Date: 31st October 2018 at 9:00am
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With Tottenham Hotspur suffering a narrow defeat to Manchester City on Monday evening it was inevitable so overreaction would take place from a section of the fanbase.

Fans often react in the moment whilst the red mist is in full flow and disappointments are burning bright – we’re football fans after all and immediately post-game isn’t always the best time for reflection.

I’m guessing that’s true of the below fan who took the time to converse with Talksport yesterday morning.

The outlet usually gives you what you expect and they revel in whipping up controversy and frenzy and if genuine, this was definitely the proverbial gift horse.

As said, it was probably inevitable that Poch would come in for some criticism, especially in light of him stating he’d never been more unhappy at the club with everything that has gone on, and continues to, off the pitch but in amongst all the meltdown it remains our best start to a Premier League campaign I believe and despite the defeat we are only five points off the top and there are clear improvements we can make in our performances, so I’m not getting the doom and gloom.

In any event, you can see all the reaction on social media by clicking the above Tweet but this one caught my eye for all the right reasons, even if it came from the presumed wrong direction.


5 Replies to “Arsenal Fan Bizarrely Has The Best Response To Pochettino Criticism From Spurs Fan”

  • That’s it then – Pochettino’s doing a great job because we finished above Arsenal twice (and the people who believe that are probably the same ones who sneered at Wenger’s twenty consecutive top fours). With that sort of ‘Spurs are over-achieving already’ mentality so common among the fanbase, we’ll probably never win a real trophy again!

    • no we wont not when we dis all the cup-ties by going with a weaker side we might as well just not bother turning up( im not ) reserve games used to be FREE

  • You should see the ‘red mist’ on VS during a live match day thread. Hilarious …. in a sad sort of way!

  • These “pundits” on Talksport are just talking crap to wind up people to get reactions, hence their “viewing” figures increased. … I don’t bother to listen or read anything they say..

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