Date: 2nd January 2019 at 6:14pm
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With Wolves disappointment behind us as Tottenham Hotspur got back to winning ways on New Year’s Day in our trip to Cardiff City, it’s now all eyes to the opening FA Cup gambit of the 2018/19 campaign as we face Tranmere Rovers.

Going into Friday evening’s third round tie at Prenton Park, Spurs clearly hold the advantage given the gap between the two sides, but even historically things are in our favour. We are unbeaten in the last eight matches against the side in all competitions but it will be our first meeting with them since the 2001/02 campaign were we registered (if Google is right it was a long time ago) 4-0 victories in both domestic Cup meetings that year.

On an injury front, not a lot has really changed for manager Mauricio Pochettino when it comes to his selections, but given the level Tranmere play at, we can probably expect a few more changes than normal as he rotates people.

That said, we’ll be mindful of a Cup shock and you would imagine they’ll be right up for this one under the floodlights – with all the talk of lifting silverware this year, this is undoubtedly a competition we’ll be taking seriously so even if there’s a more youthful look to the starting XI, I’d expect familiar faces on the bench for a bit of protection.


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  • We’ve been here before. Poch starting with players he wants to rest on the bench and then bringing them on so they never actually get the recovery time they need. At some point you have to prioritise and have the courage to let the players you think will make the grade sink or swim, put them to the test. Alternatively you just run the players into the ground, the last 30 minutes of the Wolves game should have shown everyone where that gets you.

  • I don’t think any of the regulars will be featured except maybe Sissoko. Chelsea game Tuesday way too important.


    Walker-Peters-Foyth-Davies (CB again)-Aurier

    Skipp and someone


  • It’s funny…

    Us supporters badly want Spurs to win some trophies. And yet it’s the FA Cup and many supporters will want and probably expect a completely changed team to play in it.

    Personally, I don’t think that throwing a team together that hasn’t played together is the way to go if you want to win matches. And I presume that the club and most of its supporters will want to progress to the next round of this competition.

    Tranmere Rovers may sit halfway down the League Two table but they are at home and it’s the FA Cup. We shouldn’t expect them to be pushovers in a knock-out match. Although of course, they might be,

    But, if Pochettino goes the way of putting out a much weakened team and they win, its all good. If the likes of Kane and Eriksen play and we lose, it’ll have been a big mistake…

    However he plays it. Win and it’s a game we should’ve won anyway. Lose, and it will be said that he obviously doesn’t care for this competition.

    I can’t for the life of me think of a suitable line-up for this one. So, I trust in MP to put out a strong enough team to win it. With or without Kane and any of our other regular first-team picks…

    MP really does have his work cut out. But, he does get paid handsomely for it…

    Up the Spurs!

  • Makes common sense to put the big hitters like Kane and Eriksen on the bench to me, so if things don’t go to plan, you can bring them on. If they do go to plan, you can leave them on the bench. I’d go with something like:

    Walker-Peters, Foyth, Sanchez, Davies
    Winks, Skipp
    Shoshua, Moura, Lamela (If fit enough)

  • Looks ok to me Parklaneyido but I have a feeling that Winks needs rotating/resting more so than Sissoko… Also, I’m sure that Shoshua is abroad somewhere out on loan…

  • These next two games are going to be interesting in terms of team selection but at least things seem to be in our favour for a change.

    Where we play friday evening against considerably lower level opposition Chelsea have to play Saturday afternoon against much stronger opposition in Notts Forest. If they want to progress in the FA Cup they will probably need to put out a stronger team to beat their opponents than we should have to do.

    This factor plus the slightly longer recovery time to Tuesdays match should hopefully benefit us.

  • FA cup v Tranmere, no matter what Poch does he will not win in some eye’s/brains, as HT has already said, play a so called weakened team and win “what a manager” lose “doesn’t care about the FA cup”, play some of the 1st choice win or lose “not thinking about the semi final” so as you can see in some fans eye’s Poch is in a no win situation.

    But for me, in Poch I trust whatever he does, who would want to be a Prem manager/coach as fault will always be found by some. COYS

  • I think we all trust in MP as he knows what is best, but doesn’t stop anyone having an opinion on what should be done for an upcoming game, I think it makes sense with the strength of our squad to rest the main players for the Chelsea game and play others for this game.

  • I think, it needs to be a good balance of youth and experience … as mentioned above you cannot throw any one together .. we’d need the spine … Gazza, KWP, Sanchez, Foyth,Rose .. Skipp, Sissoko, with Moura, Parrot, GKN and Janssen or Llorente up front (if him going to Turkey is not true ) …have Kane,Alli,Eriksen on the bench.

  • Either you win a cup or you don’t. If you don’t then it really doesn’t matter when you get knocked out, you don’t get prizes for taking part (in the champions league you at least get paid well). So picking a strong team to play Tranmere and paying for it four days later against Chelsea is just bad management. Either your squad players are good enough to win the tie or you don’t belong in this years competition. There’s plenty we are chasing already this season.

  • You pick a team from within the squad that will WIN the game … with all the other factors in mind. That’s MP’s job.

  • Personally I wouldn’t want Kane, Eriksen, Sisokko, Winks or Toby to even travel. They have played too much football and need a rest – injuries are more likely to happen when players are tired. This is the time to trust the squad. Much as I love the FA Cup, the upcoming games against Chelsea and Man U are far more important than this game which we should be able to win even without the above players.

  • Good news is that Dembele, Lamela and Vertonghen have all been training and are close to a return. Albeit that Lamela is ill at this time and none are being considered for this match.

    But it helps to know that that players played in many recent games and/or tomorrow, that MP will have these guys available to step in soon and rotate where necessary. – Dier and Wanyama are apparently also not far away from a return

    I’ll bite the bullet and hazard (Micky not Eden) a guess at a possible line-up:

    Aurier Foyth Davies KWP
    Sissoko Skipp
    Lucas Dele Nkoudou

  • The good news is that with all due respect to Tranmere, even our reserve team should comfortably beat them. So we can rotate extensively AND still but a competitive team out for this game.

    The difficult questions will be asked if we draw Liverpool in the next round. What do you do then?

  • Gonna be a tough game, nice chance for the fringe players for a run out. Hope to see a couple of new faces we haven’t seen play.

  • What (more) difficult questions will be asked, BS?

    It’s the same whoever we play next, if we can get through this one. MP will need to pick a team that he feels is competitive and strong enough to win the match.

    Besides, there is no reserve team. Players are picked from the 1st team squad. And then there’s the option of playing the odd youngster or two.

    It’s about fielding a balanced starting eleven that are not just thrown together for the sake of resting others. It’s about picking a team that has and can work well as a cohesive unit. Otherwise, even lower opposition such as Tranmere can be given a huge advantage, given that they will field their regular 1st team that are all familiar with each other and will be highly motivated to give it their best shot and, quite possibly up their game a few notches…

    This is wha the FA Cup is all about. And time and time again, underdogs have won the day against top teams.

    In many ways the job is made easier when playing another PL team. As the players and manager are more familiar and MP and the team should have a good idea of what to expect from the match up. Also, playing the likes of Tranmere away can prove less motivating to the team than say playing at Anfield… Even if Tranmere are just a stones throw away…

    In fact, even my guess at a Spurs team looks to me like it might struggle a wee bit… LOL

    Of course, we may well thrash them out of sight, tonight… Let’s see.

  • Its the FA cup day, another trophy to try and win, Poch to put out his choice of team capable of winning tonight, after all that’s what he gets the big bucks for.

    In answer to you BS regards overcoming mighty Tranmere and then maybe drawing L’pool in next round, simple! cross that bridge when we come to it, so no worries till then eh, am sure your not worrying lol! but I do know what you mean. COYS

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