically, if we aim to finish in the top 4 again, these are games we simply have to win, more often than not.

    And I’m quite confident that we will.

    I agree with muttley that we should all focus on the football now. This being said, the article does allude to our inactivity in the TW and the only thing I will say is that we won’t see the effects until later this season. Right now, the schedule is manageable, we’ve just got one game per week. Our squad is going to be tested only when the LC, CL, and PL obligations start to mix, and that’s when we’ll know whether our inactivity has proven costly.

    Even if/when everyone is fit ( and that’s a big if, considering the injury history of players like Lamela), there are still areas where we are short of depth. But we won’t expose those frailties until later.

    Let’s hope for the best and hope that the positive mood due to current results can carry the team (winning breeds winning), but I still think we have bigger challenges ahead.

  • No thanks, Geof…

    I actually (perhaps foolishly or drunkenly) think that we’ll thrash the Hornets. But I don’t wanna go overboard already and thought I’d be more realistic for a change…

    For instance; We could get beaten by Watford and yet go on to win handsomely against Liverpool… We could get lucky and beat them both. Equally, we could get unlucky and lose the next two matches only to get lucky again and win the next three!

  • Sorry Geof but I think those nasty little Gooner-types that I had a drink with last night must’ve spiked my rolling tobacco to give me a mix of something a little more exotic than just plain old Golden Virginia!

  • Some good news if a little off-topic: South Korea have just beaten Vietnam in the semis, so just one hurdle to go for Sonny and it looks like it could be against Trump-funded North Korea mmmm… (potentially quite an ironic way to win military freedom as it were! ).

    Regarding Watford, this one is a potential banana-skin, but I think if we score early, we win big. I’m going for 4-0 and Tottenham to go top of the table on Sunday!

  • It appears I got a bit carried away – North Korea were beaten by UAE who play Japan for a right to face Sonny in the final. Japan won’t be easy if they get through!

  • PY … It’s a pity Sonny boy won’t be meeting NK. That would have taken care of his military obligations! You’re right, Japan (who play more in my part of the football world) won’t be easy but SK would have a good chance. I don’t know much about UAE.

  • I agree with BS, I expect us to dominate this games, as long as we score easy, this shouldn’t be too much a problem.

  • Seems vital have run out of pictures for the header?. May be that’ll be the norm for the match day thread. That’s not you is it Geof?!

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