Date: 10th August 2017 at 8:05am
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Okay, so Danny Rose has been taped up and quite blatantly by his own agent. For those who have read it this morning it makes quite unpleasant and disturbing reading…he is as good as gone.

The amount of contradictions in his statement are staggering! For those who haven’t read it he has said (and I’m paraphrasing here)…

‘If a Manchester club comes in for me, I’m gone! And if they don’t then I want a massive pay rise because I’m class!’

I am an internal optimist but we are now starting to look like we have a few problems.

He is stating a lack of ambition by the board and a lack of silverware as reasons for wanting to move. What’s all your thoughts on this because I am spewing at that interview this morning!

No loyalty for the club and coach who made him the player he is…

I remember a more humble interview where he acknowledged that if it wasn’t for Poch he wouldn’t be anywhere near the player he is now!

Given how well we played last season without him, I wouldn’t be overly worried if Walker hadn’t already left. However, I am worried about which player will stand up (be tapped up) next and all of a sudden decide that they want to move on…

If he does go to United I would demand Luke Shaw as part of any deal. Maybe Luke can inform both Walker and Rose about what happens to wing backs after they leave Poch…


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152 Replies to “A Thorn In Our Side”

  • I’m presuming everyone else has read that interview and decided VS is not for them this morning haha

  • Morning Sparticus. Basically he said nothing we didn’t already know. He is basically saying the owners lack ambition. Record premier league profits for two years in a row, soon to be three tells you everything.
    Weakening an already small squad (also strengthening our rivals) without re-investing also tells you everything. Three days to go until the season starts and we are no where near prepared. Two or three injuries have exposed what everyone knew – the squad isn’t anywhere near strong enough.
    Watford have just spent £30m plus on two strikers. don’t tell me we cannot afford additions.
    Chelsea have just bid £35m for the Ox, a 23 year old England squad player with one year to go on his contract just like Ross Barkley. This bid was rejected. Everton will surely use this as a guide for Barkley’s asking price. Levy will no doubt only go to £20m.
    Last season was the most exciting I can remember as a Spurs fan – I have even upgraded to a season ticket such was my optimism for this season. There was such a special vibe about the club in May. This has all changed. The owners lack of ambition and desire to capitalise on the success has diminished the feel good factor. Shame on them.

  • TE – I know! I questioned if I was over reacting because I’m a Spurs fan but given the slating Gary Neville has given him on Twitter I’m clearly not alone! I would rather he stayed but would definitely demand Shaw as part of any deal. At least we have Davies fit and ready whilst we could get Shaw back to his Pochettino best…

  • This was bound to happen sooner or later, you can go along trying to run a club on a shoestring budget, paying half what others do in wages, and refusing to compete in the market place for so long, but when your top players see what others of similar ability can earn, and their potential to win things, they look enviously on moves away. Kyle Walker has shown his former colleagues what is out there, and has turned some heads, this was bound to happen. We have been incredibly lucky that it has taken so long, no doubt it will be a trend that will continue. If we are as skint, or as reluctant to spend as suggested we should be honest, cash in on our best players, and resign ourselves to competing with Southampton, Stoke, West Ham and the like to become the “best of the rest”. One thing for sure is that these top players will seek salaries reflecting their quality, their true value, and their scarcity value. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys, and these guys are certainly not monkeys. The likes of Ali, Kane, Alderwiereld, Eriksen, Rose, Son could command 50%-100% salary increases elsewhere in the PL, this is an unfortunate fact of life. These guys are pros involved in a limited career, and rightly need to earn top money while they can, as well as seeking the best chance to win honours. We are in a cleft stick where our revenues are only 6th in the PL and we have a billionaire owner who does not involve himself in ” on the pitch” investment strategies, unlike many of his peers in a similar financial position. You can maintain all sorts of romantic views on how things should be, but you have to accept how things actually are, and if you can’t stand the heat, you can leave the kitchen.

  • Doncaster – had he not invited the Manchester clubs to bid for him I would be inclined to agree. However, this is purely financially motivated after finding out how much his good northern friend Mr Kyle Walker is now earning.

  • It’s hard to argue with that Frank. However, you have to concede that we can’t pay our wing backs £150k plus a week! If we were to do that our wage bill would be over £100 million a year purely for the starting 11 players!

  • Spaticus – I agree it is about money but i also believe the lack of ambition at Spurs has a negative effect on the club.
    Others will follow, probably next summer and Poch will not be far behind them.

  • Doncaster – you are very unfortunately 100% correct. As was I when I wrote the ‘Now is the Time’ article 2 days ago!

  • spurticus – can you really fault a player for wanting a market-rate salary? It baffles me how this surprises anyone. Rose goes away on international duty, he’s sitting in a dressing room with the likes of Shaw, Baines, Clyne and other fullbacks who all massively out-earn him, and he’s better than all of them. The reality is that he probably could have left 1 or 2 seasons ago already, and he has already give Spurs the home discount just to see if any silverware was imminent. Given that the club aren’t really showing much intent to strengthen, and there’s a difficult season ahead playing in a new stadium, it doesn’t really surprise me that some players are asking questions. He’s just seen a longtime mate and colleague go to a rival to double his salary. What did you think would happen?

  • I just read Neville’s tweets. Essentially he isn’t condemning Rose for wanting to leave or voicing opinions about his own career. He’s saying that Rose shouldn’t have gone as far as questioning the club’s ambitions. His message was “stay professional, talk about your own path, but don’t drag others in the discussion”. Probably a fair point.

  • I think other clubs are looking at us and thinking our players are there for the taking, because we’re not moving on from last season. Roses comment about we need to bring players in you don’t need to Google says it all, hope other players in the squad don’t feel the same way.

  • Looks like he’s as good as gone to United – and I would imagine Shaw will be part of any deal. Jose doesn’t rate him, and he loves Poch. What we reckon, £40 + Shaw??

  • The only part of the interview that has really pi**ed me off, was the ‘why should I play to the levels I played to last season again when I’m not being paid what I’m worth’ – that, I think was really lacking in class. You play to the best level you can because that’s exactly what you’re paid to do – whether you’re worth more or not, is irrelevant – you signed a deal, that means you owe us 100% until you’re sold. I don’t think if he stayed he’d only be putting in 80%, but at the same time that’s the bit that annoyed me, the rest, is unfortunately looking rather fair/honest – don’t agree with the way he’s gone about it, but hard to argue with what he’s saying.

  • Firstly, questioning club’s ambitions openly and citing the need for on par remunerations whilst a fair and honest opinion, I personally think to be so critical of the club in that manner does not bode well for the player. Poch and Levy should be seething reading this, but may be, just may be, it’s a wake up call for them?…I doubt it. IMO, it’s another excuse for the club to dispense with another high profile player and point the fingers elsewhere. Then the fans will say his head was turned so we can’t blame the management. This could be well be a tip of the iceberg. Fail to at least consolidate from last two season, I’d have a small wager there will be others seeking pastures new next season. We don’t add to the squad in a timely manner and the current players begin to wonder why they should be slogging their guts week in week out to compensate for the hierarchy’s shortcomings. Talk about the new shiny stadium and state of the art training facilities as much as you like. At the end of the day, it’s about ambitions and money. Let’s see how the club handles this vocal outrage…..where’s Pele 10 ?!! COYS…but not so sure about the ‘Watch us Rise’.

  • Very disappointing his words even if his words are true, and does make some valid points, so can’t really blame him for feeling that way, but saying it is gonna cause problems, but this is Spurs, and this is the way we do it.

  • Freundian Slip, just as in our normal jobs, when other clubs are prepared to acknowledge your skill and endeavour and offer you better incentives, surely we would all reconsider our options. His best buddy (Walker, who he was close to and joined us at about the same time) has backed his argument by action.

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