Date: 15th December 2017 at 11:23am
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When Money talks, fantasy Walks.

£634 million net v – £5 million; the difference in spend in the last 5 seasons…

It’s hard not to be jealous over the disparity, but I harbour the team owned by one of the richest per capita countries in the World no ill will. Someone has to win the lottery, and it was their turn. Monetary spend of that power and magnitude in any sport or business makes a difference and I expect it to show against us too.

There is a difference between being admiringly envious and churlish. Churlish is claiming that selling them Walker was a smart piece of business because Trippier is better; those making these claims are clutching at straws. Thank God they don’t scout players for a living.

One is an out and out wingback with incredible pace and powers of recovery, now coupled with tremendous timing and an improving end product, which combined can leave defenders for dead and the other is a Right back, that can’t go past a standing steward without stopping and passing it sideways or backwards, what he can do is make long deep accurate deliveries; but don’t expect him to keep step with anyone pacey or recover his position easily, because he can’t.

Walker went from strength to strength under Poch and when we sold him he was close to, if not the best Right Wing back in Europe. Since then, from what I’ve seen and what my ManC loving friends tell me, he’s got better game by game. That will be a huge bonus for England.

Whilst I cannot forgive him for his unprofessional conduct and the way he undermined the team the coach and allowed naked greed to undermine his character, it would be equally as churlish for me to suggest we haven’t missed him. For those that thought Trippier was better, just ask yourself why we invested so much in Aurier, who sadly we simply won’t see the best of until next season.

Rose isn’t yet back to his best, so whether it’s him or him and Davies as I expect who will need to curb his runs, they are going to have their hands full – as Spurs fans have goaded Walker on Social media, I fully expect him to repay them and us in spades.

Now to the game; the tally between all meetings between the clubs is close we’ve won 60 drawn 35 and lost 58. Recent meeting is what matters most and so far since Pep took over, Poch has come out on top City last won a league fixture at home against us in October 2014. We beat them 2-1 in February 2016 followed by a 2-2 draw last January we came back from 2-0 down when they really let us off the hook that day.

City go into this game in magnificent form and playing some of the best football I’ve ever witnessed in the Premier league, this season in all competitions they have had 25 game, won 22, drawn once when reduced to 10 men, drawn one against Wolves in the league Cup (that they then won on penalties (that was like a nursey school outing) and lost one game away to Shaktar Donetsk after fielding their B/C team – such are the depth of riches at their disposal.

We on the other hand have slipped, just as I said it would be, Wembley has proved a troublesome ‘home’ ground, team after team has upped their game and one by one the tactic by the visitors has been to frustrate. It won’t surprise anyone that apart from perhaps one game against Liverpool our best play has been away from home.

I can only see a very tough game for us Rose, Winks, Dembele are all still trying to find their form after injuries, we will of course be without two of our best players of last season in Victor and Toby, and Sanchez has another game where he must sit in the stands. Dele has looked out of sorts and out of form and Harry is another still trying to find his deadly sharpness from last season after returning from injury.

Two recent wins, one emphatic the other less so has lifted spirits and Poch as always is taking a very positive approach to meeting the ‘best team in the premier league’ – an assessment I can’t take exception to.

Poch normally likes to mix up his approach for the big games and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do it again here; to me this looks all over a game where we will have to play or should as we did in the Champions league and play on the counter, with Trippers crosses I’d be tempted to start both Llorente and Kane because if City are vunerable anywhere it’s at the back – they’ll be missing Stones and Kompany who for my money are their best two CB’s, we know what Walkers capable of and we also know that if pressured and harried he can make mistakes.

I just can’t see us springing a surprise win here, we just are not at the peak that I think we would need to be to do that, our best hope is to use the counter to score by long diagonals or fast breaks because what I also do not expect us to be able to do is keep a clean sheet for this one.

I hope I am wrong, so in ending a draw would be a great result, a win simply is not on the cards for me – the gap between their spend and ours is vast and so eventually that chasm will tell as the respectice premier league standings affirms.

I’m going to speculate on our line-up; lloris, Trippier, Dier, Vert, Davies, Rose, Dembele, Winks, Eriksen, Llorente, Kane.

A match to relish, although I will be watching at home with everything crossed.



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  • While the game may be interesting I’m not sure its actually significant. City are already 11 points ahead of United in second place, even at this early stage its hard to see anyone catching them. We are really engaged in a battle for the remaining champions league spots which probably will run until the end of the season.

  • Yes,let’s just give up Jod & hand them the title now. Perhaps we should let them keep it for the next 10 years because we will never match them for wealth. In fact why bother turning up? Football used to be interesting ,now it’s all over before Xmas!

  • I think we’ll use Son off the bench for this one, at least I would – he does his best work when he comes on and exploits the spaces as the game goes on…imho

  • This IS a significant game … for us. City may well take the title at a canter but we need all the points we can get to finish in the top four. In that respect, every game is significant. City should dominate possession which means our best chance of scoring is on the break. Given this, I can’t see any use in Llorente starting with Kane …. he’d just be standing around watching City play keep-ball. We will need speed on the break so Son should certainly start.

  • geof, I can see Kane dropping into the role between Llorente and the midfield -as his ability to close down and work, may be crucial, but most of all he knows how to make the right forward pass..

  • If as a supporter (jod) is being reasonably realistic at this stage of the season, by saying that it looks unlikely that City can be caught. That’s not giving up and nothing to do with how our team and manager might approach the rest of the season. I’m pretty sure that jod would want us to win every match and that the team will indeed try their best to win all matches. But, in the scheme of things, even from my own perspective as an eternal optimist, then unless Man City have a major collapse and THFC win virtually every remaining match in the PL (21), then yes, I have to agree with jod. This match will probably not be the most significant one of Spurs’ entire season. …. Of course it shouldn’t change the way we approach this match and it would indeed be significant in itself if we are the 1st to defeat them in the PL this season. Even so, I doubt that it would be the start of a dreadful decline for them. After all, we are pretty good ourselves and more than capable of getting the full 3 points.

  • Then again, if we were to beat them 6-0. That may well see them at the start of a great fall…… And that would be so, so sweet. Haha!

  • I have to agree with the comment that the league is over before Xmas and, if its because the clubs with the most money to spend are the one’s that win the title then that makes a mockery of our English premier League. Leicester was an abortion as well as a revelation, in fact, it should have been a revolution because clubs with less money should be competing with those that have just to prove its not all about money. The truth is the PL is two leagues in one; those with the money occupy the top four places and just like the Spanish League and the German Bundesliga everyone knows whose gonna finish in the top four…the beauty about Spurs is that we weren’t supposed to be in the top 4 and the naked hatred that the Gooners and Chavs have thrown our way in the last two seasons shows just how much we have upset the status quo! We are footballs equivalent of disruptive technology. We have no right to expect to win at the Eitihad because form and buying power dictates that we are not good enough. I take the opposite view. When a game like this comes along we play the man not the shirt. I dont care if we lose but i want to go down fighting, I want the boys, all of them, to leave it all on the pitch. Harry will knock his marbles out for this one and I want everyone to follow his example. This game is about shutting down space, its about the high press, its about busting a lung and getting in their faces, there is no reason why we cant win this one. You can forget your £684m its all about who wants it most on the day and City will show up expecting to win, we have to turn and expect nothing. We have a week off after this game we can afford to leave it all on the pitch and one player more than any other has the chance to prove he’s back and that’s Dele Alli. Our Back four is not the best but its better than there’s and Dele has to turn up for this one! We know what we get from Son I just hope Poch doesn’t fanny around with the selection picking players like Sissoko. This game is every bit as big as Real Madrid at Wembley. We didn’t stand a chance with them either! This is the most important game of the season not just for us but for the Premier League we need to show everyone else that City can be beaten like we showed Europe what can be done to Real Madrid. The only people that must not write this game off is our Players! even if some of our fans have. COYS!!

  • Greavesaboveall – Where to start …. First, admitting City look as if they can’t be caught this season isn’t “giving up”, its facing reality. As I said we are probably in a top four battle until the end of the season so its about points. Its just that City are the same as Brighton from our perspective, every game is about three points and we need to pick up as many as possible. Second we are still in the champions league, something that may be a longshot but is still winnable. Third “we will never match them for wealth” ? We are building a new stadium which should make a dramatic difference to our income. I could see a scenario where, if the authorities started properly enforcing the financial rules, at some point we could actually match their income.

  • spursex …. Well, that’s a fair point and I can see that, too. But I’m not sure that MP will set the team up that way for this game. If we get something from it MP will be lauded as a master tactician. If we don’t, he’ll be criticized for being inexperienced at this level. Both assessments would be nothing more than knee-jerk reactions to the result. Who’d be a manager!

  • Sorry EX but Walker was never the best RB/WB whatever when he left us. Often caght out of position and unable to recover, fond of giving unecessary free-kicks away just outside our box and yes haingthe pace to go past opposition defenders (although he rarely did) and put in a cross to the far corner flag.Coupled with his sulky behaviour, Trippier was a better player than Walker when he left. Pep has managed to install a partial brain in the lad and taught him how to cross a ball, something that Poch never managed, and he now has little to do in games as City’s front 6 play most of the game on their own. Regarding tomorrow’s game, on form we have no chance but if the lads finally decide to run about a bit, put some tackles in and shoot properly (yes you Harry Kane) we could win it.

  • Geof I remember well this away fixture last season and Poch had the full gamut thrown at him all within the 90+ mins. Spurs were not playing well and were two-nil down. However, we ended at 2-2.

  • Walker v Trippier. Both have goal 4 assists this season. But Kyle has scored 1 goal and Kieran has no goals to his name. I should mention (I suppose), that KW’s goal was at his own end!

  • Man. city fans are laughing that some spurs supporters really believe Trippier is better than walker, if that was the case they would have bought trippier. Somethings are obvious but some people can’t face the facts.

  • I remember them having a blistering start last season too, which then fizzled.

    doubt that will happen again but it won’t be a cakewalk for them, that everyone thinks. they have pace most places but can be less efficient when theyre asked to glean chances from crosses out wide (not deep diagonals tho’). force them wide and keep the middle tight. even if conceding more corners then usual.

    theyre not used to teams countering THEM for a change, so the likes of Son, Erikssen, even Sissoko and possibly Lamela might be just what the doctor orders.

    the team that possibly still has the greater allround squad, maybe even team, are about to visit them – expect the unexpected.

  • I very much doubt that City’s form this year would be any different (worse) with Trippier in their team. Likewise, Spurs form with Walker in it. The main difference I find between the two is not down to what they contribute to the team as a whole, (which is very similar), But how they look to a spectator when in action. Their styles of play are very different but that’s not the same as one being so much greater for the team than the other. Kyle looks stronger, faster and more dynamic than Kieran. More athletic, if you like. And this is probably because he is. But in this case looks can be deceptive. Tripper puts many more crosses in than Kyle does and his success rate with them is also superior. Defensively their stats are very similar as individuals but overall, KT”s stats are more impressive than KW’s, given that Kyle has played more matches this season and many more minutes. ….. To my eyes, I love watching KW in action (more so than Kieran), but I can also see that KT is just as good for THFC as Walker mostly was and in some respects he is most definitely better.

  • So, palmover. What I’m saying to you is: Don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t presume that what you see to be so obvious is indeed a fact, when in many ways it is just your subjective view on the matter.

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