Date: 14th July 2017 at 7:57am
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Kyle Walker is expected to have a medical at Manchester City later today.

The transfer, if you believe reports suggest he will sign a five-year deal at around £150,000-per-week, plus bonuses that will take him close to £200,000-per-week.The actual amount of dosh that Tottenham will receive in transfer fees is anywhere between £50m and £54m.

In addition, Kyle’s former club, Sheffield United may also be in contention for a slice of the transfer fee as it is thought they will be entitled to some sort of compensation / sell-on. Perhaps as much as 10%?


Is Kyle going to enhance his footballing career in the North-West?

Way back in 2013 Kyle posted the following via one of his social media outlets.


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I suppose the message is as poignant now as it was then?

Au revoir Kyle and good luck!

***Friday 14 July…16:00 BST***

That’s that then!


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  • A bit surprised but it is one position that can be filled adequately by Trippier. Good luck to him.

  • Good luck to him, more money and a new challenge.

    Trippier, well we will see if he can handle it though out a whole season now.

  • I have always felt that this is good business if it means we can use the money to strengthen in other areas to create a better over all team.

  • Disappointed on a number of levels. Kyle has always been a bit of a sulky wot not, he’s also got a bit of an ego, but don’t they all! If Kyle doesn’t have his needs met then the net result is what we have now……..on a footballing level, what does his departure do to the shape of the team. If Trippier gets crocked who do we have to sustain Poch’s 3 at the back and two wing backs or for a 4 at the back, Dier? Walker was never a technical player, he was like Azza, all push and run, his crossing was never the best but he had speed and that meant he was always a threat which freed up spaces because he could pull defences out of shape. He had a big heart though and he would always bust a gut on the pitch for us even though he was sometimes naive and got caught up field and guilty of letting the opposition get into goal scoring positions. My biggest criticism is the lack of fight he showed when he saw his position was under threat he should have, and could have, fought harder for his spot and if the boss thought he couldn’t play two games in quick succession because of his fitness then that’s all he had to do was show the boss he had got it in the tank. The trouble now is, who is out there on the market that could replace him? We have already seen this summer how thin it is out there. The fact that we haven’t yet bought anyone tells you that there is no one out there that can make our team better for the price we are willing to pay. The one’s we could buy are not willing to play for less than £100,000 a week and anyone more than half decent has a price tag on their heads that Levy wont pay for. With all the competition games we will have to play this season we need depth especially if we are going to go deep into the rounds of the cup game’s. Levy can’t rely on a core of 14 players to get us through a long season even if the likes of Cameron Carter Vickers, Marcus Edwards and Josh Onomah are coming through, we will still have to rely on a pool of 13-14 players once again to get us through the Champions League games and the big Premier League Fixtures. Shame it has to end this way with Walker. Sissoko is on £95,000 a week that’s £5m a year the same amount of money we bought Delle Alli for! So Sissoko’s wages cost us more than Delle Alli’s transfer fee! …….. once again the Accountant is holding on to the purse strings and the logic defies me, Levy, great negotiator when they are going out the door, lousy purchasing policy when they are coming in! Walker will be missed and now its down to Levy to make sure he hasn’t just weakened our squad.

  • Maybe, I am he only one, but, good riddance. He doesn’t want to play for us let him go. Milk as much money as possible. Trippier is more than adequate at Arab, infect younger and will get better. MP, would of kept him if he wanted … but, end of the day, we have to trust MP, Walker is not bigger than the club. MP, will make sure we are ok… also this money can go towards the 1 or 2 quality signings we need.
    .. sorry to disagree with frank. But all this moe y these top teams are spending is to try and catch up,with us .
    we have a settled squad ..l we don’t need 10 new players etc.

  • Had a great couple of seasons, has a tendency to fall asleep and give away silly free kicks but will miss his makeup pace and overlaps though. 27 and his value is at his highest it will be so it’s good business providing we get a replacement in, linked with Soares and Perriera also Kyle Walker Peters is really coming on so I trust Poch can sway Levy to make the right decision either way. A replacement should be cheaper so there is profit to hopefully pump into the team….we are a couple of players short of a great squad so let’s kick on. COYS!!

  • I don’t blame Walker at all. He is now into the last third of his career so why shouldn’t he optimise his earnings. I’d love to be all romantic and say that he should stay and help us win trophies but I know I’d do exactly the same thing as him if it wasn’t my boyhood club. There is too much a gulf between what we can pay him and what he can earn. He can leave with his head held high knowing that he has never given less than 100% for Spurs. He has been a model pro, worked hard at his game and been a huge part of creating the current culture and mentality at our club. We’ve also churned an entire squad since Harry left and he was the only one that made the transition. There is now huge pressure on Levy to demonstrate some competency in this window.

  • If he has just moved for the money then he is another greedy ********, if folk cant have a very decent lifestyle on £90,000 a week then they need therapy. Pooch knew he was on his way out end of last season and played KT instead. I belive KT will be a better FB over time as he is a great crosser of the ball. Ok he aint got the pace of Kyle but sometimes his pace led to nothing. I am sure we will get a suitable replacement as back up to KT.

  • Very disappointed, I did like Kyle, hoped all summer he would stay, good luck to him, just gotta believe in the plan, hope we sign a replacement as im not as confident in Trippier as others, especially defensively.

  • A fine player but reaching sell off age now.He relies on speed & stamina; those will fade in the next few years.Trippier is a better crosser of the ball & reads the game better.Invest the money in a second striker please Daniel.

  • Spurs have to be careful that Walker’s departure doesn’t spark a mass exodus of our best players.Everyone knows we pay the lowest wages of the top 6 clubs ,let alone European mega clubs.Under Poch we have built a great young team.It would be a tragedy for our club if the team breaks up just when we are on the verge of winning trophies.

  • Good luck to him I say. He won’t leave too big a hole IMO, for reasons that have already been outlined above. OK, I’m going to toss in a teeny little bombshell now about our transfer spending for the next couple of windows at least – I don’t expect there to be ANY big money star aquisitions. The reason? We have a stadium to pay for, the A**e did it when the completed the Library, & I don’t see any reason why we won’t. I hope I’m wrong, but I seriously don’t think I am.

  • Bargee,let’s hope Daniel makes large profits from his fromagerie.We could buy some big cheeses then.

  • I marvel at the trust that some place in our transfer guru and the belief that this fee will be reinvested in a “quality” incoming signing. A large percentage of it will be hived off as usual and a bit will be spent on a “cheap and cheerful journeyman or two” to maintain squad numbers. We tend to ignore quality for last minute bargain basement signings, hence the number of “lemons” we have bought lately and are forced to sell on, if we can find a buyer. Names like Fazio, N’Jie. N’Koudou, Sissoko, come immediately to mind. I think it would be life threatening to hold one’s breath waiting for the £45M from this deal, once Sheff Utd have had their resale £5M cut, to be reinvested. Incidentally I hope we had a “sell on clause” in Gylfi Sigurdson’s sale to Swansea, another mistake incidently, as he now apparently rated @£40M ish.

  • Sorry, frank. He invested a pathetic 9 million In deli Alli and Eric Dier, 13m in Toby rose 1m 3.5 trippier 11 m in wanyama. Them alone an outlay of 40m would would he get for them 300m … throw in Kane, vertongen son dembele eriksen lloris.. for an outlay of approximately 120m we have a team worth it eh region of 600/800m …

  • I completely agree about lemons .. but generally we are doing well … I wouldn’t mind just another 9m to pick up a new Alli and Dier. … what you need to remember is they are playing catch up we have a strong team jut need 1 or 2 to progress.

  • Lol, yup dele, but I hope you get my gist, you don’t always have to go out and spend 50/60 on a player to get a quality one. Well city and utd will if they want Alli.

  • GREAVESABOVEALL, Just so long the player isn’t called Bishop, he could really stink the place out! If Daniel can deliver more players of the calibre of Dier, Alli, Alderweirald, Wanyama etc. for similar outlays, that would be absolutely phenominal. I fear not, but remain hopeful.

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