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Many of us have mixed feelings about BBC football pundit and former Tottenham midfielder, Jermaine Jenas. Nevertheless and on the odd occasion he does make sense.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live yesterday (11 August 2017) the 33-year-old motor-mouth entered the Danny Rose debate.

Just in case you missed it but Danny said he felt that Spurs players were under-paid and that the club needed to sign well-known players and ‘not ones you had to Google’.

Now, I appreciate Danny issued an official apology following his rant about THFC…

…but will it be enough to save his Spurs career?

Jenas said: ‘You can call Danny Rose as unprofessional as you like, the facts are he won’t be the only one with an issue. And I’m pretty sure if Spurs don’t sort something out, over the next year or so, there`ll be more.’

Dozens of VS members have had their say on this subject. Have you?


24 Replies to “Audio: ‘Rose Is Not The Only One Frustrated’ – Jenas”

  • Danny Rose has apologised, fair enough but that doesn’t unsay anything he said, or make it any less true. Of course we need additional squad quality to make a realistic challenge in all 4 competitions, and yes it is obvious that our top players are paid less than their counterparts elsewhere, and not only at the richest clubs either. Those moaning about disloyalty should imagine themselves in Danny’s position, seeing international colleagues, and former team mates earning far more money than him. Loyalty is 2 way, where are the appropriate rewards for his consistent performances, and length of service. We may question what footballers earn, but it is proportionate to the wealth they generate for others, and the current “going rate” for the top PL players is in excess of 100k/WK whether we like it or not.

  • Frank, the going rate for full backs is not 100k plus. That is the rate of Walker and maybe 1 or 2 more. The mean average wage for a full back in the premier league is probably around 20-25k. Danny Rose has not been as loyal as his abilities have allowed him to be. Frankly, up until 18 months ago he was just about good enough to be a squad player within our team. This is a player who for the majority of his career has been 4th/5th choice left back for England and only has 12 England caps to his name. He has played about 15 games since signing a double money contract and would most likely be no where near the player he is now if it were not for his coach. Loyal, he most certainly has not been. He raises many valid points, as do you. But he has no right to complain about his contract or push for a transfer. If he has another great season this season, then maybe, but right now? Not a chance…

  • Danny Rose signed a 5 year contract in September 2016, stating he’s happy to be at the Lane until he’s an “old man”, got injured in January and hasn’t played since, with Spurs doing better with Davies to reach 2nd place……I’m not sure what justification you’ve found to condone his actions, Frank, or where a lack of “loyalty” has been shown by the Club. Should I assume you agree with players that refuse to play because they want out? I’m yet to see a bid for him…..

  • Leighton Baines is on £75k weekly and has accomplished more than Rose (no trophies either, but more international experience) so I’m not sure if Rose “deserves” more than him, seeing as the Toffees’ wage bill is around £90-100m annually, closer to Spurs than we are to Liverpool, and, being honest, know we don’t spend like the Reds…..I’m still baffled as to when Spurs had the financial might to pay full backs £100k a week, seeing as we pay Lloris and Kane that amount, who I’m sure you’d agree, you’d expect to be the highest earners at the Club…..I’m still trying to put a date on when Spurs had the same finances and infrastructure to compete with City, Chelsea, Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool, given all of these teams have earned significantly (£70-350m) more over the last 15 years than we have, let alone having throw away money injected.

  • Rose has done a huge disservice to the club that has nurtured him and his teammates who need to see commitment from each other to reach their own goals. Andros got uppity too and was shown the door.

  • Frank your wrong, the club showed Rose loyalty because after one decent season they doubled his wage and apparently it was to be reviewed in a year, so next month, but he has been out most of last season since getting a better contract.

    The club, the manager stuck by him when almost everyone (us fans) by Rose admission was not happy at getting a new contract when Poch arrived, so that is loyalty. Also at that time he was loaned to Sunderland that says it all, had Poch and Levy not been loyal to him and backed him he could have been sold to Sunderland and never achieved what he has achieved. So the club has been decent towards him and he has kicked us in the teeth at a time when we are progressing and building a happy envirnment – he has rocked the boat and started a internal debate no doubt when players were buying into Poch philosophy and also he has drawn negative attention to the club, its not right.

    If he wasn’t happy with the contract offered last year he should have signed, then eventually he would be sold, this is what gets to me, players sign then there is discontgent they are not getting enough money, but is their really. Is JJ really speaking accurately about there being more players being unhappy about not earning more money – well Kane has come out and said ‘football isn’t just about koney’. Verts seems happy to have stayed on when his contract was towards end and sign new contract, and Lloris seems very happy. Eriksen has said ‘one day he would like to play at the very top’, that is normal, but he also said ‘may be in a few years, whether its with Tottenham or barcelona etc’, he signed a new contract. If these players are not happy why sign a new contract because lets face it, Kane, Lloris and Eriksen could have all said ‘No’ and there would have been clubs in for them, it wasn’t like noone would have wanted them at the time they signed a new contract, so they must have been happy with the contract.

  • con’t – The problem is football is evolving finacially at a rapid rate, a player that cost 20m a year ago goes for 40m the years after, and wages that was 30K a year after is 60K so players start to feel grieved that they are not getting so much a year after signing a contract. Well they know things change so they have to decide carefully if they really want to sign knowing once they signed they are making a committment, but it seems Rose has shown his true colours, he is in it for money, he wants more. If he went to Utd and got 120k and then a year later wages increase again, and players not so good as him get 150 – 200K will he do the same thing again, and again and again because mark my words, getting a 120K five years contract will still mean a year or two after he will be behind other players in terms of wages because as I said the game is evolving at a rapid rate finacially.

    As for the comments about bringing in players you cannot google, well that is absolutely disgusting. We brought in Sissoko a well known French international, what has he done, yet we brought a unknown in by the name of Dele who most people will have googles, or youtube, now what a player he is becoming. Fact is unless your a scout and a manager and in the loop most players are unknown – Rose needs to leave the recruiting and managing side to those who know what they are talking about. Its the same with pundits, not many of them have a clue about players abroad, younsters. Did Sherarer, JJ, or anyother pundit know of Dele – my guess No. I can see them googling all the time before they go on air to get statistics and info about players when the comment on MOTD, Radio especially in internation and overseas domestic games. Plus Rose needs to think, we have a stadium to pay for and he works everyday in the best training facilities with a very good amanger that has got him to where he is now, all that costs money and NOT everyone agrees with the stupidity of football, Levy has said this kind of spending isn’t sustainable, and it isn’t it is spirialing out of control and don’t come back with Enic should sell. Why, follow the lamb and lets go and buy titles, is that what its coming to, well yes but only if you allow it. Someone, some club has to take a stance, and if that is us, Spurs then so be it. Long term we will benefit, and not go bankrupt. Poch is trying to instil goodness in his players, well I wish fans and pundits would follow suit and back that philosophy, because all this greed and disloyalty is UGLY and what breed of persons are we encouraging, that make up our society. People moan about the way the world is, the way people bahave, the way life treats them yet they promote such nonsense in football, as well as other things like music, entertainment and other sports. Yes its hard to control, and probably unable to stop it, but doesn’t mean you have to support it and go along with it all the time and make these young lads into egoistic, greedy, disloyal, arrogent, obnoxious louts.

    If Rose has become unhappy about where he works he should have sat down in a decent human manner and voiced his opinions, not go running to the Sun and slag everyone off who has been loyal to him and supported him. His arrogence is beyond believe and as good as he is he is not replaceable imo.

    He has rocked a steady boat and made things ugly at our club after such a lot of work has gone into restoring some pride and some family. My guess its all jealousy because Walker was sold, but also its a reflection of his ego and his arrogance.

    As for making signings, well we have been told we will and if Tottenham are going to do their work differently to other clubs then I am for that, it may take longer and it may not be as successful but at least its DECENT-ish as it can be in a ugly world of football.

    I love the game, I love Tottenham, I want us to win silverware, but I do not agree with such behaviour and I do not agree with the way football is going – out of control.

    As for Rose, well I cannot say really what should happen because I don’t know how sorry he is, whether its genuine or how the rest of the players feel, whether it has caused too much upset and will create unease. I am one for forgiveness but if others at the club feel he has gone to far then he has to go, success comes from a happy environment, togetherness. So its a matter of what and see.

    The media are constantly slaying us for our wage structure and fans on here are doing the same, yet non of them care about the implications this could have on the club long term, thats how much fans and media REALLY care.

  • It’s ME writing a book there… Haven’t read all of it but given that I mostly agree with Frank on this… I’m not going to go through the whole “the club could indeed be run differently, and Levy is artificially setting limits” because it has been discussed at length on VS already. Just wanted to react to Spurticus’ claim that the going rate for full backs is 25-30k per week. First of all, the average wage across the PL is about 40k per week. Granted, full back isn’t the best paid position but Rose was in the team of the season last year. He’s an above average performer and should at minimum gzt above average pay. Second, it’s not relevant benchmarking Spurs wages With Burnley’s or Stoke’s, given that the club sees itself in a higher caregory. We are realistically competing with 5 other teams for domestic trophies, and that’s the top 6. If we want to go back to mid table anonymity, pay the same wages as those clubs, sure. But if we want to attract the best talent around, we have to pay market rate for CL teams – if that’s the level we aspire to be at. And by benchmarking fullback wages at those clubs, the average wage for starting players is 80-90k, with backups on 60-70k, and top earners on up to 150k per week. Reality check.

  • I think we all need to stop worrying about how much the players make. This is a team game. They have built a team with a great team ethos. They all know where they fit in the system. Leicester is operating in the same vein. Fulham were, changed policy, started paying just because and where are they now. West Ham keep doing it. Overpay, go down again. Cut all the lines. Start again. The wage issue is far more of a concern when done within a club. I would suggest the players are all well looked after and are comfortable where they are in the system. Those are the players we want. Players who get what the team is about and who choose to be there. Suarez had money thrown at him by Liverpool. Mattered not, he went to Barca. Coutinho is on 200k/week. It’s not enough because now he wants something else. Walker was a one off. There were clearly issues between he and Poch and, as Trippier was arguable of the same quality, only one was ever going to play 43-47 games this season. I’m sure the transfer policy will remain the same. If and when Rose goes, it will be because he is no longer in our plans, and, if still quality, he will be sold out of the PL. Scotland is North.

  • Alonso and Victor Moses and most other fullbacks in the top 6 are on about the same wage as Rose, maybe earning slightly more, so you are spot on spurticus87. Also good posts melloSPUR..

  • Belgian, that argument does not wash. Spurs already pay more in salary than most of the teams in the CL. And in the Europa League, and in the PL where we have the 6th largest turnover (still well behind Liverpool and Arsenal who are also not really competing with Chelsea, United and City) and, shockingly, pay the 6th highest wages. That you wish it were otherwise does not change that one iota. You can’t have it both ways. Either wages are based on your place within your team in a wage structure determined by turnover, or you need to be paid based on the wages of your peers. If you do the latter, it destroys the former. If you adhere to the former, without exception, there is a chance the entire team can grow together. As they do, they will all get paid more. Some players will leave. That’s normal. It’s why you need competition for places at the PL level and why you develop a top academy. It’s also why the coach must believe in that philosophy and set the tone. Posh does. Either you pull with everyone or you will not be in the mix. Be interesting to see what happens with Rose going forward. He will not be going anywhere this season unless we fleece someone.

  • Footballers get paid money out of all proportion compared to Mr. Average man in the street. Why we may ask, the answer is that football generates absolute fortunes of money wholly down to the efforts of players. I am old enough to remember the pre Johnny Haynes days re wages, and the pre George Eastham days re players contracts which amounted to modern slavery. The game was generating lots of money and everybody except players were filling their boots, just as some owners and chairmen do today (no names, no pack drill). Because top players have a rare skill, they don’t grow on trees, what percentage of young aspiring players actually make it to become PL regulars, and because of the astronomic amounts of money generated by all aspects of football commercialisation, good luck to the players for screwing the maximum amount of money they can during the 15 years ish that they have, if they are lucky. There are still plenty of people making plenty of money off the backs of players (aren’t there Danny).

  • Frank, yes they make ridiculous money. It’s why the actual numbers don’t matter. The only question I ask is, is Danny Rose, within the Tottenham wage structure, being paid appropriately? He got a wage increase in 2014, to recognize he was the number one LB and to show love with Davies coming in. He continued to develop and got another pay rise in 2016. By many accounts, was due to receive another in September notwithstanding the fact he has not played in months. I want to go up North, win trophies and get my last big contract. First two ring hollow when put in context with the third. He would not go and play for either of United or City for the wages he is on now (because in that team dynamic, he would be underpaid). He wants the next 5 years to pay him 36M instead of 18M(current). Everyone gets it. No one feels sorry for them. Be honest and professional. Carry the conversation on in private between your agent and Levy. We all had to google Danny Rose when he came to Spurs.

  • Guyver – we have been going back and forth on this and we have different opinions, but in any case we can both agree that the going rate is miles away from the 25-30k quoted by Spurticus. Spot on? I think not. You choose to say that 70k or 65k is the same, but Rose may not feel that way and status may be more important to him (ie being in the top 5 at the position even if it is by very little) than the 5k difference.

  • Peter -say what you want, go on about there not being a problem, but I will just say that the proof is in the pudding. Rose said it, Jenas is saying it and many more agree. You can disagree or reject the claims all you want but it’s fairly obvious to me/all to see that there is growing unrest among our players. Walker’s gone, Rose is openly addressing it in the media and who knows how many are addressing it privately. Comon sense tells me that if there was no problem we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  • BelgianSpur, I doubt Rose is crying over £5k a week, he’s crying because his friend Walker is now reportedly earning £130k and he likely wants nearer to that amount. If he is crying over £5k, he’ll likely get what he wants before too long, assuming he plays close to his best and stops running to the media with his complaints 😉

  • If a player is more interested in a pay rise than wearing our shirt then let him go to a club that will give him it. The game used to be about wanting to play for a club and honor the badge, now its evolved into a cesspit of greedy players agent and clubs. Rose is a great LB, but if he is not on board with our philosophy , our wage structure or any other aspect of how the club is run, he is better off gone.

  • Belgian, yes, proof is in the pudding. Club has been run a certain way for over a decade. It will continue to be run in that fashion so long as ENIC are the owners and operators. They will not run the playing side on eternal debt that will potentially jeopardize the future while doing absolutely nothing to change the fact that they will still be one of 6 teams in the PL who are in it for the title and the CL. Only one wins the title and only 4 get CL (absent winning EL). Spending the funds as some on here advocate, only guarantees that the wages of all the players will be doubled in the short term. Players will be unmovable when they no longer perform because the wages cannot be afforded. United are paying for Rooney to score for Everton. Costa cannot be kept, cannot be moved. Adebayor could not be moved. Took years to clean out the Harry rot of crap players on ridiculous wages forcing managers to keep and play players they certainly did not want. The examples of financial rot crippling clubs is evident in every league. The spending is unsustainable. Not because Levy says so but because financial experts say so and the examples of clubs who have messed it up to their detriment is long. The “problem” is not what you make it out to be. There will be a parade of players signing new contracts as soon as the window closes. They won’t be doubling wages. Players will be better remunerated though and the structure will remain fair and equitable within the Spurs reality. Can’t be easy and I’m sure it takes huge discipline. By all accounts, Foyth and Pereira were nixed, not by Levy, but by Pochettino as he felt the valuations were not appropriate for the players in question. I have no issue with that. Players who come will fit within the wage structure and will be here to make the team better. That’s how you build a sustainable competitive system. Does not mean that players cannot make more than Kane or Loris etc. They just need to be players who are more “valuable” to the team. We have gone from being in the discussion for best of the rest with Everton, Villa, Newcastle, West Ham to being a club that they cannot compete with on the wage side of things. We are now bridging the gap with Liverpool and Arsenal. We are now in conversations that we were not in before. You see problem, I see progress. Players will want more money. No issues. Let the contract run down or accept that any move will be made for the best interests of Spurs. The problem you see is one each and every one of the players has, with their agent’s advice, willingly accepted. No more a problem that Levy having to pay players wages when they are playing poorly.

  • Rose spoke too freely, and said things he should not have done. However I do not blame him looking at the deal that Walker got, and feeling jealous. They are both full backs, England internationals, the same age – at peak, both Northerners… It could easily have been Rose instead of Walker moving to City for a chance to play up north, on higher salary, with a legendary manager, and with more likelihood of trophies. There are 3 important differences: a) Rose had been at Spurs longer, so perhaps feels more so that it is time for a change. b) Walker has been an established Spurs player for longer, and earned his move more. c) Rose is currently injured, and has been for some time, and needs to prove his current value before urging a move. If Rose was pushing for a move, then he must wait. But I would let him go for the right price. It actually is good to refresh your squad anyway. If Rose is intending to stay and urging Spurs to sign players, then I find that disappointing that he trust and understand the Spurs transfer system. The same system that made him a true EPL player, England international and finishing 5th, 3rd and 2nd in the last 3 seasons. Rose knows the stadium and more lucrative times are coming, but at 27 years old, he fears that it will come too late for him.

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