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Will A Spurs Player Hold Up The World Cup?

It seems to me that we need a thread to discuss the World Cup …. particularly as so many of our players are to be involved. And that’s the point of this article. Which countries do VS posters think will progress through the group stages and be in the running to be crowned World Champions?

The Spurs players who will take their part on this world stage are:

England: Captain Harry Kane, Kieran Trippier, Danny Rose, Eric Dier and Dele Alli.
France: Captain Hugo LLoris.
Belgium: Jan Vertonghen,Toby Alderweireld and Mousa Dembele.
Colombia: Davinson Sanchez.
Denmark: Christian Eriksen.
South Korea: Son Heung-min.

That’s a total of twelve players or a full team and one substitute! Spurs have more players representing England than any other PL club (which could be good if we win or bad if we fail to at least reach the quarter-finals).

It’s entirely possible that one, or more, of our talented Spurs players could get their hands on the world’s supreme football trophy. Yes, it is, really! I suppose the players most likely to do this are the ones representing England and Belgium. But, first, they will have to progress through the group stage.

Here’s my prediction for the Group Stage:

Group A: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay.
Progressing: Russia and Uruguay?

Group B: Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran.
Progressing: Spain and Portugal?

Group C: France, Australia, Peru, Denmark.
Progressing: Australia and Australia. Sorry about the typo… I meant France and Denmark!

Group D: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria.
Progressing: Argentina and Croatia?

Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia.
Progressing: Brazil and Switzerland?

Group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea.
Progressing: Germany, South Korea?

Group G: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England.
Progressing: Belgium and England?

Group H: Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan.
Progressing: Poland and Japan?

Group I: China, New Zealand, Italy, Wales.
Progressing: Impossible to predict so I’ll leave that up to you guys?!

I don’t think I’d be alone if I said that I can’t wait for the Spurs v Spurs game! Sorry, another bloody typo. I meant the England v Belgium game!! I’m sure we’ll all be glued to the set for that one, just as we will for all the Australian group games!!

Anyway, here’s a WC thread to start with … and maybe to keep going? It will make your summer go faster (unlucky you) and my winter go faster (lucky me). Gotta love football.

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48 Replies to “A Look At Whether A Tottenham Hotspur Player Might Hold Up The World Cup”

  • muttley, if the goal difference between Belgium and England is huge, the game could turn out to be almost a friendly with both managers giving squad players game time and not risking injuries to key players.

  • Brazil and France have quality squads – going to take some beating – could well be the final!

  • BS, i wouldn’t take these friendlies so seriously, altho Egypt never been too good outside North Africa, but Germany have lost the last 3 games I think, Argentina lost heavily to Spain and Nigeria. Personally I cant see pass Brazil, but France or Belgium should be there or thereabouts. I also see no point in the media and some fans getting on Sterling back just before the tournament, why not fill him up with confidence, in that team he is an important player for England, we can tear him down when he returns.

  • For me the first thing that needs to be done is drop John Barnes sorry Sterling, as CS said he thinks he is England and basically a one man team, bring in Vardy or Rashford, they both have pace also. COYS & England

  • I still don’t understand why Southgate didn’t pick Lallana. A much better option than Welbeck for me, and possibly Sterling.

    He hasn’t played much, so out of principle I get it, but neither has Rose and he’s in. Double standards.

    I just see holes in the Brazil squads (at CB) and France squads (at FB, CM, plus lack of big tournament experience) that I think Belgium haven’t got. But I do admit that I’m probably biased in saying that.

  • Exactly BS. Also, how the heck did Delph sneaked in. He hardly played for City last season. I guess Mason would’ve taken that spot if fit.

  • I think we could all spare a thought for Harry Winks who must be thinking about what might have been …. next time, Harry.

  • I thought it was a solid all-round performance from England last night. Rashford was brilliant, whilst Rose, Trippier and Dele all played well. Kane and Dier did nothing to damage their reputations. I can’t help thinking that Vardy does not suit the way England play

  • After finishing watching the game last night, it further backed my comment that Sterling should be dropped, Rashford for me, he is a workaholic, so Linguard, Rashford and Deli, behind “Our Arry”, there is a lot of goals between them and problems for any defence with the 4 of them’s movement

    Geofspurs….100% agreement there regards Vardy.

    Rose did himself proud to prove he is nearly back to his best.

    Trippier again proved he can do it on the big stage, but the scouse lad was excellent, so a problem for GS. COYS & ENGLAND.

  • My bad!…I used ‘Mason if fit’ for Delph. Meant to write Winks. Thanks for mentioning Winks in your post Geof.

    TBH, seeing the game last night, I think some of fringe players in that squad are too inexperienced. Considering it was a friendly, long parts of the game they were failing to advance past midfield. Nerves and inexperience may be, but that’s the best back up option for now.

    One moment of magic again from Dele. Harry would’ve read that cross better than Welbeck, but can’t grumble with it finding the net!

    Thought Rose had an indifferent game. Trippier is well up for the WC.

  • Thought yesterday game was so boring, well first half, couldnt watch the 2nd….. But I liked the full backs Arnold and Rose thought they looked better than Tripper and Young, and obviously Rashford, needs to come to Spurs, would have liked England to of had a harder friendly going in to the world cup, but it is what it is.

  • Geofspurs…sorry for late reply, at the time of your question I was up early, had to get up from my bed to look after my charge, I am a full time carer for a family member, thanks for asking mate. COYS

  • It is Geof, last night was just one of those things you have to take in your stride a couple of time a week, thanks for asking mate.

    Check her out, sorted, have a couple of cups of tea, log on VS and make good or bad comments lol. COYS

  • Kane has a new 6 year contract …. looks like we’re stuck with him! Madrid can’t afford the price Levy will want now.

  • Kane is a yid through and through, good on him for signing his new contract, I don’t think there was any real doubt, yes Geofspurs, shame it looks like we are stuck with him not!

    Now Mr Levy new contracts for all the rest who are important and a couple of new signings, “make me Smile” as a certain band once said. COYS

  • With a deal like the one for HK10, what’s to say there ain’t the possibility of a similar one for GB7, aka Bale?! Could we risk it?!

  • You’d imagine the bonuses would be of a similar kind for Kane and Bale given where and how they play, goals, assists, trophies, personal, etc. Bale may have to take a pay cut overall no doubt but atleast he’d be playing week in, week out and for a manager/team who play to his strength’s – flowing attacking football. Will be interesting as would not discount a return given this new deal.

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