Date: 29th November 2018 at 8:30am
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Fresh from victory over Inter Milan in the Champions League clash in midweek, Tottenham Hotspur will be looking to take more bragging rights this Sunday as we make the short trip to the Emirates Stadium to face Arsenal.

With only one defeat in the last five Premier League games (four wins) we go into this tie incredibly high in confidence having put Inter and prior to that, Chelsea, to the sword and manager Mauricio Pochettino will be looking for his first team charges to solidify our third place in the top-flight table with another victory in this one.

Arsenal are unbeaten in the last five from a quick search, but that only includes two wins so form is in our favour and we have to make the most of it.

Unless I’m missing something blindingly obvious, the only doubts and those ruled out continue to be Victor Wanyama, Kieran Trippier, Davinson Sanchez, Mousa Dembele and often forgotten Vincent Jansson so it’s as we were with Juan Foyth coming back into Poch’s thoughts.

It may sound strange with Arsenal comfortably in fifth place (so it feels like no real change for them) but I do wonder if there will be chants of ‘Where’s Your Wenger Gone’ given they were supposed to reinvent the Premier League table once the Frenchman departed?

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  • So Emory Board is taking the kids with him to Kiev and leaving the senior players at home to be fresh to face us and then Manure on Wednesday. We all know what trips to Kiev on a Thursday have done to our team in the past so I guess we wont be able to enjoy the benefits of the Gooners yomping there way back from the middle of nowhere cos most of their first team will be watching the game on TV. See the Gooner fans are moaning about the match officials already no doubt the last few seasons the Scum have been rattled at how good we have become. Can we win this one? Well we haven’t had a draw all season ! Are the Woolwich as good as Liverpool or Man City, cos they are the only teams to have beaten us this season? To be fair we are a different team mentally now than we were against Liverpool and we had some key men missing for that game. We also have a new signing that is making an impact for us, Moussa Sissoko, he’s been around for two seasons not sure where he has been hiding but he’s certainly starting to get his sh** together. Son has found another gear ! In fact Emery Board is thinking of playing Lacazette and Boomerang up front together such is the fear in the Gooner camp of us but with our two Belgium CB’s back on the tandem bike together and Rose ready to come on as an impact sub or even a starter we could be in for another rock and roll Sunday afternoon! So what team will Poch play Moura kane Son Eriksen in behind Kane? Its probably easier to work it out from the back Aurier Verts Toby Davies Dier in Front of a back four and Sissoko in the spine I reckon Alli and Eriksen will play with Son and Kane that leaves Lucas and Lamela and Rose on the Bench with Winks possibly on to sure up the back if we are in the lead. Somehow we have managed to go from a team sheet that writes itself to a team sheet with some choices and combinations and that’s without Wanyama, Dembele and Tripps available. Amazeballs!

  • This will be a very tough game. They have fast forwards, a strong experienced defence, and a striker capable of scoring from anywhere. Their GK is pretty good, too. Their ability to break at speed will be a major concern. They’ve had a good start to the season and are just starting to show how good they can be. This probably has a lot to do with their manager. A draw wouldn’t be such a bad result against this team …. this team being Tottenham! 0-3!

  • barney….very simply put, never the less very true.

    Geofspur….when you started your post I thought you were describing us lol, they! the Gooners are just not good enough, we will have them, and at the library for that matter. COYS

  • I have to say that the team I was watching before the last international break is not the team I am seeing playing now…we seemed to have changed up a couple of gears and part of that gear change is the belief that has come into the side! Even the players have said that they have won ugly more times this season than before but even while the post-mortem on the Chelsea game continues amongst the chav players our performance against Chelsea touched on some of the best football we were playing last season. Football is a confidence game and the whilst Scum and Spurs may be evenly matched player wise, mentally, we are the stronger team. Arsenal got a good draw against the Bin Dippers but they have struggled against organised teams like Bournemouth, Wolves and Crystal Palace. If we keep our shape then we will be hard to break down if we lose concentration and have a “Dier moment” we will lose, but, for two teams who find their goals late in a game the last 10 minutes at the Emirates will be a tense one so its probably best if we can get a decent lead because the Gooners will be trying to batter down our back doors and we need to stand up and be counted especially if the game only has one goal in it or we are level going into the last 10 minutes.

  • I think we can beat Arsenal, as player for player we are better than them, especially when their best payed player has to be protected from Bournemouth’s “physicality”, what a wimp Ozil is, as well as being bone idol. Incidentally we have not only lost to Liverpool and Man City, I seem to remember us losing to Watford as well, but never mind.

  • Ah yes! Watford that little aberration! forgot about that, don’t know how ! The bottom line is this fixture is one of those season defining games; win it and we distance ourselves from our London Rivals and we start to look like serious contenders for a top 3 finish or higher, lose it, and we just fall back into the mix of the teams who will be fighting for 4th Place again this season! Its not just about the bragging rights either its one of the biggest statements we can make in a season, beating the scum at Wembley is one thing but stealing their pride away in their own back yard is something else. Just the sight of Walnutt sitting up on his stretcher as he came past the spurs fans at the Emirates signing 2 – 0 to us Spurs fans is the only incentive I need to get me going for this fixture or the Goal by Kaboul that finally gave us our first victory on their ground in the premiership! I could reel off a million memories of the scum vs Spurs right back to the Chris McGrath goal at Highbury when we beat them 1-0 in 1974 or Alan Gilzeans goal in 1970 in front of a packed WHL. Its the stuff of legend but its also the best fixture on the planet NLD at the Emirates gets the juices going just thinking about it! COYS!

  • Well, if we can do what we did (and did so well) to a previously unbeaten Chelsea… Then we can certainly do it to the faltering Arsenal.

    With Son, Dele, Eriksen and Kane looking to be back to their most sharpest and best form. With Sissoko on fire. With Jan and Rose back in the mix. With Winks looking like his old (young) pre-injury self. With Dier and Davies looking more solid and focused. With Hugo looking like he doesn’t need another drink to calm his nerves. With Pochettino looking happy and relaxed. With our supporters having their voice back… With the Gooners not as sharp as they were a few weeks ago… And with my Lily-white specs getting a good run for their money?

    It has to be a Spurs win for me… 1-0 will do but I have a sneaking suspicion that it’ll be a bit more convincing than that… Can’t wait.

    Up the Spurs!

  • I can only see us dishing out another footballing education at the Woolwich. Their midfield is not as strong ours, their defence is weak and actually their strikers are not as good as ours either, so Frank I agree player for player, we are better.

    And on top of that they’re not as good as Chelsea – ha! ha!

    I’m going for a joyous 0-5 spanking to the Yidos, with goals for Kane (2), Dele, Son and Eriksen.

  • Sorry, off topic …. but does anyone know why they keep taking out the seating in the new stadium. It’s like musical chairs without the music?!

  • Im never as confident going away into the big games, yes we can no doubt, but we could also lose as this now is their big one, whilst we got Barca to look forward to, as long as we dont lose ill be good.

  • This is obviously a high pressure game, with a lot of pressure on both teams to win. But I believe Spurs will have the mental advantage because Arsenal will feel the pressure far more than us. We’ll simply go out and play our game with confidence, but Arsenal will fear a negative result and that is bound to affect their game …. I think!

  • Geof…………….I hadn’t noticed them taking any seating out of recent days, if they have been it could be related to the issue that was raised a while back, apparently some of the earlier mouldings didn’t have the correct blue pigment/fixer when they were produced and would have been subject to colour fade.

  • I believe the key to the win over Chelsea was down to making a high intensity start which put them on the back foot from the off and never allowed them to get any fluency in their game. When you do this the opposition players can become negative and lose interest in the game, if we can do the same on Sunday we have a good chance of putting the north London interlopers in their place.

  • The old Thursday/Sunday scenario could work in our favour this time although there are reports that Arseanal have left a number of first teamers at home so won’t be facing the long trek to Kiev and back.

  • TQ2 …. Yes, that could be it. Cheers. I think Arsenal are pretty much playing their ‘reserve’ team tonight so it won’t affect them for Sunday. I agree about the ‘high intensity’ start. I didn’t think they could keep it going for 90 minutes against Chelsea, but they did! Same again I hope.

  • For Sunday’s game v the Goons, I have two questions –

    1 Do they have the will/confidence to beat us? yes/no

    2 Do we have the will/confidence to beat them? yes/no

    For me its 1/no and 2/yes, so an emphatic Spurs win for me, whats your answer’s, not on a postcard please, lol! COYS

  • The only way they get anything from this game is if the officials have a poor game. Their new gaffer is gonna get a beating from Poch. Ben Davies always puts it a few crunching tackles on this lot. Dele will be irritating them throughout. Son hates the scum. Harry Kane is going to eat the center backs lunch. Shame dembele will be missing, you know he can get away with an eye gouge or a clothesline here and there. Yes we are a better football team but I want us to bully them and give no quarter to these scum bastards. We have to put them in their place

  • Pompey, they may have the will (Ozil apart), but they don’t have the confidence.
    We have both!

    Dier, I hope their centre-backs aren’t having lasagne. You’re starting to make us sound like pirates – Il like it! “Take everything and give nothing back”


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