Date: 27th September 2018 at 10:29am
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Earlier this week Tottenham Hotspur dipped their toe further into the madness that is now football and commercial arrangements with sponsors and promoted a video on social media.

We’ve all seen various clubs attempts at humour when it comes to transfer signings and contract extensions as they take ‘reveals’ to almost Hollywood levels and I must admit one of my favourites concerned Southampton and goalkeeper Stuart Taylor from a few years ago.

Google if curious.

Anyway, are our official accommodation partner and some brainiac came up with the idea of the following.

I must admit it raised a smile and I can imagine younger fans within the fan base probably loved it as that would be the target audience and not a quickly greying codger like me. But it seemed to go over well based on the comments the video attracted.

Sometimes simple things can be pleasing but maybe it shouldn’t be admitted out loud?

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