Date: 16th August 2018 at 10:00am
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A couple of days after White Hart Lane redevelopment delays hit the news and the subsequent press and social media fall out, Tottenham Hotspur went one better yesterday with the announcement of an official club ‘Timing Partner’.

IWC Schaffhausen have signed on to celebrate their 150th anniversary this year (let’s hope their celebration party isn’t in 2021) and as a luxury Swiss watchmaker, precision timing and ‘meticulous attention to detail’ is everything.

Announcing this with White Hart Lane news still fresh in the air has just tickled my funny bone.

You can read the full press release by the club by Clicking Here if you have an interest.

If I knew how to use social media better maybe I’d find a thread having a meltdown about this particular piece of news, and given it seems to have slipped by media outlets from what I can see, maybe they can have their meltdown tomorrow.

What it does show is the club continues to operate normally as we look at other income streams on a commercial perspective, so maybe we’re not quite in the crisis some would have us believe with stadium and signing distractions.