Date: 23rd December 2017 at 9:59am
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£50 mill for this game changer.

Firstly Zaha won’t be seen in a Tottenham shirt until the end of the summer, or he may not be seen in it at all.

For those who thought he was coming in January, I told you it was a fantasy pie in the sky. Zaha is already Palace’s highest paid player and would be close to ours too if he joined, which would trigger another round of contract increases for a small cadre of Tottenham players.

Zaha is Dragging Palace out of the relegation zone almost on his own, so accepting a bid from anyone now would be utterly bonkers.

We are not the only club now tapping the drums and whispering sweet nothings in ears, both Liverpool and Arsenal have now both made contact and are both willing to cough up., the agents are positively beaming and will soon be picking up their new Bentley’s.

Meanwhile, we are still bogged down in spit balling terms. Both of our richer rivals are willing to meet his agents demands and Crystal Palace’s target price.

Arsenal see him as a straight change for the inconsistent Walcott and Liverpool already know they will not be able to stop Barcelona’s pursuit of Coutinho. Supposedly, Poch is a big attraction for him, let’s hope that the Tottenham Legend who believes all this is right.

If we bought him when I knew he was buy-able we would have likely have ended £20 mill better off; I was banging the drum for this improving game changer two summers ago – we floated a half-hearted bid with our now standard opening gambit of £15 mill, the Palace chairman quite rightly had a fit of apoplexy and pretty much accused us of being time-wasters, which in fairness, we were.

A bid of £30 mill + performance add-ons would have secured his services, and we might well have won the premier league.

This is why for ten years I have considered Daniel as penny-wise, pound foolish., or was it Poch believing that a World Cup winning Midfielder was the more desperately needed option? You decide.

If we ever get our money back for So-so Sissoko, it will be a Xmas miracle indeed.

I am reliably informed that we’re making big financial commitments in January as we need to get our summer business done before the World cup starts; but the chances of any major target joining before the Jan window slams shut is unlikely, meanwhile Rambling Rose is standing by his googler – as his extensive knowledge of any players outside of Manchester is a bit of a stretch.

Could Zaha and Kane be a good fit – if so, who gets sacrificed?


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  • Toby and Wanyama will change our game soon, methinks. That will be a pretty good start. As for the TW … who knows?

  • The problem with Spurs buying policy is that they don’t speculate enough. What seems expensive today maybe cheap tomorrow. There is value to be had by looking for cheap prospects, however, if your paying 30m you’d expect a player who hits the ground running like Sanchez, who also has room for improvement. I have been thinking about the scouting system at spurs and think if they could incorporate the fans into the system it would help. There are players out there that are capable of improving Spurs, it’s up to the scouts to find them. Decore and Richarlison of watford both look good enough to get into spurs 1st team, i am sure spurs could of afforded them so how did watford get them, they had a better scouting system.

  • “I have been thinking about the scouting system at spurs and think if they could incorporate the fans into the system it would help” What on earth do you mean by that palmover?

    When the inmates (Spurs supporters) throw the scouts out of the asylum (THFC), it’s because the Seagulls think they’ll be eating cold Cockerels for Christmas and the Eagles have gone and landed the FA cup and EPL double… Do What!

  • I agree that the fans should be more involved. Just for starters …. HT in goal, CS and BS in midfield, Frank and Spursex as centre-backs, number 10 on my shirt, and IM in the hole behind! How involved can you get?!

  • I’ve been thinking…. Ouch!

    If Gomes, Capoue and Kaboul left Watford and returned to Spurs and, if Trippier still played for City (or Burnley) and if Walker didn’t now walk on City’s water and, if Santa Claus was real and if the little baby Jesus grew up to be a top PL centre forward, (keen and able to play up top, alongside ‘Championship’ Kane) and, if Levy were God and if he didn’t make little green apples and, it don’t rain in Indianapolis in the summertime (transfer window) ?

    Or, if I were a Hammer and forever blowing bubbles!?

  • But seriously folks…. Didn’t Zaha sign a new and lucrative 5 year deal with Palace just earlier this year? And so, effectively scuppering any chance of him signing with Spurs, anytime soon.

  • If Zaha really was the player this piece hypes him up to be he’d be worth a lot more than £50m and clubs would be queuing up to bid. They aren’t, which should tell you something. On his day he can do something special, when its not his day he’s anonymous. If you are trying to stay in the division he’ll probably have enough good days to help keep you up. If you are trying to win the title you need more. If you want to spend your way to success you need to be going after players the big clubs want, not those they aren’t interested in. But since they can all pay more than we can that doesn’t work either. Hence we go down a different route.

  • Son is a better player in my humble opinion. If we are going to spend 50 million, there are more important areas on the pitch we need to address.

  • Son is much better. So is Dele and Eriksen and Lamela and…. A £50m transfer fee and a £100 odd thou’ a week, is a helluva lot of dosh for a potential bench warmer, imho.

  • I just don?t hold Zaha in that high a regard. Watching him today against mediocre defense showed he is not the quality we need to help us move forward. If we are going to spend £50mm I would want a proven quality player not someone I have to hope MP can develop.

  • My hope is that Ross Barkley is ready to move in January. Then we can look for an upgrade to GKN. Not to sure who we are looking at but please not Zaha.

  • I think Zaha is a huge gamble. Yes on his day he can be a game changer, but is he really at the level of Eriksen, lamela, Dele, Son on their day, I am not so sure. I also think some players just perform better at lower clubs and can struggle when they go to a big club and the pressures are higher, bigger and I get a sneaky feeling he may be one of them. Put him our club and you may well see a average Zaha. having said that he could well be a fantastic addition and take that step up, but I am not entirely convinced yet. I really struggle to be convinced with players that have one good season, it seems the norm these days, have a good season and your price inflates, doubles, no rather take another Dele from a lower league at a lower price, I think there is something to be said about young players that play regular in lower leagues, surely there are some other Dele’s out there.

  • Zaha is a potential game changer at the right price… But above that, you are paying the feed of 2 good players for the price of one. The moment has passed. We were only going to buy him as a bargain. Zaha is doing well now, but he struggled at Man U, so why should he make it here with Son, Alli, Eriksen to contend with? He went back to Palace, and still struggled initially… He may work as a supersub, but getting starts would be difficult… 50m for a sub….? We need to find the NEW Zaha. This is how we strengthen – we discover players or sign players under the radar… Yes it would be nice to sign someone like him to come straight in and make impact, but I don’t think it will happen… Especially it won’t happen in January.

  • If Dembele is available for £18M as reported by SSN then why are we not in. At his age, and goal scoring ability he must be a viable squad addition.

  • Zaha would now cost too much money, we missed the boat when he left Man Utd. We have paid the price by signing the likes of N’Jie and N’Koudou to try to fill the void out wide, both total wastes of money.

  • Jod, we can’t afford (allegedly) the players the “big” clubs want so we have to be cute and look for gems. There were no big clubs circling around Deli Ali or Son when we went in, or around Kante, Mahrez, Vardy when Leicester signed them, it’s a waste of time chasing players we can’t/won’t get, although it gives people the excuse they need, when they can say “we tried but there were issues around the fee that couldn’t be resolved.

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