Date: 27th May 2019 at 7:30am
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Few deny that Tottenham Hotspur and England right back Kieran Trippier has had a poor season based on his own self-set standards and the speculation linking him with a departure from the club this summer is rife – with Napoli heavily linked.

With plenty of criticism swirling around about the 28-year-old, he still rightly has his supporters and I thought these two comments deserved a wider audience given Twitter opinion pieces are naturally positive or negative depending on what angle strikes first as being interesting.

Writer: Pez

I find it a little sad that many present such a one-sided view about Spurs fans opinions on Trippier. I personally believe he has a great deal of quality, and certainly doesn’t make some of the howlers that we witnessed with Kyle Walker over the years.

Like all players, Trippier is prone to a mistake here and there, a dip in form and a misplaced pass on occasion, but likewise, he has put in some remarkable tackles, challenges and crosses as a player and generally works his socks off for the team be it Spurs or England.

Maybe he hasn’t had the best of seasons overall, but that doesn’t make him a bad player all of a sudden. And let’s face it, after being one of the World Cups shining stars, expectations to exceed that was always going to be a tall order.

I accept players will come and go, will be replaced by more promising talent as they age or wane, but whether that happens here remains to be seen. For me, Trippier is still a top player with much to offer and I wouldn’t be averse to him remaining a Tottenham player if I’m being 100% honest here.

If he does go I wish him all the very best because I genuinely think he deserves that whatever the detractors might say!

Writer: Stephen

I can’t believe how many are willing to give up on Tripps and I bet everyone of you supporters were singing his name throughout the whole World Cup.

He was amazing and man of the match in most off Englands games. Tripps has just become complacent and he needs time and better competition to get back to himself. If you remember Danny Rose had two seasons to forget until Davies came in now look. Please don’t give up on Tripps because he will go on to be a top player. COYS

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8 Replies to “A Counterpoint On The Trippier Criticism Amid Sale Talk”

  • For me he is the weakest link . If given more game time , Walker-Peters will be many times better!

  • Not one season it is two and half seasons . Agree on most say he as been a decent servant player ,simple fact is we need and deserve better a hell of a lot and there is lots of better right backs . Trips england opponents were most not at same as league standard . Praying he as a good final as he as got it in him but by hell im praying. .charos caused against Ajax if only u guys new . ( one team Harry Kane coys )

  • Thanks Danny Winter for that. I’ve got to say that was my shortest piece i had written that day as i had been on every site that was basically running Tripps out off town. To tell you the truth i didn’t think that anyone was listening, then i saw Pez’s comment and basically he was saying most off what i was saying on other sites so i didn’t really have much more to add as Pez said it well. I’ll just finish by saying, we haven’t kept Trippier this long because he has no talent, the kid has a load of talent he has just lost his way as we all have in life where you become complacent without even knowing it and then you find it hard to find your way back to the best version of yourself. It happened to Rose but he came good again “GIVE THE KID TIME” he will come back and most of the time when you find your way back your even better than before. COYS

    • Cheers for being open to letting me nick it mate. It’s easy on Twitter pieces to get wrapped up in ‘one side’ so when I’m awake enough I try and balance it, and your comment and Pez’s wrapped it up nicely for me.

  • Playing through the left-over traces of a bad groin injury with no doubt some ongoing pain and, with his WC exploits being a hard act to follow up throughout a gruelling PL season after little rest since the previous season; I don’t think that Trippier has been, in any way, complacent. As despite his (not as good as previous seasons) form IMO, he has still given his all (if not his best), to THFC this season.

    And, if fit and available, he will most probably be our first choice right wing-back for our first ever CL final. And I will trust him to give it his fighting best on the day.

    Both Kieran and Danny Rose could be key components on the day in our attempts to hopefully keep Liverpool’s 2 very talented, attacking backs on the back-foot as much as we possibly can in order to stem their usual productive supply route to their forward play…. And they are the right guys to do it…

  • Trips is done at this level, simple as that. He has been atrocious for the most part of this season and needs to leave. He will be 29 and Serie A or Primera Division would be better for him. Btw don`t compare Rose with him. Rose was injured and suffered depression alongside off field issues like death in his family. Now that the knee looks fairly good, he is back to normal bar losing a little pace unfortunately. He is a different matter to Trips just completely losing ability this season.

  • Trippiers gift is usually his distribution. When he gets it wrong, as he did at Wembley vs. Man U, he reminds me of Kyle Walker whose lapses of concentration can cost games. ( 2 similar errors in WC including against Croatia when he chose to wait for the ball to drop onto his head rather than attack it). His defending and positioning let him down and without Walkers blstering recovery pace. He is good but not quite Rose class. Agree KWP is a longer term prospect. We have had decent right backs for 10 years each with a penchant for errors at key points.

  • Jonathan, I didn’t compare Rose with Trippier. I was just referring to our wing backs (whoever they are on the day) as quite possibly being key components as to how we may tactically handle Pools own two wing-backs in the final. That will of course be MP’s shout but If it is both Rose and Trippier then there’s nowt you and I can do about it, whatever we may think of them as players or people…

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