Date: 10th May 2018 at 8:00pm
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Mauricio Pochettino was keen to emphasise how difficult this season has been following our qualification for the Champions League.

The Argentine firmly believes that despite the club only having lost twice in the league at Wembley all season, playing under the arch was akin to playing away from home:

“After 23 years it is the first time we have finished above all of the London clubs. But next is to win a trophy, although we are not a club which wins a lot in recent years.”

“To play 37 games away from home in the Premier League is a massive achievement. I want to say a massive thank you to the players and staff.”

When you put it that away, Poch and his players have certainly done a fantastic job. I think when we sit back and reflect on this season, you have to keep in mind the impact of playing away from White Hart Lane could have had.

All that talk of the Wembley hoodoo quickly subsided with the form we showed at our temporary home. 40 points from a possible 53 so far with one game to go is a great achievement, with some memorable wins against Liverpool, Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund as well.

Combine that with a likely third-place finish above our London rivals, being 25 minutes away from a Champions League quarter-final, and it really doesn’t sound like a bad campaign at all.

Of course, that’s not saying things couldn’t have been better. The frustration of another year without a trophy does cloud my judgement of the season slightly. You think, only if we had performed better in the FA Cup semi-final, or held our nerve against Juve, this year could really have a been a classic.

Those ‘what if’ moments will continue to haunt the mind until we do eventually get over the line. As I mentioned in an article yesterday, Poch is a very patient man indeed. He knows this group of players have what it takes to get there.

Some of the time, patience can wear thin when we stumble within touching distance of glory, but the fact that we have gone so close before, does suggest only a little bit more is needed to get where we need to go.

Hopefully, with Champions League qualification secured, and the move to a new stadium to look forward to, this season can be the base camp for a higher summit that we can reach.


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  • Poch has done wonders. I get why people bring up trophies but from where we were to were we are now, it’s massive. Consecutive CL seasons is what raises a clubs profile. Under Levy’s tight run ship compared to the rest of the top 6, a wrong managerial appointment could and would most likley see us drop down to 6th again. Saying that, Poch’s signings haven’t been perfect, i wonder what type of work Dean white, (if he is still there) is doing?, it is certainly 1 aspect we can definitely improve on.

  • Job not done we need another 3 points. 3rd is better then 4th place!! No tricky CL qualifying round to navigate in a world cup summer when are best players will be having a late start to uor pre season training. Well done lads now finish the job on Sunday COYS

  • Should spurs get 3rd place a PL prize money is £36m…. Or 4th place £34m. So a £2m extra / difference is something Daniel Levy will want…. lol.

  • The point is we’ve done what we had to do in what was always an interim season between grounds. Next season marks the start of a new era and we’ll see how we get on then.

  • MP in August : “Wembley is not the problem, we are the problem if we don’t win, like last season”. Or : “Wembley was a big dream and now a possibility to play there every two weeks, or maybe every week, or maybe three times in one week. A problem? Oh, come on, I love Wembley”. ( And now, suddely beause the team isn’t playing as fluently as he’d like, it’s the ground. I find the timing of that statement a bit odd.

  • Well written White Hart, a number of us have been saying the same thing.

    BS….I understand what your saying, but I believe Poch made that statement to play down the “Hoodoo remarks” and the experts ranting along the same lines, I could be wrong there.

    3rd place = extra £2mill, so an incentive for the lads, haha. Bonus Bonus etc

    All i can say is very well done to the lads and Poch for a very good season in the long run.

    Am looking forward to next season already, obviously the summer first and all its ITK bull***t! COYS

  • Thats how i saw it too PY, yeah all in all its not been a bad season (still a lil pissed with not being in the FA Cup Final),but its alot better than i thought at the beginning of the season, especially after the first few games at Wembley this season.

  • Mauricio Pochettino has admitted for the first time that Tottenham do not feel at home at Wembley

    “The feeling is much better when you play away because you feel that when you play at Wembley you are playing away from home too sometimes,” said the Argentine. “That is the reality. So far, we’ve got better results away from home than at home. We’ve struggled against teams like Burnley, West Bromwich or Swansea.

    “When the game is more competitive, we build space, the space that we need to create chances. We were with the West Brom staff [after the game] and they said there is motivation to play for a team like them at Wembley. That is an extra charge we need to compete against.”

    So he did accept this problem very early on. Fortunately we improved as the season went on. Unfortunately, we could have the same issues in our new stadium.

  • BS …. Come on, you must know that managers have to say what seems right at the time. It doesn’t mean they believe it …. a bit like us and everyone else.

  • However we may construe Pochettino’s words and whether or not we choose to believe them. It’s all quite simple really… Wembley was not and is not our home. And so, I think we have done remarkably well there, all things considered.

    Which to me is all that MP is saying.

  • When an Arsenal player did something wrong and Wenger went temporarily blind and suddenly developed 20/20 vision when the opponent committed a foul, I think we all recognised that he was publicly protecting his players, rather than being sincere. Or that time Harry threw Darren Bent under the bus, or Mourinho throws half his teams under the bus, we all recognise they are protecting their image in their self serving way. Managers are always manipulating the media in the best interests of themselves or their team and that always has to be taken into account when interpreting what they’re saying.

  • Geof – of course I recognise this, it’s the life of a PL manager. But fans can’t slate Mourinho for his constant complaining, then tolerate with MP. I would just find it a lot more refreshing if MP said honestly: “well, that was a lot harder than expected, we struggled and we’ll work on it” rather than now blame the ground. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations when it comes to how honest a manager should be… Although Klopp seems not to care too much, and calls it like it is most of the time.

  • I agree that managers will have their own way of performing their PR duties, etc. And that some may be better at it than others.

    I happen to think that MP is pretty good at it and does come across as both sincere and honest in his press conferences and interviews.

    I reckon the main problem here is that people read to much into things, read between the lines and make mountains from tiny mole hills…

    I think it is also easy to misinterpret what is said from MP, when English is not his first language and that direct translations from Spanish do not always infer the same in English, anyway.

    What you are wanting him to say there BS, to me, is in essence what he has said.

    And, if he was asked about Wembley then he will answer about Wembley.

  • “I think it is also easy to misinterpret what is said from MP, when English is not his first language and that direct translations from Spanish do not always infer the same in English, anyway”. Since when is English Klopp’s first language? Plus, MP has been in the PL for what, 5 seasons now? Hardly an excuse for me.

    I suppose it comes down to how highly one rates this season. MP is currently in full PR mode, defending this season’s achievements. I suppose it’s fair enough.

    However, we as fans may have a different evaluation of the season, and the team/ MP’s performance across all competitions. It’s quite common for fans and the manager to have different views on results. For example, Allardyce is currently feeling very good about himself, offering fine PR quotes about Everton’s season at the minute. Moyes at West Ham also. However, in both cases, the fan bases seem less enthusiastic in their assessments of the season performance, or the type of football on offer. I suppose it’s business as usual for any club.

    Football is tricky and a lot can change in a few days. On the plus side, we’ve secured CL football and that shouldn’t be discounted. However that doesn’t erase the fact that we’re on the back of several rather abject performances (and the wins against Watford and Newcastle are wins, but we can’t escape the fact that they were poor footballing performances based on this team’s potential). So to hear MP try to talk up his achievements right now is rather unwelcome. I’d much rather see him try to get the team to perform well and worry about the PR stuff after the season is over.

  • aaaand back to reality. 3 defeats in our last 22 games, to overtake both Chelsea and Liverpool in the race for top 4. Well done MP.

  • Are you having a bad day at work BS? Has the latest IT project gone tits up? LOL

    What has Klopp got to do with it?

    Personally, I think he comes across as an over-excited child a lot of the time and has his own unique brand of nonsense that most managers do have, and, especially straight after a defeat.

    I just don’t understand where you are getting all this from. Just from a few simple words whereby Poch just states the obvious and in thanking his players and staff… And, I don’t see him making any excuses.

    This time BS, it’s all in your head mate.

  • We can all so easily harp on about the few loses this season. How bloody boring and pointless that now seems!

    There’s one recent result that is key now to our position in the top 4 and regardless of our recent form…

    And that is our first league win at SB (after nearly 30 years is it)? Just last month…1-3 after being 1 goal down… As, if Chelsea had won that match, they would now be in 3rd place and Spurs in 5th!

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